This will be my second post in as many weeks about related posts plugins, but after reviewing the related posts by category plugin last week, another plugin was brought to my attention.

This plugin is called the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, but it is much more than that.  I mentioned in my last post that my favorite related posts plugin has not been updated in several years and doesn’t contain features like adding related posts to your feed.  YARRP separates itself from the rest with their advanced features, including:

  • Improved algorithm for finding related posts that also takes into consideration categories and tags
  • The ability to set a threshold on the relevancy of the posts that you want to show
  • The ability to display the related posts in your RSS feed
  • The automatic integration of the related links below your posts

As with any good plugin, you get a number of options which you can control from the WordPress dashboard:

I’m currently experimenting with this WordPress plugin on one of my low traffic sites and if I’m impressed, I will probably use this on all of my WordPress installations.    Do any of you use this plugin?   Are you pleased with it or do you prefer a classic like Related Entries?

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  1. I am using this one. It’s bit hard to get initial settings right but after that it works perfectly. Integration in feed is excellent feature as well.

  2. I think this plugins going to be popular because of the ability to display the related posts in your RSS feed

  3. Aarne says:

    This is THE plugin for related posts. My blog is in Estonian language and this plugin does not care about that. This one really looks for maching posts. I tried many of similar plugins and this one really works.

  4. Konrad says:

    I use this plugin on my sites and it works great. Even in RSS messages 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    I’ve been using this plugin for a while and have nothing but good to say about it. The algorithm works great.

  6. Mitch says:

    I’ve used YARPP for a while now, and i love the ability to style it however I wish (OL, UL, or even DIV). I’ve done some cool things with it, and having that much control over the design really makes for an easy time when i incorporate it into my designs.

  7. tom hermans says:

    Used YARPP in a website I recently finished, and it is simply great. You can use the settings-panel, but you can also use the code “in” the theme, so you can choose to display the related posts on single pages only for example, or limit them in other pages, change style according on which template you need ’em.

    see for example the (video)-site I built,, where I display the related video’s on the single pages only, once featured on the top of the page (in the black bar), once beneath the video with the description and links to categories and tags

  8. Amar says:

    This is great plugin.
    It has all features which i required including themes for related links.
    One thing though, you have to add extra code on index.php to make it work on homepage as well.

  9. daddy design says:

    hi, I’m looking for a plugin that’s just like this one but to grab related post from tons of other blog sites (not being my own). Is there something like this that exist?

  10. Richard says:

    Hi There,

    I had been using YARPP on my real estate database for quite some time now.
    however, I had over 20,000 blog posts and I think YARPP did contribute to the site crashing the database.

    Has anyone else had this problem with YARPP?

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