15+ Best Wix Website Examples to Inspire Your Next Project

wix website examples

Creating a website is tough when you aren’t sure where to start. This is especially true when you haven’t even picked out a platform to use.

There are several content management systems you can choose from when building a website, whether you’re launching a blog, online business, or eCommerce shop. One such CMS is Wix.

Founded in 2006, Wix is an all-in-one platform that gives people, especially beginners, an easy way to build and manage their websites. With over 148 million users as of right now, it’s safe to say that Wix is a popular choice. Part of that is because it hosts all your data for you so you don’t have to invest in separate web hosting services like you would using a CMS like WordPress. And it comes with a built-in website builder so site creation is a breeze for everyone.

But more than that, it comes with over 500 pre-designed Wix templates that website owners can choose from to design their sites with. Paired with an easy to use drag and drop interface, creating a website from scratch is a cinch when you use Wix – without the need for any technical or coding knowledge.

If you’re on the fence about whether to use Wix as your website’s foundation, that’s okay! We’re here to show you some of the best Wix website examples around, so you can see just what the platform is capable of. You never know, something might inspire you to make a decision and start your next project right away.

Top Wix Website Examples

1. Crustz


Crustz is the Wix website of luxury pastry chef Xiao-ly. She strives to share her beautiful (and delicious!) treats with others. To do this, she uses her website’s homepage to introduce her bakery with a large hero image slider – and nothing else. From there, she displays a simple navigation menu that will take site visitors wherever they want to go.

The image gallery is displayed in a grid and comes with minimal, but effective, hover effects so people will click. And when they do, Wix makes it easy for Xiao-ly to display a larger fullscreen slider of all the gallery’s images. One unique element found on Crustz is the link that opens up a PDF of the packages available for purchase. And if you’re curious to know where Crustz is located, all you have to do is go to the dedicated contact page that integrates with Google Maps and has all the details you could need like address, phone number, hours, email, and even social media links.

2. Seven Grams Caffe 

seven grams caffe - restaurant wix website examples

Seven Grams Caffe is one of the best Wix website examples for those that own a restaurant and want to build a strong online presence. It comes with a huge fullscreen image that entices hungry site visitors to view more, and possibly even stop by their physical shop. And if you need to know more about the café, the Wix template being used supports a large footer section with lots of information. Find location information, social media icons, and sticky buttons for ordering from their online shop right away.

You’ll also notice that mid-scroll Seven Grams Caffe reveals a beautiful image gallery that shows site visitors their shop, food items, and yummy drinks. One cool thing about this website is that the eCommerce shop opens up in another tab so as to not disrupt the user experience. That’s not something you see in many websites.

3. Linda Franzosi

linda franzosi - portfolio wix website examples

Linda Franzosi fits right into our roundup of examples of websites built with Wix and will inspire you to start your own portfolio site. It comes with a smooth parallax effect on scroll, which makes navigating the site easy. Plus, the header section comes with  more than the navigation menu items – it also has social share icons so site visitors can stay connected in other ways.

Check out this site’s content blocks, which include about, services, social proof, and even a portfolio slider. And when you make it all the way down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the footer section showcases blog content. But to boost site engagement, it doesn’t just have links to the post themselves. Instead, it comes with post titles, dates, and featured images to spark interest in readers. Lastly, if you want to book a consultation, Linda Franzosi has a booking section, complete with a datepicker, making it easy for her to generate leads and convert prospective clients.

4. Jordan Likes Birds

jordan likes birds

Jordan Likes Birds is one of the more simpler Wix website examples, since it acts like a landing page for clients interested in Jordan’s services. Choose from a variety of categories on the homepage such as illustration, vis dev, graphics, or stories/board to check out Jordan’s extensive portfolio of work. And if you want to see a secret portfolio, just click on the custom icon in the header and see what’s in store.

Wix supports Jordan’s desire to be an affiliate marketer, which you can see when you choose books from the dropdown menu. From there, you’ll automatically be directed to a list of Amazon books that are for sale. This is one of the best ways to monetize your website and generate more income.

5. Jérome Studio

jerome studio

Jérome Studio is an online shop that sells elegant items to women that want to live their best life. After all, what person doesn’t want a beautiful handbag to carry around their personal belongings in. Interestingly enough, the team at Jérome Studio uses both a sticky header and footer to make navigating the site easy for everyone, no matter where they are on the site. And to top it off, Wix supports their desire to create a way for site visitors to register and log in to their site.

