Over 40 Examples of Sites Using the WPExplorer’s Total WordPress Theme (2022)

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Choosing the ultimate theme for your WordPress site is easier said than done.

You need something easy to use, attractive, and versatile enough to adapt to your company’s style. While there are countless options to choose from, it can be tough to find something that checks every box.

That’s why the Total theme was created.

The Total WordPress theme is an all-in-one solution for building an amazing custom site. It offers a complete solution, combined with a page builder and an easy-to-use interface. Total has given countless business leaders the tools they need to transform their digital presence.

If you’re wondering what you might be able to accomplish with the right package of drag-and-drop building, live customization, and unlimited ease-of-use, then we can help.

Here, we’re going to examine some of the most impressive sites using the Total Theme right now.

Let’s dive in.

Key Features of the Total WordPress Theme

The Total theme combines endless customization options with easy integrations and a smooth selection of premium plugins already built-in.

There are various pre-built demos to help you get started, separated into categories like “business” or “creative.” All you need to do is import the demo of your choice and tweak it to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can browse through the core Total features and create something from scratch.

Features include:

  • More than 500 styling options
  • A built-in customization preview system
  • Built-in payment gateways
  • Responsive adaptation to mobile devices
  • More than 40 pre-built demos
  • Over 80 builder modules
  • Dynamic template system
  • Free LayerSlider plugin
  • Slider Revolution plugin
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Built-in hooks and filters
  • Easy demo importer system

…and so much more.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest websites built with Total, shall we?

01. Kendall Commercial

A beautiful website for a real estate company, Kendall Commercial combines dynamic scrolling with well-organized modules from the Total Theme. The customized footer and contact form ensures that Kendall can attract as many engaged customers as possible.

02. Social Stream Apps

The Social Streams website is a dynamic example of the Total theme in use, with animated buttons and various interactive features. In this example, Total has been combined with the Flow-Flow social stream WordPress plugin to create a fantastic community-driven website. The custom icons on this website really make it stand out.

03. University of Hawaii

Despite being founded more than 100 years ago, the University of Hawaii has a website that looks anything but old-fashioned. The Total theme has given the company the chance to take advantage of everything from social sharing buttons, to a fantastic slider system for pictures. The animated hover effects are particularly engaging.

04. Sprung

The Sprung website is an excellent example of how effective a simple online presence can be. Using the “one page” premade template from Total, the website instantly introduces customers to important information on a clean layout. The site also includes a section of clickable logos, so you can see who Sprung has worked with before.

05. Actian Data Management

As a data-focused company, it makes sense that Actian’s website would be clean, concise, and logical. Using the advanced slider effects included with the Total WordPress theme, Actian introduces to customers to everything they need to know. Additionally, there’s a handy “Cookie” bar at the bottom of the page for GDPR compliance purposes.

06. Mazina

Photo album production company Mazina uses the Total theme to highlight some of the amazing work that they can do. The slider system on the front page highlights some amazing Mazina content. Additionally, the company takes advantage of a custom contact page too.

07. Brave Whale

Brave Whale is a design and marketing agency that’s used the Total Theme to bring their website to life. Animated pop-up buttons, integrations with live chat, and so much more makes this site really stand out. The illustrated icons are particularly engaging and give the website a friendly air.

08. Kavya Manoharan

The Total WordPress theme is excellent digital designers, and creative types, because it specializes in photography, creative, and portfolio demos. Kavya Manoharan has leveraged that fact to build an amazing online portfolio that attracts email subscribers and clients.

09. Systems4Knees

The Systems4Knees.com site demonstrates the potential of the Total theme for medical products. Here, you can buy knee pain relief products through a WooCommerce integration. We also love the social sharing buttons that have been added to the top of the page.

10. Washington Technology

Washington Technology is a company striving towards the delivery of amazing technology services to businesses in the Washington area. The compelling color theme of this website really captures attention, as does the addition of fantastic social buttons and custom icons.

11. Beyond Expectations

This event planning company in Surrey (England) has made the most of one of Total Themes photography demos to build an amazing website. The clean and elegant design really shows off the work that the company can accomplish, thanks to sliders. There’s also a “Cookies” permissions bar in the header.

12. Metro Vet

Metro Vet uses amazing pictures of happy animals on the front page of its site to immediately grab your attention. The fantastic website breaks everything down into modules, so you can find all the content that you need with ease.

13. Jennifer Meyering

This amazing blog-focused website offers an insight into the fact that anyone can build a great website with the Total theme. Jennifer has used the theme in a fantastic way with custom layouts, fonts, and a mega menu.

14. WebGrowth

Webgrowth is another example of how businesses can convey a wonderful professional image with the WordPress Total Theme. The blue filtered background combined with custom text really brings this website to life. The hover animations are great for engaging visitors too.

15. Green Standards

Green Standards is an environmentally-friendly business that helps with the disposal of office furniture. This website includes a background video to help highlight the unique nature of the brand. The animated map showing you where their projects have made a difference is a great touch.

