40 Excellent Examples of Websites Using the Astra WordPress Theme (2022)

Astra WordPress Theme Examples

Struggling to find the perfect theme for your new website?

You’re not alone.

There are countless options out there to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses to consider.

You can look at flexible themes like the Total theme if you want something that’s as diverse and varied as your business.

Or perhaps you want something that’s more tailored to your needs for WooCommerce integration and online selling, like the Flatsome theme?

Often, the best way to figure out exactly what you need, is to see the best tools in action. That’s why we’ve put together a new list of sites already using the Astra theme to claim their piece of the web.

Astra works with various page builders like Elementor (see our review), allowing developers to create immersive sites for clients that are absolutely packed with functionality.

Read on to see some of our favorite Astra examples for yourself.

What is the Astra Theme?

The Astra Theme is one of the most popular items available from the WordPress theme directory.

Designed to give you everything you need to design a stunning websites, the Astra theme was created by Brainstorm Force, using Vanilla JavaScript that prevents problems with jQuery tech.

Aside from optimized code and quick loading performance (capable of launching pages in less than half of a second!), Astra also requires less than 50KB of resources from your WordPress site. That makes it one of the most lightweight themes on the market today.

Astra has more than 100,000 active installs, a 5-start rating from countless users, and endless fantastic features to explore, such as:

…the list goes on.

Keen to know more? Let’s check out those examples.

01. Dream & Co

Featuring custom fonts throughout, social media widgets, and a responsive page design, Dream & Co uses the Astra WordPress theme to demonstrate a luxury travel website. The navigation bar comes with impressive slide-in animations, which are mimicked in various content boxes as you scroll down the page.

Live Website.

02. Darting Basketball Academy

The Darting Basketball Academy has used a video background on its website to capture the attention of customers. There’s also a consistent color scheme used throughout every page, to remind you of the image behind the brand. The Astra theme footer also includes links to the Academy’s social pages.

Live Website.


The KBSCI website is a stunning example of the Astra theme in action. In-depth control over the modular layout of the website means that it’s easy to scroll through the home page and find the information you need. The sticky header also means that you can always have access to the navigation bar as you scroll.

Live Website.

04. Dana Osborne

The Dana Osborne website is an elegant example of the Astra WordPress theme. This wedding invitation focused company uses a fixed header and navigation bar on every screen, as well custom blocks to organize a fully-featured home page. As you scroll, you’ll find social media widgets from Pinterest, contact buttons, and more.

Live Website.

05. The Old Mill

The Old Mill is a stunning website, equipped with a convenient background slider at the top of the page, introducing visitors to awards, recipes, and more. The specialized font throughout the website is reminiscent of the company’s logo. This site also takes advantage of Astra’s fixed header option.

Live Website.

06. Kuumbwa Jazz

The Kuumbwa Jazz website leverages the grid-based content layout from Astra to help users conveniently scroll through a selection of upcoming events. There’s an “instant scroll to top” button at the footer of the page as you browse, which makes it much easier to jump from one part of the website to another.

Live Website

07. Somos Wir

The Somos Wir website is brimming with personality, from a colorful filter over the header image on the page, to a friendly font. The most exciting part of this website are the unique animations that pop up when you scroll over certain content blocks on the home page.

Live Website.

08. Colorado SBDC

The Colorado SBDC website is another example of a website using the boxed layout of the WordPress Astra theme to make finding content easy. There’s also a map widget included on the website to help you find your nearest location for a consultation.

Live Website.

09. The Foxes Photography

As a photography website, it makes sense that The Foxes brand would have full images as their website background. However, the scrolling gallery is genuinely stunning. The transparent header offered by the WordPress Astra theme just makes the images even more compelling.

Live Website.

10. Broil King

This multi-lingual website is an excellent example of how the Astra Theme works perfectly with WooCommerce to encourage sales. The custom spacing throughout the site makes it easier to find information fast. What’s more, the fixed header and footer give you access to both navigation and a live chat feature too.

