10 Inspiring Examples of the Avada WordPress Theme in Action (2021)

avada wordpress theme

The right theme can make or break a website.

Choose the right WP theme, and you’re sure to delight your audience.


Because a great theme is easy to use, brimming with visual appeal, and it highlights the professionalism of your brand. 

So, how do you choose the right WP theme?

There are many great options out there. Today, we’re going to be looking at the Avada WordPress theme.

Avada is a versatile and well-known WordPress theme used by over 550,000 people worldwide. This theme offers everything from advanced multi-purpose layouts to in-depth editing.

What’s more, the Avada theme comes with 100+ shortcodes, unlimited color pallets, and lots of third-party integrations, making it perfect for use on any kind of website.

What Makes the Avada Theme Special?

The Avada theme is best-known for its versatility.

This convenient theme allows you to adjust everything from your color choice to your fonts and layout. 

Additionally, the flexible editor is easy to use. With it, you can update your entire website at once, or just make small changes, piece by piece. You don’t need to be a coding expert to get the most out of Avada. The simple interface and rich features are designed to suit anyone – even people who have never built a site before. 

Avada WordPress Theme Rankpay

Features of the Avada theme include:

  • Inline typography editor
  • HTML 5 and CSS4 support
  • Multipurpose design with 6 layout options
  • WP multi-site tested
  • Live visual editor
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Multiple integrations with third-parties, like WPML, Yoast, and Contact Form 7
  • GDPR privacy toolkit

With the Avada theme, you can create a stunning website in a few hours. What’s more, there’s no need to hire a professional developer.

Let’s take a look at some of the websites already taking advantage of the Avada theme.

01. MoniDesign

Moni Design Avada theme

MoniDesign is a colorful website focusing on branding, design, art, and communication. Using the Avada theme, the website owners have taken advantage of a vast color pallet. This allows for a unique visual appeal in the website – perfect for a design brand. 

The MoniDesign website is responsive on any device. This means that you get the same experience on desktops and smartphones. Additionally, the company uses the full-page scrolling layout from Avada too. This makes it easy to scan through information fast on the home page. 

02. Working as we Go

Avada WordPress Theme working as we go

Working As We Go is a dedicated marketing and advertising company. The site also has its own travel blog. Here, you’ll find various examples of the unique features of the Avada theme. For instance, Avada integrates well with third-party tools. 

Working as we go has used the integration options to implement Google Translate and social media buttons into its site. Additionally, with the global cross-editing solution, the brand has managed to maintain a consistent image on every page. 

Clean and simple, the W-A-W-G website is a great example of how the Avada theme prioritizes user experience. 

03. Russel Brand

Avada Theme Russel Brand

The Russel Brand website uses an Avada child theme. This means that the company behind this site has taken advantage of one of Avada’s many pre-built templates. This particular option comes with a handy GDPR-focused popup. The popup asks for permission to share cookies with visitors. 

There’s also an engaging column-based layout throughout the website. This makes all the information easy to read. 

Mobile responsive and ready for action on any device, the Russel Brand site gives a consistent experience on every page. This consistency is supported by the Avada Theme’s global editing tools. The site is also fantastically search-engine optimized and social media-friendly.

04. Snack Nation

Avada WordPress Theme snack nation

Snack Nation is another wonderful example of Avada’s versatile nature. This website is all about offering quick and easy information to visitors. The pages use a column and grid-based layout from Avada to make text easier to read. 

On the home page, there are scrolling images. These are great for delivering information without taking up as much space as a video.

The custom modules on the Snack nation site offers an insight into the kind of foods the company offers.

Additionally, the Avada theme allows for embedded quizzes, videos, and reviews on the site too. The whole experience feels clean, engaging and dynamic.

05. Rank Pay

Avada Theme Rankpay

Rank Pay is a marketing and digital branding company. This team used the Avada theme to create a clean and professional looking site. 

The website, designed in the company’s custom brand colors, offers lots of easy-to-read information. There’s a fantastic overview of  services like PPC advertising, blog writing, content management and social marketing.

