Over 40 Examples of Websites Using The Divi WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes (2022)

wordpress divi theme examples

Are you looking for a new WordPress theme?

The Divi Theme, by Elegant Themes, is easily one of the most popular options in the market.

Used by hundreds of companies, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, Divi is popular because it’s so dang versatile. 

Divi comes pre-packaged with a wide variety of features that make it incredibly popular among WordPress users. It speaks to tech-savvy people and website designers alike. And with features like a drag-and-drop interface, built-in content modules, and exceptional ease of use, we understand why.

Want to learn more? Read our comprehensive Elegant Themes review and see how using Divi, and the other great themes and plugins, can help you grow a successful website.

Of course, if you’re going to invest in the Divi theme for yourself, you’ll want proof that it looks amazing on a WordPress blog or eCommerce site. 

Fortunately, we can help with that. 

We’ve browsed through the web to bring you some of our favorite WordPress Divi theme examples. 

So, let’s get started.

What is the Divi Theme?

Elegant Themes’ Divi theme is powered by the Divi builder. 

The Divi Builder plugin is an intuitive and lightning-fast front-end editor. It was created to simplify the way people build websites. 

When you install the Divi theme, you get benefits like:

  • Excellent Customization: customize colors, font sizes, spacing, and even add custom CSS. 
  • Minimal Loading Times: enjoy minimal page refreshes and fast loading webpages.
  • Multiple Content Elements: mix, match, and integrate elements to build virtually any kind of website. 
  • Pre-Made Layouts: jumpstart your design process by using one of the pre-designed layouts.
  • Simplicity: out of the box, the Divi theme is fast and easy to use. 
  • Extensibility: Divi works well with a range of widgets, adding impressive functionality to your site. 
  • Split Testing: test what’s working (and what’s not) using the built-in split testing tools.

Get Divi Here

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best Divi theme examples in action right now.

01. The Global Church Project 

global church

The Global Church Project is one of the best Divi theme examples we’ve found on the web. It takes advantage of Divi’s flexibility by featuring a stunning color scheme and a large hero image on the homepage. In addition it’s built as a one-page site where users can scroll to find information in neatly organized content boxes.

02. Sushi A La Maison


Another one of the most incredible Divi theme examples is Sushi A La Maison. It’s no surprise that this company chose a multipurpose theme like Divi, particularly when you consider the table booking solutions that can be integrated directly into the theme. The Sushi A La Maison website looks fantastic, with a bold image slider center stage on the homepage.

03. Nomad Capitalist

nomad capitalist

If you like minimalism and sophistication, you’re going to love Nomad Capitalist. This example of the Elegant Themes’ Divi theme used to its fullest displays unique custom photography with a clean navigation bar. There’s also plenty of social proof via an “as seen on” module on the homepage. 

04. East of Africa

east africa - divi theme examples

When you’re learning how to create a successful website, it’s always a good idea to have a theme that captures your audience’s attention. East of Africa is one of those Divi theme examples that draws attention directly to its main message. In fact, right away you’re presented with a stunning hero image, a large custom logo, and an arrow pointing to the rest of the content.

05. Findability Science


Findability Science is an exceptional example of how diverse our Divi theme examples are. The full-screen background image instantly draws attention to the company’s value proposition. Additionally, it clearly takes advantage of the navigation bar and customization elements to add a custom logo.

06. Devlin Photos

Devlin - divi theme examples

At first glance, Devlin Photos is very different from the other WordPress Divi theme examples we’ve looked at so far. For example, there’s a unique overlapped series of photos on the right-hand side of the page. And the navigation bar sits to the left. This shows you how the drag-and-drop nature of the Divi theme comes in handy. 

7. Lahlay 


Lahlay is another sensational website built with the Divi theme. It takes advantage of the automated slider background above the fold. And the overlaid header offers free shipping, worldwide shipping, and multiple payment options. Additionally, the Lahlay brand has added a bar to the header of their website. It lets customers know that they can get a free 10% discount code just by subscribing.

08. Fashion or Famine

fashion or famine - divi theme examples

One of the best things about the Divi WordPress theme is that you can use as few or as many of the features built into the builder as you like. Just because you can opt for parallax scrolling, background images, and custom color schemes doesn’t mean you have to.  The Fashion or Famine website sticks thanks to its minimalist approach to web design.

09. Goodwings


The Goodwings website is another excellent example of how today’s businesses can use the Divi WordPress theme. This travel agency site allows users to book custom journeys to suit their individual needs. And it comes to you in a very unique and memorable way, which is sure to drive conversions.

10. Blog Genesis

blog genesis - divi theme examples

Here’s an excellent example of how the Divi WordPress theme can help you to design a fantastic WordPress blog. As soon as you visit the website’s homepage, you’re struck by a calming and consistent color theme. This is done using Divi’s Color Manager and Magic Color interface.

