How GatsbyJS Help a Business to Future-Proof Their WebApps Amidst Covid19?


For years and years, we have been striving for the best to reduce the WebApps development time, energy and budget. We have seen a lot of transformation in the methodologies as to how we implement the best classes, functions, and styling using various components. Apart from that, we use UI elements, plugins, widgets and a lot more supporting attributes.

But all of a sudden, everything halted abruptly due to the Covid19 pandemic. And it has consistently hit hard to the lifestyle of the people as well as businesses of every size. Not even a single sector is left behind that has not been traumatized with the effect of Coronavirus.

As we are daily coming up with the most haunted news for the worst economic crisis, what’s next?

What will you do to normalize the situation for your business environment with cost in this pandemic?

What are your next steps to stabilize your business with its roots intact?

The answer is yes, we do have a way out but requires an imbibed strategy to implement.

Well, in this blog we are going to explore GatsbyJS. The secret weapon to enhance the cash flow and streamline development projects to the maximum.

What is it all about GatsbyJS?

Think for a minute, over the years we have been deploying our websites on the server. And all of a sudden we start using static sites, but why?

For example, if we want to start a blog on WordPress we certainly look for a server. We choose wisely a server that can host WordPress. But what if I say the other way round.

What on earth is the other way?

Well, that’s a GatsbyJS framework for our rescue.

But before we jump into the new world of web development, let’s glance at some of the progress in a decade. The advancement we have been experiencing for better performance, minimalist design, and optimized page load time. And some important factors being responsiveness, customization options and yes the most important asset; User Experience (UX).

Earlier, we saw the era of core programming languages like PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and many more. Then we saw a curve in the making of WebApps development and how the developers frame an architecture. The rise of frameworks became a hammer for developers just like Thor. Hahaha!! That was a joke but a decisive transformation in the world of development.

Today, we see front-end frameworks like Node.JS, React, Angular, Vue.JS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Components, Laravel, Pure, Skeleton, and the list goes on.

GatsbyJS is also an open-source framework that is based on React. It vigorously helps developers all over the world to build their websites and apps at a blazing speed. Moreover, it is also known for creating static sites that support Progressive WebApps to the core.

A little bit more about GatsbyJS…

The best part about working on GatsbyJS is its flexibility to create immersive and feature-rich static websites. Isn’t it something very interesting!!!

You can get a hold of a website at a blazing fast time without actually working on server-side programming languages.

Well, that’s also interesting!!

But the key thing here in GatsbyJS is using the NodeJS environment to generate websites beautifully.

Moreover, you can fetch the data from anywhere using GraphQL. Friends!!! It saves a lot of time and takes a lesser process to do it. As discussed in the previous section, GatsbyJS is based on React for templating. And CSS for the styling of your WebApps.

Just imagine what if you had to deal with the heavy model of JavaScript manually? Or you had to use the functions, features from other frameworks. Would it be easy? But GatsbyJS is built with a plugin architecture and helps in removing all those complexities with other frameworks.

Now, after getting an overview with GatsbyJS you must be wondering as

“Hey, as a developer why should I start working on GatsbyJS?”

To your surprise, GatsbyJS is an angel for securing your architecture within your WebApps. It also enhances the speed at the time it loads and of course, provides a blistering developer experience.

Now, you are getting on it, right?

How can we relate GatsbyJS with WordPress?

GatsbyJS is very uncommon to use as a front-end framework with WordPress in the back-end. GatsbyJS has the architecture more of a headless CMS wherein you have different front-end and back-end frameworks. Another aspect of using WordPress with GatsbyJS is the reliability and comfort of using WordPress for the developers. You can easily collaborate with teams using WordPress to that of GatsbyJS’s front runners. The reason being it provides the facility to edit the content, security is very smooth.

See friends there may be times when you hate using this weird thing. But as you explore its capabilities, tenacity for better performance, I am sure you will never leave it behind.

It’s just the experience that matters a lot as a developer. And once you understand the architecture as a static site generator (SSG), nothing on earth can stop you.

And now,

Let’s enter into the heart of this blog discussion.

How to elevate your business with future-proof WebApps using GatsbyJS amidst the Covid19?

At first, take a deep breath and relax!!!

Cut down all your thoughts and worries for now. As we are going to find out the ways to get you on your business survival mode.

Many businesses in uncertainty are looking to shut down businesses. The most freaking thing is many are laying off their beloved employees. While most of them are thinking of cut-down the salaries of their employees to survive this pandemic.

But can there be another way to avoid these instances and take a lead in the industry?

Yes, there is a way to this densely affected economic crisis.

GatsbyJS is used for creating static single-page applications. So, if you have a small business or marketing firm and want to consider on low-budget, GatsbyJS is your companion. This removes a dependency on the server-side and has all the essential features. Not only that it also helps to display smoothly your content or company information on the web.

Only the thing is, you have to be extra cautious about its implementation and workflow that you are looking for. It’s always a good practice to first thoroughly understand its significance and where it limits you.

But talking as a whole, GatsbyJS can be seen as a rescuer for your business.

Moreover, at tough times headless CMS plays an instrumental role in up hailing a business. Especially towards the safer zone than to move downwards in the recession period. So, once you analyse the prospects, the industry you want to target and geographical factors. It’s time to take a step ahead and start by not changing the contents of your WebApps very often.

I am pretty sure this will entirely change the course of your business processes and inculcate more revenue than ever.


GatsbyJS’s framework can be seen for a clean & minimalist design, enhanced developer experience environment for your business. So why not start advancing towards GatsbyJS framework, a headless but worthy hero?

You can even take the help of admin templates. They are specifically designed in different frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular, React, Vue.js and much more. This way you will be in a better manner to face the crisis. Here, at WrapPixel we help businesses to get the best admin templates carefully crafted by our super team. We add a lot of new features and updates whenever the new version is released.

It’s pandemic time, so be cautious, stay safe and look for the most minimalistic approach to spend your company’s budget. Also on resources and better opt for enhanced technology alternatives.

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