5 Mind-Blowing WordPress Giveaway Plugins to Boost Conversions

wordpress giveaway plugins

Are you looking for a better way to drive traffic to your site, engage your target audience, and encourage people to convert? WordPress giveaway plugins are a unique option for doing just that. In fact, the right giveaway plugin will let you run giveaway contests right on your WordPress site and make the most out of site visitors, new and old.

Today we’re going to take a look at the top WordPress giveaway plugins in the market so you can choose the solution that gives you everything you need to run a successful contest and boost conversions.

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How Running a Giveaway Helps You Succeed

Running a giveaway contest on your WordPress website or blog is a great way to drive people from other places such as email and social media back to your website to convert.

Think about it. People love free stuff.

And if you do it right, you can convince people, whether they know your brand or not, to take a chance on you for the chance to win.

From there, you’” be able to capitalize on the contact information they provide and begin the process of building long-lasting and meaningful relationships that convert one-time contest entrants into longtime subscribers or buyers.

Here are some examples of the types of giveaways you can set up:

  • Invite people to read certain blog posts for a chance to enter
  • Ask questions (i.e., get feedback) in exchange for an entry
  • Direct people back to your website from email campaigns and social media by enticing them with a contest
  • Ask people to upload photos of themselves using your product for additional entries
  • Allow people to invite others to enter the contest in exchange for more entries
  • Convince people to share your best content on social media for a chance to win

In the end, the options are endless. And any of these strategies will boost engagement and get more people interacting with your site’s content.

What to Look For in a WordPress Giveaway Contest Plugin

When it comes to choosing from the available WordPress giveaway plugins, here are some things to look for:

  • Ease of Use: this is something we talk about all the time, and it applies to your giveaway plugin too. The solution you choose should be easy for you to set up and easy for site visitors to use.
  • Refer a Friend: to help make your contest go viral, look for a refer a friend feature so people can invite others to join in on the fun.
  • Email Integration: one of the main reasons to run a giveaway contest is to build a bigger email list. Make sure the option you select integrates seamlessly with the email service provider you use.
  • Social Sharing Option: another great way to extend the reach of your contest (and your brand) is to have built-in social sharing options so others can promote your giveaway for you and you can collect more social media followers.
  • Price: make sure you pick a plugin that’s not only affordable, but comes with all the features you’re looking for.

Now let’s take a look at the best WordPress giveaway plugins around and see what they have to offer you.

1. RafflePress


RafflePress claims to be the best WordPress giveaway plugin in the market. It’s designed to help you grow your email list, website traffic, and social media followers. And it does this by giving you the power to create successful giveaway campaigns in minutes using the drag and drop giveaway builder.

With RafflePress, you get:

  • 1-click entry and fraud protection
  • Integration with popular social media platforms
  • Distraction-free contest landing page capability
  • Access to advanced tracking metrics and retargeting features

You can use the pre-built giveaway contest templates and customize it to fit your contest needs. From there, you can integrate your giveaway with your favorite email service provider MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Drip, or Active Campaign. And don’t worry, your contest will render on all device types and sizes since RafflePress is mobile-friendly.

rafflepress example

When it comes to ways to enter your contest or giveaway, RafflePress reigns supreme. For example, entrants can join your newsletter, refer a friend for extra entries, tweet a message, follow you on social media, watch a video, visit your site, take a poll or survey, or even enter automatically by handing over an email address.


  • Easy to set up and create campaigns with the drag and drop builder
  • Lots of entry actions to get people involved
  • Landing page option
  • Integrates with Zapier for streamlining marketing efforts


  • Limited email integrations (though the ones available are popular)

Price: Plans start at $39.20 for a single site license.

2. KingSumo


KingSumo, brought to you by the same team that created AppSumo, strives to make creating a giveaway on your WordPress site easy. In fact, it claims you can have a giveaway or contest up and running on your site in less than 60 seconds, which is pretty dang fast if you ask me.

With KingSumo, you get:

  • Scheduled giveaway start and end times
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA to prevent spam entries
  • Entrant email confirmations
  • Integration with email providers like AWeber and Mailchimp

Designing your contest or giveaway to match your company design and boost brand recognition is easy since KingSumo lets you upload a custom logo, 3 images, and a background image. Plus, you can add tracking and conversion pixels to your giveaways so you can track user behavior and your success.

kingsumo example

This WordPress giveaway plugin is a true refer a friend solution. But perhaps most unique of all is the fact that KingSumo doesn’t require monthly, annual, or recurring fees of any kind. Instead, you make a one-time payment to start giving away things like services, products, and digital products to your growing audience base.


  • Easy setup – less than a minute to create and launch
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited giveaways
  • Free plugin updates (no subscription fees)
  • Upload custom logo and add other visuals


  • Limited entry action – email only

Price: One-time fee of $198 for a single site license.

3. Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

photo contest wordpress plugin

Photo Contest WordPress Plugin is a niche specific giveaway plugin that leaves you in control of everything, including the terms and conditions. In other words, you can make up all the rules and start your contest right away.

