40+ Excellent Examples of Websites Using WooCommerce – Top Picks (2022)

sites using woocommerce

Are you on the hunt for the ideal eCommerce solution?

There are plenty of tools on the market today that can help you to build an incredible website, from Shopify through to Weebly.

However, for lovers of WordPress, the most obvious choice just has to be WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a leading selling system for small businesses in search of a quick and effective way to build their digital presence. As an open-source plugin for WordPress, it works perfectly with the existing website that you’ve already started to grow.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some leading sites using WooCommerce. Here, you’ll get an insight into the incredible experiences that you can design with this amazing plugin.

Let’s get started.

What Can WooCommerce Do?

Before we take a closer look at the potential of the WooCommerce plugin, let’s start by examining what WooCommerce can do.

A powerful toolkit for eCommerce selling, WooCommerce is the winner of multiple consumer awards for simple and effective sales software. This product is an ideal choice for businesses that want to launch their own store, regardless of whether they’re upgrading an existing WordPress website or building from scratch.

Features include:

  • An open-source code base that’s free to download (although there may be other expenses to consider, such as hosting and premium plugins).
  • Intuitive and powerful interface designed to make setting up your store simple.
  • Robust extension gallery, including payment gateways and shipping calendars.
  • Powered by WordPress – the internet’s favorite CMS.
  • Valuable dashboard with modern and clean interface.
  • Complete control over products, shipping, and tax calculations.
  • Search engine optimization and pre-installed payment gateways.

…and so much more.

Now let’s take a look at those sites using WordPress.

01. Porter and York

sites using woocommerce

Porter and York is a meat delivery service. Priding itself on exceptional products and service, Porter and York have used the WooCommerce plugin to create an easy-to-consume website experience. There’s a slideshow of stunning images as soon as you visit the site, and the pages are separated into different sections according to the meats you want.

02. Earthbound

This stunning dog-focused website is all about selling products to delight your pet. The WooCommerce plugin has helped the website owner to create a professional-looking website, complete with plugins for a quick and simple checkout process. Even shipping is calculated automatically. There’s also a CTA button to take you straight to the store from the homepage.

3. Joco Cups

sites using woocommerce

Joco website is a beautiful website created with several open-source plugins, including WooCommerce. The site focuses on delivering durable and eco-friendly cups that eliminate single-use waste. The website is split into various easy-to-use sections. What’s more, Joco has used a WooCommerce plugin to offer free shipping on AU domestic orders over $80.

4. Pickle

Pickle is a trendy fashion and accessories website from Slovakia. The products here range from fun socks to backpacks, giving you a range of ways to shop. Currently, there’s a sale on some of the products at Pickle, which gives you an excellent opportunity to see how the bulk discount feature works with WooCommerce.

5. Hidden Grounds Coffee

The Hidden Grounds Coffee company has the perfect combination for eCommerce sales.

It’s got a fantastic website and a great name. There are custom filters that draw you into the design of the website and shipping that’s automatically calculated for locations around the world. It’s easy to shop for a great cup of Joe here.

06. Stems Brooklyn

sites using woocommerce

Another example of a well-named website, Stems Brooklyn is a digital florist that offers everything from wedding and event catering, to workshops. Showing the diversity of the WooCommerce theme, you can add everything from learning packages to bouquets to your basket here. We also love the scrolling headline on the front page.

07. Minipop

Minipop is an adorable website that has maintained its charming personality throughout, using the WooCommerce plugin. The site has a custom shopping cart icon, as well as a pop-up that asks you to allow cookies as you shop. All the while, you get a fantastic and informative experience, complete with insights into Minipop’s zero-waste policy.

08. Chuckling Goat

Chuckling Goat is the creator of a probiotic drink that helps you to live a healthier lifestyle. As a company focused on environmental friendliness, the whole website is designed to create trust. From the background video showing how the drink is made, to the embedded reviews from TrustPilot.

09. Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware combines a modern website with an awesome family-owned vibe that’s sure to appeal to a lot of bakers. Selling kitchen products around the world, Nordic Ware offers a very straightforward checkout experience. We were also particularly fond of how friendly and homely the website feels.