If you want to instill a sense of urgency in your site visitors and tap into their FOMO, do what Jérome Studio does and create a banner on your site that promotes a sale or anything else you want to share with site visitors. This is a great strategy boosting sales and conversions on your site.

6. French Knot Studios

french knot studios

French Knot Studios is a boutique event planner site for those with large budgets and elegant taste, which is seen with the beautiful typography, logo, color scheme, and imagery found on the website. When you land on this Wix website’s homepage, you’ll immediately see a colorful image slider that comes with automatic transitions from one image to the next. And in an effort not to distract the user once they arrive, French Knot Studios uses a light gray color for both the font and social icons.

When it comes to the portfolio section, Wix lends some unique features to French Knot Studios. For example, there is a mini slider gallery that moves across your screen. Plus, there’s an additional grid layout of photo sessions that once clicked, reveal more imagery, the location, the photographer, and any press mentions. There’s also a section dedicated to other galleries you might be interested in, which helps boost site exploration.

7. Louise Whitehouse

louise whitehouse

Louise Whitehouse is one of those Wix site examples that takes a minimal approach when it comes to the design elements. For example, the lack of color makes this a perfect black website example. From there, Louise makes it known that she only publishes valuable and sentimental blog content for her loyal readers, which helps her establish credibility and trust with people.

The portfolio section of her website makes great use of whitespace so your eyes are always drawn to the central focus of the page – the images. And to add to the darker color scheme that Wix allows her to use, Louise makes connecting on social media easy thanks to the dark colored social icons found throughout her site.

8. Stolen Goods 

stolen goods

Stolen Goods is another online shop, only it sells clothing and uses simple, though high-quality, site design to stand out from the competition. To start, Stolen Goods uses a pale color palette that blends seamlessly with the text. In addition, they create interest by displaying a vertical navigation menu that is made up of logos that take you straight to their eCommerce shop no matter which one you click.

Products in the online store are elegantly displayed with featured images. And if something is out of stock, they let you know right away so you don’t get all the way to the checkout page and realize what you want is out of stock. And with the PayPal payment gateway integrated into the site, you can always expect an easy checkout process. This helps reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

9. Sonja Van Dulmen

sonja van dulmen

Sonja Van Dulmen makes our Wix website examples roundup because it takes advantage of the multiple ways you can showcase images, without sacrificing speed or performance. Grids, Ajax, masonry, carousels, and even sliders can be found on this website. And to top it off, you’ll see a stunning video background upon arriving on the site, which is possible because of the Wix template that’s being used.

Each image found on the site opens up larger and comes with lengthy descriptions explaining the meaning behind the art. And if you want to see more, just click the arrows. As you scroll down the site, you’ll notice the cool parallax effect and sticky social icons so you can connect anytime you want.

10. John Harris Wedding Films

john harris wedding films

John Harris Wedding Films is a great Wix website example to take inspiration from if you’re a photographer or videographer trying to grow your business. It uses a modern, crisp font style, light pastel color schemes, and plenty of imagery and video content to entice prospective customers to inquire about their services.

The best thing about this website is that it shows you how you can take a lot of information, choose the perfect Wix template, and organize it in a way that is readable and easy to scan. If you overwhelm your site visitors, it won’t matter what you have to offer. They’ll abandon your site right away. Luckily for JHWF, they’ve figured out how to share testimonials, pricing, contact forms, images, and more in a streamlined way.

11. Hilary O’Leary

hilary o'leary

Hilary O’Leary is a talented photographer that has created a website that is deserving of being on our list of the best Wix website examples. Her site’s homepage acts like a onepage website. That’s because once you click navigation menu items, you automatically start scrolling down the webpage. When you see a picture you like, if you click on it, it will turn into a lightbox popup. And thanks to the contact form section, you can reach out to Hilary with ease.

The ability to mix color schemes (black and white combined with color) adds a unique touch to Hilary’s site. And since she adds an Instagram feed to her homepage, you can see other photography of hers and get connected too. When it comes to buying prints from Hilary, you can click the quick view on any print for sale to see size options and pick a quantity. Plus, the product pages have a convenient zoom function for seeing images details up close. Lastly, thanks to the easy PayPal or on-site checkout options,  you’ll have your print paid for within seconds.

12. Amber Schormans

amber schormans

Amber Schormans takes a subtle approach to promoting her portrait and fashion photography services. There are several portfolio sections that highlight different works or events to show people what they’re capable of. And using the Wix lightbox gallery feature makes it easier for people to see her beautiful photography up close and personal.