11. The Blog Creative

The Blog Creative website is a dynamic site with an attractive animated background delivered via Divi plugins. The animated colors in the background help to capture attention. At the same time, the 3D image at the front of the screen is excellent for highlighting the product for sale.

12. Checkerboard

The designers behind the Checkerboard website clearly took full advantage of the unique page elements that Divi offers. As you scroll through the page, the images remain front and center, with easy-to-read blocks of text placed underneath them. Checkerboard has included a blog module at the bottom of the page where visitors can check out the latest content from the business owners.

13. Byte Stand

Byte Stand is another excellent example of a website using the Divi theme. The website has taken advantage of the simple and responsive pop-up options provided by Divi. Byte Stand also offers an excellent insight into how useful the extra integration features can be from Divi, including connections with email marketing tools for lead gathering and live chat functionality.

14. Intersection For The Arts

Intersection has used everything from an animated header section to custom break points throughout its home page to capture audience attention. The visual Divi editor has allowed the team behind this fantastic design to create an eye-catching above-the-fold CTA. There’s also an embedded “members only” section provided by integrations with a membership tool.

15. Diamond Logistics

Diamond Logistics has taken full advantage of the complete design control that Divi Themes offers, with dynamic hover animations and custom colors. Every part of the site grabs your attention as you move through it. What’s more, you can expect the same seamless experience whether you’re on a desktop or a smartphone, thanks to responsive editing. Diamond Logistics has also used the state-of-the-art typography style tool from Divi to create a sans-serif font that paints the brand as both trustworthy and friendly.

16. Bio Bausewein

Bio Bausewein is a colorful and friendly-looking website. Thanks to the complete control over fonts offered by the Divi theme, the company has been able to create headers and sub-headings that are both informal and attractive. There are a few eye-catching illustrations overlaid on top of photographs, and even fonts that look like human handwriting for a more authentic touch.

17. JoJo Cooper

The JoJo Cooper photography website promises a personal and heartfelt experience for customers. That dedication to meaningful moments for clients is something that shows through in the company’s website. Using the Divi Theme’s custom fonts, as well as the option to upload unique photography, the brand can highlight the amazing services that it has to offer.

18. Life Hub

Life Hub is a website that uses both the Divi theme, and a selection of plugins to provide a deeply immersive experience for visitors. There’s a full-screen video in the background to help you get an insight into the program, as well as a live chat popup that appears as soon as you visit the homepage on desktop. Thanks to Divi’s responsive builder, the video background only plays on a full screen too, reducing the impact on mobile battery.

19. Frauflex

Frauflex is another example of a website built with the Divi theme that takes advantage of animation and dynamic performance. As you scroll through the site, you can see plenty of stunning imagery as well as a product carousel, custom text, and hover state styling.

20. Ayotte Dental

Ayotte Dental has used the compelling features of the Divi theme to create a unique contact module above the primary menu. This means that rather than having to scroll to find contact information in an emergency, users can call the company or make an appointment immediately. Integrations with Google Maps also mean that visitors can find the location of the Ayotte dental practice straight away.


Yet another fantastic website using the Divi Theme, the WWF-SCP website combines an easy-to-scroll page full of text boxes, complete with animated elements. There’s a full-screen background image to give you an insight into what the company does, as well as custom title text that grabs the visitor’s attention. The WWF-SCP website has implemented map modules into their Divi theme to ensure that customers can find out where their closest destination is in seconds.

22. Vet Plus

Vet Plus uses its unique take on the Divi WordPress theme to create a friendly and appealing website that’s sure to attract pet owners. The illustrated images imported into the theme helps to make the site seem more friendly, which is excellent for any customer that might be worried about their pet.

On the side of the page, you can find plenty of social media widgets embedded with Divi.

23. Volume

The Divi WordPress theme gives designers the opportunity to transform various elements on the page with scrolling sections and animations. Volume has taken full advantage of this fact with a video header and a series of bespoke modules where you can check out some of the artists associated with the brand.

As you scroll over the artists, the picture and text increases in size, allowing for a more dynamic experience thanks to Divi hover functionality.

24. Andrew Kingslow

The Andrew Kingslow Divi theme website is a very professional-looking site, with a full-screen header showing off custom photography. There’s a slow-paced video that uses Divi’s responsive styling to automatically stop playing when you visit the website from a mobile device.

Kingslow’s work is displayed in a three-column grid that’s very typical of the Divi style, and loading icons are displayed in 3D.

25. BD’s Mongolian Grill

The BD’s Mongolian grill website is a restaurant site dedicated to getting your taste-buds watering.

At the top of the page, there’s an easy-to-use navigation bar, with a BD logo that overlaps various components of the header. BD has also taken advantage of the Divi Themes animated header function to help show off what you can buy from the company.

