Thanks to the huge success of the iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, and other mobile devices, Apps have become all the rage.  The problem for many webmasters and WordPress users is that most smaller WordPress websites/blogs can’t afford to have a custom app developed for their WordPress site.  

Of course, thanks to beauty of the open source nature of WordPress, WordPress users have access to all sorts of great WordPress plugins.  I recently found myself debating whether or not to develop an app for WordPress Hacks and decided that first I would look into what free WordPress plugins were available.  My goal was simply to find one which would display a WordPress blog to mobile browsers in a mobile friendly format.  

Based upon roughly 2 million downloads plus great reviews, far and away the best plugin I’ve found to accomplish this is one called WP TouchFor those that haven’t heard of WP Touch, this WordPress plugin automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects, and will display this theme when your WordPress blog is viewed from an iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Palm Pre, Samsung  and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile device!

The admin panel allows you to customize many aspects of its appearance and deliver a fast, user-friendly and stylish version of your WordPress website to mobile visitors, all without modifying a single bit of code or making any changes to your standard WordPress theme.  The mobile theme also includes the ability for visitors to switch between WP Touch view and your site’s regular theme if that is what they prefer.

If you are looking for a more feature-rich product, I discovered that users can also purchase a Pro version of WP Touch which includes a slew of new features like more style, color and branding customizations, themes, 10 languages, more advertising options, web-app mode, and even iPad support.

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Follow Kyle on Twitter @KyleEslick!

  1. David Cooley says:

    Good recommendation, thought you would like to know I tried to use your Tweet button, but it did not work. Believe you need to remove “home” from the URL, that worked for me.

  2. Dheeraj says:

    Sometimes firefox browser opens my blog very similar to the smartphone browsers due to WP touch plugin.

  3. This year I have seen a lot of improvements in mobile browsing. I remember last year making one of my sites mobile ready and it was a pain because it appeared different for each type of phone, it is getting much easier.

  4. Hillary Bost says:

    That is good news I have made my site viewable by a cell phone but there arre still things I would like to tweek. Its nice they are coming out with apps and compatible themes.

  5. This is really nice info. I already have it installed for my blog but I am yet to test it fully on an iPhone. Thanks for sharing this, anyways.

  6. Hillary Bost says:

    I haven’t quite done this yet, but now after reading about it I think I should start to look into it more. With all the new tech that has come out it is almost inevitable for every site to need a touch version. The only problem with that is that it will be user friendly yet have no real SEO factor or will it?

  7. Richard Realtime says:

    Thanks Kyle!

    This is a good news for me. By the way, could you please recommend me a sources for blogspot ? I really need your help.

    Richard Realtime.

  8. Techsute says:

    Great Job Kyle, This is a great plugin for all bloggers, to show their web content on mobile with ease of navigation and great looks, i will try this for my blog and share my feedback with you.

  9. Matthew says:

    Wow what a plugin, it’s an easy and great way to create mobile sites with wordpress

  10. Peter says:

    If you’re not using this already, you absolutely should be. Browsing on the iphone is fine, but landing on a site that has this plugin installed (or a similarly well designed mobile side) immediately makes me appreciate the site I’m on more.

    The difference, especially on sites that are a little cluttered, is vast.

  11. Sandro @ Italian Music says:

    I have tried WP touch, but it seems it has some problems with video sites. Anyways, a useful plugin.

  12. Hillary Bost says:

    Thanks this helped me out a lot, mobile and ready to go via smart phone!

  13. Dusty says:

    thanks kyle for sharing such a nice information about about this plugin, nice job

  14. Alan says:

    interesting, but seems like its going against the trend. Google is remaking all their products to be “Scalar” meaning that you’ll have the same look and content no matter which device you are on. Using this plugin means you are actually inhibiting use of your webpage on smartphones. If you load your wordpress site on your android or iphone, you will probably be pleasantly surprised at just how nice it looks. I’m going to avoid this plugin at all costs because it alienates your cell phone users and adds unneeded complexity. Thanks for the post though!

  15. Hillary Bost says:

    This is a nice mobile theme, thank for your review.

  16. Hillary Bost says:

    Great tutorial thanks for the info.

  17. Aman@blogogeek says:

    Excellent plugin! This is a must have as the number of touchscreen mobiles and their users are multiplying day by day. I will surely use this plugin.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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