There is no dedicated blog, contact form, about page, or eCommerce shop on this website, making it one of the more unique Wix website examples on our list. In fact, Amber makes sure her site visitors only focus on the important stuff, which is her photography. If you need an exceptional way to showcase your art, you can always model your Wix site after this one.

13. The Tea Story

the tea story

The Tea Story is a feminine online shop with pastel color schemes and a flowy font style. It makes great use of what is sometimes seen as limited retail space. For instance, it uses the header for a logo and navigation menu, plus a small banner above the content to share with customers a great shipping deal. The large homepage image that appears above the fold has tiny animations to give people more information in a non-intrusive way. And as you scroll down the site, you get everything you need to make a final purchase decision, including links to the eCommerce shop itself.

Each product has a hover effect giving you a link to its quick view. But when you click the product itself, you’ll see social icons, product images, descriptions, variations, and more. And to help with cart abandonment, this Wix template allows The Tea Story to share refund and shipping information on all products pages. Lastly, for those that want to learn about teas, there’s a simple one column blog section, complete with featured images, post titles, dates, and blog excerpts.

14. Brown Owl Creative

brown owl creative

Brown Owl Creative uses Wix to create a beautiful and dynamic website full of colorful animations, smooth parallax effects, and organized grid layouts. A portfolio section, blog, and CTA button encourage people to get in touch when they need web design services.

As a way to keep people on their website longer, Brown Owl Creative adds video content to their blog posts. This is great for those that prefer to watch over read and can even help with SEO efforts and driving more traffic to their site.

15. Karlie Kloss

karlie kloss

Karlie Kloss is a popular model with an entrepreneurial spirit. From the start, her website hits you with an opt-in box for subscribing to her email list, which can be very effective. Beyond that, Karlie keeps her site minimal, even opting to hide the navigation bar behind a hamburger icon. Once you click the icon, the homepage blurs and all you see are the links to explore her site. This helps eliminate distractions and get people clicking.

There are fixed social icons on scroll, thick and blocky font styles, and parallax effects with beautiful images in the background. There’s also a neat slider that has both still images and video content. And to make things better, site visitors can easily access the Instagram feed that has all of Karlie’s video content in one location.

16. Undercover Living

undercover living - online shop wix website examples

Undercover Living is an online shop that balances a ton of information with plenty of whitespace for a pleasing user experience. There are clear calls to action to get customers buying their products. And to help people with their buying choices, some product images display real-life uses of the product to give people an idea of what it might look like in their own homes.

Simple, custom icons are used to give site visitors more information about their company. Plus, there’s a testimonial slider with star ratings to help establish trust and credibility. You can get connected with them away from their website using the social icons and by following the Instagram feed. And if you want, you can get in touch right away using the live chat feature.

17. Helena Krüger

helena kruger

Helena Krüger is an illustrator that wants people to hire her for their projects. The entire homepage is filled with Helena’s work, all placed against a white backdrop to make the colors pop. And after seeing some of her best work and scrolling down the site, you can jump right in and start buying what you like most.

To get a closer look at her work, check out the photo gallery modules and open up each image into a lightbox. Then, get in touch with Helena for a quote on an illustration, lettering, or original artwork project.  

18. Marco de Haunt

marco de haunt

Marco de Haunt is another one of those Wix website examples that act as a landing page for music, photography, and graphic design services. The large, dark background image gives off a brooding vibe, cluing people in to the type of work Marco is known for.

When you want to explore Marco’s site, click the custom icon or category text. When you do, you’ll have access to audio clips, a slide-in contact form (upon clicking the CTA), photo galleries, famous clients, and more. There’s even an interactive map for finding exactly where Marco’s studio is located. Lastly, you can even book your own soundtrack using the form at the bottom of the webpage.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! 18 of the best Wix website examples on the internet today.

In the end, Wix is a powerful platform that is simple enough for even the most novice of website owners to use. With templates that suit websites of all kinds in every industry, you’ll never lack help when it comes to the design or functionality of your site. And now that you have some real-life Wix website examples to draw from, if you decide to use Wix for your site building needs, you’ll have a standout website that’s different from the competition in no time.

Are you thinking Wix may not be the right CMS for you? If so, check out this guide to WordPress user roles and get an introduction to this popular content management system.

Are you using Wix to host your website? If so, we would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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