With Photo Contest WordPress Plugin, you get:

  • Ways to control comments, voting type, image size, and more
  • 100% responsive design
  • Exportable data for easy giveaway analysis
  • Ability to edit uploaded images – crop, resize, flip, assign to categories, and even limit file sizes

This premium WordPress giveaway plugin integrates with the popular WordPress plugin BuddyPress. So, if you run a large community through your site, you can get everyone involved instantly by inviting your forum members to participate. In addition, Photo Contest WordPress Plugin is translation ready, GDPR compliant, and comes with 9 layers of fraud protection.

photo contest wordpress plugin example

You can choose how people will vote on image entries. For instance, let people vote, like, or apply star ratings (5 stars or 10). Lastly, never worry that your giveaway won’t work on your WordPress site. This plugin is tested on 60 free and premium themes and is compatible on them all. But just in case you have trouble, the support team is on stand by to help you with any layout issues.


  • Customizable terms and conditions so you control how your giveaway runs
  • Email notifications to you and your users
  • Translation ready for running international contest and expanding your reach
  • Images are shareable to encourage others to vote


  • Very niche related, limited to photo contests
  • Only way to enter and win is to add an image to the contest and hope others vote

Price: $25 for a single site license.

4. Simple Giveaways

simple giveaways

Simple Giveaways is the only free option on our list of WordPress giveaway plugins, which is great for those just starting out or those on a tight budget.

With Simple Giveaways, you get:

  • Ability to host a giveaway or contest on a separate landing page
  • Widgets and shortcodes to drive people from other parts of your site to your giveaway page
  • Scheduled start and end dates
  • Built-in GDPR features to makes sure you’re compliant

If you’re worried about spam entries, you can easily enable Google CAPTCHA on any giveaway you create. And to encourage more to join, you can allow people to login via their Facebook profile. Simple Giveaways also comes with branding ability because it lets you upload a custom logo. That way, when people enter your contest you begin building brand recognition from the start.

simple giveaways example

Your contests are shareable via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. And when people share your contest and get others to enter too, they earn additional entries and increase their chances of winning. Most notable with this contest plugin is, however, the fact that you can send a customizable winner email once your giveaway is over. Not to mention, all entrants get a confirmation email so they know they’ve officially entered and are in the running to win.

If you’re interested, there is a premium version of Simple Giveaways that comes with features like automated winner selections, multiple giveaway templates, email integrations, and a customizable non-winner email, to forge that relationship and make it strong.  


  • Super affordable since it’s free
  • Refer a friend option to make giveaways viral
  • Customizable non-winner email notification with consolation prize


  • No email integration with free version
  • Lacks tracking for improving campaigns and monitoring success

Price: FREE (premium version $49.99/year for a single site license).

5. Video Contest WordPress Plugin

video contest wordpress plugin

Video Contest WordPress Plugin is another niche related WordPress giveaway plugin that is easy to set up and start, even if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge.

With Video Contest WordPress Plugin, you get:

  • 9 layers of fraud protection, including trackable IP addresses, emails, country, and user ID
  • GDPR features so you stay compliant
  • Translation into 9 languages for running a global contest
  • Full integration with BuddyPress plugin

When you create a video contest, you’re in charge of how people can vote for the winner and whether or not to allow commenting. Plus, you can hide the names of entrants, or reveal them to site visitors for added brand exposure for the creatives taking part in your giveaway. And since this plugin is 100% responsive by design, even those on the go will be able to view video entries and vote for a winner.

video contest wordpress plugin example

You can export all your giveaway data and analyze it later. This gives you a chance to determine a winner and make improvements for the next campaign you run. Lastly this plugin is tested on the latest version of PHP so you can trust it will always load super fast, even though it’s full of resource heavy video content.


  • Free lifetime updates after purchase
  • Email notifications to you and users
  • Control over voting options
  • Voting metrics accessible in backend of site to see who voted and when


  • Very niche related, limited to video contests
  • Only way to enter and win is to add an image to the contest and hope others vote

Which WordPress Giveaway Plugin Is Right For You?

Choosing the right WordPress giveaway plugin doesn’t have to be hard.

For someone in need of a feature-packed giveaway solution that integrates with email service providers and has tons of built-in entry actions, RafflePress is the best plugin.

For dedicated photo and video contest solutions, it’s best to save your money and invest in one of the cheaper WordPress giveaway plugins Photo Contest or Video Contest.

Lastly, if money is on your mind, but you still want a premium contest plugin, you can always make a one-time payment for KingSumo and run very successful giveaways on your website. If not, there’s always the free version of Simple Giveaways to get you started.

So, what do you say? Why not check out these WordPress giveaway plugins and entice people to enter. You’ll end up building a bigger email list and stronger, longer lasting relationships too.

If you’re in the beginning stages of email marketing, make sure to check out this roundup of the best WordPress mailing list plugins around before you run your contest so you can start sending out email campaigns as soon as people enter.

Have you ever used any of the above-mentioned WordPress giveaway plugins? Is there a solution we’ve left off the list that you think we should add? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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