10. Mike’s Organic Delivery

Mike’s Organic Delivery is a delightful website. Using a custom checkout experience and illustrations throughout, the site makes you feel like you’re buying from a local marketplace. You can even scroll through the recently-added products at the bottom of the home page. This allows for a much quicker checkout. You can also subscribe to weekly deliveries.

11. Veer

Veer is a company committed to making life easier for moms and dads. Delivering a rugged wagon combined with a premium stroller, you get a unique way to take babies and toddlers with you on the go. Veer now ships to various locations around the world, with duties and taxes calculated at checkout thanks to WooCommerce plugins.

12. Good Dye Young

A colorful and modern website designed with WooCommerce, this website is all about stunning hair color and hair care. Since the product is focused on self-expression, it makes sense that the site is bold and eye-catching. The company also uses WooCommerce plugins to deliver temporary discounts on bundled hair care products.

13. Little Giants, Giant Shorties

Combining high-quality graphics with a simple checkout process, Little Giants and Giant Shorties is a great site for child’s clothing and accessories. There’s a huge slideshow in the background to capture your attention, and an easy-to-find contact page if you have any questions. The clearly-defined product categories make it easy to browse too.

14. Yubico

Yubico’s website is highly informative, which makes sense for a site committed to helping you protect your privacy. There’s a cookie notice popup included in the WooCommerce design too, which assists with gaining visit trust. The path to purchase on this website is clear, as is the navigation to find the information you need.

15. Custom Seafood

sites using woocommerce

Custom seafood is another food-focused website built with WooCommerce. One thing we particularly like about this website is how good it is at offering bundled product discounts. There’s also a gift section, and a “specials” section, where you can easily find great deals. There’s even a plugin for website gift cards.

16. Printing New York

sites using woocommerce

The background video on this website is a great insight into how the printing process works. It helps to capture customer attention, and also draw them to the CTA for “rush orders.” The site is set up for free nationwide shipping, and there are pop-up discount codes available through the WooCommerce plugin too.

17. Magna Tiles

The Magna Tiles website uses colorful custom imagery to capture visitor attention. The clean and bright layout makes it easy to browse through product options. Additionally, there are regular offers available, like free shipping for orders over a certain amount. The site can automatically apply those discounts through WooCommerce shopping cart plugins.

18. Balancing Motions

sites using woocommerce

Balancing Motions is a multilingual site that ships products around the world. Through modular content organized into blocks, the website makes it easy to get information on how the courses work to improve health and fitness. There’s also a convenient contact page for people who need a little more guidance.

19. Disruptive Youth

Disruptive Youth uses full, custom-filtered pictures as its background, to make the product collections the main focal point. Products are organized into a variety of categories, including “new in,” and there’s a plugin search bar for the site. This means that people can search for exactly what they need without wasting time.

20. House of Whisky

sites using woocommerce

The House of Whisky in Scotland has a crucial plugin for WooCommerce that asks people to verify their age before they enter the site. This helps to protect the company from any issues with children browsing through alcoholic products. Interestingly, on this website, there are two separate tabs for cart and checkout.

21. Mini Learners

The Mini Learners’ home page instantly showcases the kind of products you can expect to get. The large background image, as well as a slideshow of “new arrivals,” is great for grabbing attention. There’s also a log-in option for members, and free shipping over £30 to encourage more sales.

22. Kawaii Box

Kawaii box is a company that ships subscription boxes full of cute items around the world. The shipping and taxes automatically apply at checkout with the help of WooCommerce plugins. Additionally, you can see a count-down at the top of the page that shows you how long you have to get each monthly box.

23. Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is a jewelry website that focuses on delivering a highly professional and compelling experience to customers. Stunning images are used throughout. What’s more, you can automatically switch to the right website for your country of origin. There’s even a plugin to help you find local stores.

24. Henry J Socks

If you love bold and beautiful socks, then you’ll adore the Henry J Socks website. Delivering everything from one-off gifts to subscription packages, the site offers a great view of WooCommerce’s versatility. The custom shopping cart icon is particularly enticing.

25. Wool Couture

sites using woocommerce

Wool Couture is another example of a world-wide website with social media connections, a mailing list, and so much more. Customers can automatically change the currency that they’re buying in, and you can see the delivery costs of your order right in your cart. It’s a fantastic multi-country shopping experience.