Thanks to Avada’s integrations with third-party tools, Rank Pay also uses lead-generation services and email marketing services. 

Additionally, there’s also a pop-up header and CTA that entices people to interact. Rank Pay has also implemented dynamic imagery and modules. This creates a more immersive experience for users.

06. Graphic Twister

Avada WordPress Theme Graphic Twister

Graphic Twister is another website that focuses heavily on design and branding. You can use this website to find PSD (Photoshop) resources. Here, companies can purchase designs that allow them to showcase their products. There’s support for instant online downloads, membership subscriptions, and social media too.

The Graphic Twister website offers an excellent insight into the Avada theme. In particular, Graphic Twister takes advantage of a number of widgets and tools that integrate with Avada, including MailChimp for email marketing, and Google Analytics.

Features include:

  • Third party integrations with MailChimp, Slider Revolution, and Google Analytics
  • Custom fonts for better visual branding
  • Yoast support for enhanced SEO marketing
  • Grid-based shop layout
  • Custom fields for subscriptions

07. Microsoft Visual Studio

Avada Theme Microsoft Visual studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is probably one of the biggest brands using the Avada theme today.

The Microsoft website uses the Avada WordPress theme to create an easy-to-read and view website that’s packed with custom aspects that come with download buttons, “learn more” links, and unique images.

There’s a custom header with branded navigation on every page, additionally, Microsoft has taken advantage of the available integration between Avada and Yoast to optimize for SEO.

The Microsoft Visual Studio Website uses retina-ready images throughout. There are also scrolling grids and other unique content to capture audience attention.

8. Find Your Zen

Avada WordPress Theme find your zen

The Avada theme’s highly flexible design with access to multiple engaging templates makes it a great choice for companies from all backgrounds. Find Your Zen is a lifestyle website that shows users how to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as introducing tips for Corporate Wellness.

The Find Your Zen website team has taken advantage of the Avada theme’s visual editor. This allows for a very clean layout. This site is complete with a custom navigation bar and unique shapes. The company has made the most of Avada’s dedicated blog designer themes.

What’s more, there’s evidence of multiple premium plugins, such as Yoast. There’s also support for lead building via an advanced form. Here, customers can enter their email address to receive newsletters.

9. Mass Impression

Avada Theme mass impressionism

Mass Impression is a digital entertainment website, with a design similar to the likes of Netflix. If you’re looking for inspiration on creating a visual content site for the masses, start here. The homepage of this website uses the whole-page scrolling theme from Avada. This includes links to individual categories throughout the site.

Additionally, Mass Impression has been sure to implement the request to share cookies at the bottom of each page on the site, allowing for GDPR and privacy compliance.

This website is highly responsive. Additionally, it works well across multiple browsers. Also, there’s a custom navigation menu included in each page.

10. Nomaddict

Avada WordPress Theme Nomadaddict

Finally, Nomaddict is a fantastic travel blog and travel planning website designed to help people explore the world in style.

Similar to some of the other sites that we’ve looked at using the Avada WordPress theme, Nomadaddict has taken full advantage of the custom font upload options. Here, you’ll also find plenty of one-click image implementation. Every photo on the website is retina-ready, with high-resolution appeal.

The fonts on the website are customized to suit the brand. Also, there’s GDPR support included with a pop-up footer at the bottom of the page, asking for permission to share cookies with each visitor.

Additionally, Nomadaddict has also used Avada to create a custom contact page for users that want to get in touch.

One particularly impressive feature is the dynamic scrolling. This capability brings unique graphics to life as you move through the home page.

Should You Check Out the Avada Theme?

 And there you have it! The top Avada WordPress theme examples found on the web today. The Avada theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the market. This fantastic tool is brimming with excellent features. Plus, its capabilities range from advanced typography control to dynamic scrolling and unique advanced forms.

Additionally, the Avada theme works brilliantly with the latest HTML and CSS. This means that you can ensure that your website loads as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Have you ever used the Avada theme on your WordPress website? If so, we’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post may contains affiliate links. This means we make a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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