Live Website.

11. Bacon Scouts

The Bacon Scouts website is brimming with personal touches, thanks to the Astra theme, including a consistent logo on every page, and a fixed navigation bar. Custom colors and fonts have been used throughout to highlight the brand’s unique image. There’s also a handy footer where you can find out more about the company.

Live Website.

12. Camper Boys

The great thing about the Camper Boys website, is that it has it’s own search function embedded into the home page. You can instantly find out where rentable camper vans are available for your chosen dates. There’s even a video in the background of the website to let you know what you’re signing up for.

Live Website.

13. Torgeson Electric

Torgeson Electric uses the compelling text animation features included with the WordPress Astra theme to highlight some of it’s unique selling points on the home page. There’s also a 24/7 button included on the fixed header which users can click to contact the company immediately.

Live Website.

14. Ik Ben on Betaalbaar

The best thing about this website from Denmark, is the way that it’s used the infinite scrolling features of the WordPress Astra theme to tell a story. The eye-catching design is incredible for convincing customers to convert and sign the company’s petition. There’s even unique animations throughout to make the site more engaging.

Live Website.

15. Gearing Rackner & McGrath

A legal website with plenty of character, GRM uses the Astra theme to highlight the trustworthiness of the business. The side-scrolling font makes the website more engaging, while the way that the site has been designed constantly draws attention to the USPs of the brand. Animated CTA buttons really drive action too.

Live Website

16. Duke Richards

Overlaid blocks on the Duke Richards Interior website create an attractive experience as you scroll through the pages. The fixed header includes an always-available navigation bar, while the footer comes with chat features integrated through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more. Interestingly, the header only shows on mobile devices.

Live Website.

17. Cricket Media

Cricket Media uses the blog-style layout from the Astra WordPress theme to create a friendly website that encourages reading. The custom colors throughout match the website’s logo exactly and the fixed footer allows users to jump straight back to the head of the page instantly.

Live Website.

18.  Smart Chameleon

Smart Chameleon makes the most of the fast loading times and lightweight performance of the Astra WordPress theme to add a bunch of fun animations to their site. There’s dynamic text, animated content blocks, and more.

Live Website.

19. Hijab Printing

Headers are one of the most compelling features that the Astra theme has to offer, and this website takes full advantage of that fact. The header changes from a block of brand color to transparent as you scroll through the page.

Live Website.

20. Baker Roofing

The Baker Roofing website embeds a video into the top of the page, to provide information fast. There’s a custom chat app in the fixed footer, and a Mega navigation bar from Astra, which expands to show plenty of useful information.

Live Website.

21. Cheri Bustos

Cheri Bustos is a color-packed website using the WordPress Astra theme. It comes with a custom search bar widget that users can access to find the nearest location where they can get involved. There’s also a fixed navigation bar that includes a donate button so that customers can convert at any moment.

Live Website.

22. Naturtint

The Naturtint website introduces women to natural hair dying options. There’s custom font used throughout, and an animated slider on the home page where you can read reviews from other happy customers. We love the way color is used throughout this website to really highlight the unique nature of the brand.

Live Website.

23. Bhuka Tours

The Bhuka Tours website introduces visitors to the fun and unique experiences that their tours can offer with a scrolling slider at the top of the homepage. The fixed header and footer stay with you as you move through the website, offering WhatsApp communication and navigation. There’s also a unique navigation bar just for mobile devices.

Live Website.

24. Easy Themepacks

On the Easy Themepacks website, you’ll see a great example of how you can use the fluid layouts on the WordPress Astra theme to add animated sliders to various points of your pages at once. The built-in social media widgets and contact bar are a nice touch for the company to encourage engagement.

Live Website.  

25. Australian Cosmetic Institute

Using the Astra theme, the Australian Cosmetic Institute has been able to show off its unique personality in style, with unique animations in a custom homepage slider. They’ve also added their own brand colors to every aspect of the site, from shopping buttons, to live chat widgets.