16. Paradise Copters

The Paradise Copters site uses a full-screen video background to give you an insight into what you can see soaring above the ground in a helicopter. This unique website really makes it easy to imagine yourself taking advantage of a unique trip experience.

17. Global Laser

A sophisticated website for a company specializing in laser technology, Global Laser combines custom sliders with module content to deliver a great experience. The contact information and social buttons are easy to find, and the site works on any device.

18. Spoon and Stable

Spoon and Stable have used a logo layered over a background slider to convey an elegant image for their business. The high-quality photos of the food you can expect at the restaurant are mouth-watering. We also love the custom font throughout the menu.

19. MasterStudio

This website uses an amazing one-page website design to really connect with customers. On MasterStudio, you’ll find a color-changing background that instantly grabs attention and a floating bar with contact information. There are even translation features built in.

20. Mobkii

This is another example of an excellent multilingual website built with the Total Theme. Mobkii showcases a very clean and sophisticated implementation of its theme, with custom animations and a WhatsApp integration for easy communication.

21. Moula

The Moula website is one of the most attractive implementations of the Total Theme that we’ve seen. Beautiful background images combined with clean modules make this website very easy to read. It’s particularly nice to see the live chat app built-in.

22. Denny Karchner

A fantastic example of a creative website built with the Total Theme, the Karchner website uses a slideshow to demonstrate attractive images by the artist. The custom font also matches the portfolio logo, bringing the whole site together nicely.

23. Lifetime 60 Day

This website is a wonderful insight into how you can create a professional-looking publication with the right theme. The pinned header remains connected to the top of the page as you scroll, making it easy to instantly get in touch.

24. Barrio Tequila

The Barrio Tequila website is as vibrant and engaging as the business itself. We love how simple the front page is, with social media buttons at the footer and an easy-to-use navigation bar. The custom fonts look amazing too.

25. Vista Outdoor

Vista Outdoor is a leading outdoor sports and recreation company. The website, built with the Total WordPress theme, is clean and easy to use, with a custom logo and slider where you can stock up on information about the brand.

26. Elit Academy

The best thing about the Elit Academy website is how accessible it is. You can choose from a range of languages to read the text in. What’s more, there’s a map included on the home page to help you find your closest educational environment.

27. Montgomery Tech

The Montgomery Tech website uses an animated slider background with overlaid text to really send some critical messages to potential clients. The semi-transparent header that follows you through the home page is a great feature too.

28. Sleep Baby Love

The Sleep Baby Love website is a wonderful insight into an immersive blog, and a helpful health and wellness site. The owner of the website is certified through the Family Sleep Institute to help with babies who struggle to snooze.

29. Golden Village Palms

This is a very simple text-based website made with the Total theme. However, the Golden Village resort website also gives you an insight into how easy it is to separate text modules on the Total Theme. We particularly like the color scheme and video background

30. Board Effect

The brightly-colored call to action buttons on this website are excellent for grabbing attention and pushing conversions. We also like the fact that the company has used smiling images of real people to grab attention.

31. The Rolling Storm

The Rolling Storm is both a website and a portfolio at the same time. The clean design really makes it easy to browse through all different kinds of content. There’s even a custom search bar so you can find the info you need easily.

32. YepAds

YepAds is a stunning example of an advertising agency website built with the Total WordPress theme. The video background only plays on full-size desktop devices, so you don’t have to worry about it slowing down your phone.

33. Fantasy Picks

Fantasy Picks demonstrates how easy it is for anyone to develop a beautiful website with the Total WordPress theme. There’s a minimizing navigation bar that suits any screen type and animated components throughout to keep your attention.

34. FilmEditing Pro

From an auto-playing video to a full custom background, every aspect of this website is designed to engage and delight viewers. The company has even integrated a membership application so that students can make their own accounts.

35. Doominio

With translation features built-in to capture a wider audience, the Doominio website will be sure to keep your attention. There’s a search bar implemented into the front page and an integrated customer access portal too.

36. Specs Online

The Specs Online website is a very cool website that comes with its own confirmation page before you reach the homepage. This is one of the most colorful sites we’ve seen using Total – making it very eye-catching.

37. Two-Way Mirrors

Two-way mirrors is a quick-loading website with plenty of modular content to browse through. The floating bar at the top of the page ensures you can always get in touch. What’s more, the company has implemented a custom shopping cart too.

38. Yeastar

Even big brands can benefit from something as simple as the Total WordPress theme. The Yeastar website offers leading PBX systems to people around the world. There’s a fantastic set of filters on this website, a custom search bar, and so much more.

39. ServerPress

This is another software-focused website built with the Total theme. The Server Press website has a live chat functionality built-in as well as a unique shopping cart experience. There’s also a customized contact page too.

40. WPThaiuser

Finally, the WPThaiuser site teaches beginners how to use WordPress with a set of great tutorials and handy blogs. The website is well-organized, with lots of white space and a custom search bar.

Wrapping Up

As one of the most diverse all-in-one themes on the market, the Total solution works with a vast range of different sites.

What was your favorite site built with the WordPress Total theme?

Do you know a website built with this theme that we haven’t covered here? If so, why not let us know in the comments below?

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