wordpress-themesGetting a good design for your blog can be either difficult or expensive if you use most blogging software, but the popular open source software WordPress supports the ability to easily install and use various WordPress themes. As a result, the incredible WordPress community has stepped up and people from all around the world are offering great themes for anyone to use, and most have no cost associated with them.

As this site is dedicated to covering the world surrounding WordPress, I thought it would be a good idea to have a series of theme galleries dedicated to some of the best free and premium WordPress themes available to WordPress users.

In the interest of preserving load times, I have divided our featured themes up and separated them into their own specific posts:

Premium WordPress Themes:

Other WordPress Themes:

Want to see your WordPress theme featured on one or more of these posts? Feel free to contact us and if we like the look, we’ll get it added to the appropriate galleries!