Live Website.

26. No Sleepless Nights

No Sleepless Nights is a website that claims to help people get a better night’s rest. Rather than using many of the advanced features of the Astra theme, this site has focused on creating a very easy-to-use site experience for both mobiles and desktops. The fonts are responsive, and there’s a search feature in the navigation bar.

Live Website.

27. Florida College

Florida College is an education-focused website with plenty of great features designed to improve user experience. The site uses content blocks to help users access information quickly about their educational options. There’s also a search bar so you can seek out specific pieces of data. We were particularly impressed by the use of the Astra mega menu.

Live Website.

28. Quince Media

The Quince Media website instantly grabs attention with a dynamic animation that loads as soon as you click on the home page. While other themes would struggle with this animation, the Astra theme can load it quickly and efficiently, without a problem. You also get the benefit of a transparent pinned header too.

Live Website.

29. Anaplan

Anaplan also takes advantage of how lightweight and fast the Astra WordPress theme is, with an instant-loading video at the top of their homepage. There’s a compliance footer that allows you to accept cookies for the website, and a header that becomes transparent as you scroll through the page.

Live Website.

30. Router Hosting

The Router Hosting website is a simple but effective example of the Astra theme in action. Hover animations that highlight individual segments of content when you move your cursor over them increase engagement, while animated statistics and numbers catch the eye as you scroll.

Live Website.

31. Biocanina.com

This multilingual website has taken advantage of Astra’s access to numerous Google fonts, with responsive typography that works on every device. The well-spaced containers of content make browsing a breeze, and the slider on the home page is excellent too.

Live Website.

32. SweCandy

The SweCandy website leverages the containerized layout of the WordPress Astra theme to ensure that there’s plenty of white space on the page. The sticky header at the top of the page also comes with a dynamic sidebar that changes to let you know how much you’ve got in your basket. This site also comes with it’s own live chat function for customer support.

Live Website

33. Jimmy’s Meals

Jimmy’s Meals uses custom popups to immediately grab the customer’s attention. The sticky header at the top of the page includes an email button that customers can use to connect with the site owners in a single click.

Live Website.

34. Actofit

Actofit’s website also takes advantage of the communication headers available from the WordPress Astra theme. Users can click on a support email, telephone number, or a multitude of social media pages to get in touch.

Live Website.

35. BrandBoom

Brand Boom’s website comes with a membership plugin included so that the website owner can get people signed up to their email list as quickly as possible. The company has also used the WordPress Astra theme to create a bespoke blog.

Live Website.

36. Modo Payments

Modo Payment’s website stands out with a compelling animated illustration on their home page. The font and images dynamically change to suit the device that you’re browsing from, and animations follow you as you scroll through the page, thanks to Astra theme’s handy integrations.

Live Website.

37. Choquiero

The Choqueiro chocolate website uses a dynamic navigation bar that’s responsive to the kind of device that you’re using. There are also handy “Shop” CTA buttons throughout the homepage to convince customers to start browsing.

Live Website.

38.  Inkster Prints

The Inkster Prints website is a simple example of the Astra theme , combing custom colors and fonts with animated buttons throughout the site. The global design frame for this website means that customers get the same experience on every page.

Live Website.

39. No Limit Buzz

No Limit Buzz uses an animated text portion on the top of their website home page to attract attention and demonstrate the company’s unique selling points. That combined with a custom layout that’s used on every page helps this site to stand out.

Live Website.

40. Blue Moon

Finally, Blue Moon is a creative insight into the possibilities of the Astra Theme. Animated font helps to introduce you to the website if you load it from a desktop. Additionally, there are social media widgets embedded straight into the home screen.

Live Website.

Wrapping Up

The Astra theme is an easy-to-use and lightweight way to transform your website.

As you can see from all of the examples included above, this fantastic site is packed full of versatility – ideal for a wide range of companies.

What’s your favorite example of the Astra theme in action?

Disclosure: This post may contains affiliate links. This means we make a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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