26. BeLeaf

BeLeaf is a unique, sustainable company that offers alternatives to plastic waste. The website includes a scrolling header that shows you everything you need to know about the brand. There are also various modules on the home page where you can check out the latest products.

27. Leaf Shave

Leaf Shave is a US company that used WooCommerce to create a fascinating new website. The home page uses 3D images to showcase products, as well as a dynamic function that you can use to change colors. There’s also the option to send an instant message straight to the marketing team.

28. Niche & Cult

With a background video to instantly grab attention, Niche and Cult is an awe-inspiring website. The pop-up that appears as soon as you visit the website allows you to get a discount on your first offer when you start shopping. There’s even an animated logo to really bring the WooCommerce site to life.

29. Whitetail Gin

Whitetail Gin is another example of an alcoholic beverage company using WooCommerce. The company has a fantastic layout, complete with beautiful images. What’s more, before you can enter the site, you need to bypass a pop-up that asks you to confirm your age.

30. Maradji

sites using woocommerce

This website has taken full advantage of WooCommerce to create a website that’s full of animations that push you towards the shopping cart. Every detail has been thought out carefully, from the custom shopping icons to the high-quality images. There’s also an “accept cookies” bar included for compliance.

31. MJ Kiev

The MJ Kiev WooCommerce website offers an instant overview of the funky personality of the brand. The full-screen background images show off some of the latest products, while also giving you the option to view videos on desktop. The difference between images and video, depending on which device you’re using helps to streamline the shopping experience.

32. Simply Chocolate

The Simply Chocolate website gives you a convenient, dynamic shopping experience. On the home page, all you need to do is scroll to choose items to add to your basket. Every product comes with its own dynamic animation to help you see the ingredients too.

33. Sandlund Hossain

This fashion website offers a beautiful minimalist solution for eCommerce, built with the WooCommerce plugin. There’s a return policy included on the front page and a help bar where you can find information about each product. You can also change the currency according to where you want to buy from.

34. Vaxxen Labs

Vaxxen Labs is an eCommerce site that proves just how successful bright colors can be. Designed to give you peace of mind that you’re buying a reliable product, there are plenty of social proof signals throughout. You can even text the company if you have any questions.

35. Fumo Design

sites using woocommerce

With a beautiful monochrome appearance, Fumo Design offers everything from clean typography to a clean menu and navigation experience. The customization options on the product pages are particularly helpful. They ensure that every customer gets the exact product that they’ve been searching for.

36. Procus

Procus, or Procus Go, is an Indian technology website where you can buy everything from the latest cameras to smart backpacks. There’s free shipping on all orders, and the modular design of the website makes it easy to browse through different categories. Procus also has its own internal search bar.

37. Avrox

Avrox is a very stylish eCommerce website built with the WooCommerce plugin. There’s a background animation to capture attention and a pop-up that allows you to subscribe to the newsletter. If you do subscribe, you get an instant discount applied straight to your basket.

38. Fru.it

Fru.it is a fashion-focused website that’s constantly updating its layout to suit its latest collection. This highlights just how diverse and changeable WooCommerce can be. You can shop in Italian or English, and there’s a full category of the website dedicated to sale items.

39. Femme and Fierce

A simple but effective website built with WooCommerce. This site has an easy-to-navigate bar on the side of the website where you can find products from a range of categories. The shopping bag is simple and straight forward, and you can even get insights into personal styling strategies too.

40. Meet Milu

sites using woocommerce

Finally, this amazing skincare website uses everything from social media icons to a scrolling set of images to showcase its wares. You can shop in a variety of languages and currencies here, and there’s a set of contact buttons on the page that move with you as you scroll. That means you can always get help when you need it.

Wrapping Up

Creating the perfect website is never an easy process.

However, when you have something like WooCommerce to help you deliver exceptional shopping experiences every time, you’re much more likely to achieve success.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular site building solutions for beginners. Not only is it easy to use, but it has the versatility you need to create almost any kind of website. That’s something we hope that we have proved to you above.

If you’re ready to start making the most of your new WooCommerce website, you may want to check out our article on best email marketing services.

In the meantime, share your favorite sites using WooCommerce with us in the comments below. Alternatively, tell us all about your experiences with WooCommerce.

Disclosure: This post may contains affiliate links. This means we make a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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