26. Cruise Travel Outlet

Cruise Travel Outlet takes full advantage of the gradients offered in Divi’s drag and drop builder to create an almost mystical central image.

There are various CTAs included throughout the top of the homepage, too, encouraging people to click.

What’s more, the social media buttons ensure that customers can stay connected to the brand.

27. Vin Walker

Vin Walker’s website shows that the Divi WordPress theme can be an excellent tool for people of all backgrounds – including authors. The slimline menu module on this website ensures that nothing draws attention away from the huge background image. As you scroll through the website, you find that the author has used the modular design of Divi to showcase previous novels and personal information too.

28. Funk Engine

The Funk Engine website is a fantastic one-page website with various sections that users can scroll through to learn about the brand or purchase music.

Custom styled audio players give this website a very individual appeal, while a testimonial slider offers social proof. The buttons between sections are also animated to encourage action.

29. Hailey Sault

Hailey Sault’s website is another example of a domain using the Divi Theme with a full-screen video background. To ensure that you don’t have to worry about videos eating up your bandwidth on a mobile device, the video only plays on the full screen. The bright yellow menu button draws attention without taking up too much space on the home screen.

30. On the Agenda

On the Agenda has used the Divi WordPress theme to create a website that’s packed full of white space. The complete color control offered by Divi also means that the company has been able to match its logo shades to the hues in everything from the menu button to illustrations throughout the page. Even the CTAs are color-coordinated.

31. Bank Southern

This website features a full-width image slider and useful pop-up sections where members can enter their details.

The interesting circular buttons that allow users to jump from one section of the website to another are a nice touch, as are the branded colors used throughout. Bank Southern has also taken advantage of various button hover animations offered by Divi.

32. Ane Riel

Ane Riel’s website is all about showcasing her books and writing work. The large central image at the top of the screen helps to introduce you to the author.

As you scroll through the page, 3D images with drop shadows pull more focus to the books for sale.

33. Saint Benevolence

This website is an excellent example of how business owners can use the Divi theme along with custom integrations to build a brand in certain industries. When you visit the website, you instantly get a pop-up asking you to confirm that you’re of legal age to drink. The minimalist design of the site also helps to keep attention on the product.

34. Better Health by Heather

As a certified health coach, Heather needs her website to instantly make customers feel at ease. The large background image of her smiling helps to accomplish that.

Heather has also used large social media buttons implemented into her website design to encourage customers to stay in touch. What’s more, the testimonial section slider helps to increase peace of mind.

35. Woodyfuel

The Woodyfuel website combines a full-screen background video with custom bold fonts to grab attention.

Using the Divi Theme, the website owner has been able to create fantastic hover animations, as well as slide-in effects for different modules as you scroll through the page. The information boxes include hover animations too.

36. Hannahmia

Hannahmia is one of the best and most brightly-colored Divi theme examples in action. The background image comes straight from the photographer, showing her skills. What’s more, the designer for this website has implemented WordPress plugins for social sharing. There’s even an Instagram feed where you can see more stunning images.

37. Idiolektik

With a scrolling series of images in the background, Idiolektik immediately pulls attention to the services that the brand offers. The designers behind this website also embraced the Divi Overlays plugin. This means that the user can decide how much information they want to see at any time by just clicking a button to learn more.

38. Event Creative

Event Creative is a full-service event design and production company using the Divi Theme. The brand has implemented everything from hover animations to a testimonial section for social proof. Event Creative also uses the Gravity Forms plugin for Divi to help capture leads.

39. Your Hyphen

An informative and professional example of the Divi WordPress Theme, Your Hyphen is a site for a branding company. This website was awarded a third place prize in the Divi Showcase competition in 2016. It uses plugins like Divi Article Cards and the Cookie Consent pop-up.

40. Simplee Online

Simplee Online is Becca Lee Berggren’s personal branding site. The site uses a fantastic custom color scheme and attractive background images. What’s more, the email sign up banner at the top of the page helps to attract lead opportunities. There’s even a selection of social buttons included too!

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! 40 of the best Divi theme examples found on the internet today.

Divi, brought to you by Elegant Themes, is one of the most diverse WordPress theme options in the market for businesses that want to stand out from the competition. Not many other WordPress themes allow you as much control as the Divi theme.

With Divi, companies can embed intuitive widgets into their site to enhance the user experience. Plus, they can customize everything from font color to images. Plus, the Elegant Themes’ Divi theme performance ensures that everything loads quickly on any device. 

Be sure to check out our exclusive 20% OFF coupon for an Elegant Themes membership, which comes with the versatile Divi Builder, Extra Magazine theme, Bloom for building a powerful email list, and Monarch for adding social media buttons to your site.

Have you ever used the Divi WordPress theme? Are there any Divi theme examples you’d like to share? If so, we’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post may contains affiliate links. This means we make a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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