For years now SEO has been one of those buzzwords which incites discussion and debate, whether you live by it or cringe upon seeing it.  Whether webmasters want to admit it or not, however, search engine optimization works if done correctly.  As a webmaster it falls upon you to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) on your website or blog.  Just a few years ago this wasn’t particularly fun or easy for webmasters, but that has changed with things like new software and of course WordPress plugins.

For the past week I’ve had the opportunity to try out a new SEO service called ScribeSEO, a web-based SEO service from a team which includes Brian Clark (known in the WordPress community for CopyBlogger and the Thesis theme).   ScribeSEO offers a web-based SEO software service, a WordPress plugin, and now also offers Joomla and Drupal integration.  As most of my websites use WordPress in some way, I’ve primarily focused my attention on trying out the WordPress plugin.   Here is what I’ve found:

Once installed, the ScribeSEO WordPress plugin adds a window to your post pages called the Scribe Content Optimizer.  Here you can run an evaluation prior to publishing your post which will tell you how to best optimize your post!

In order to test out the plugin I decided to try it out on this post.  After my initial evaluation, I was given the following feedback:

As you can see from the screen shot above the initial draft of this post received a 68%.  Recommended improvements include to move primary keywords towards the front of the meta description, to increase the word count to above 300 words, and to add a few hyperlinks towards the beginning of the post.

At the top of the evaluation there is also a menu with additional analysis available.  When switching to the keyword analysis tab I was greeted with the following:

This shows that after analyzing my post the search engines will think this post is primarily about the keyword “wordpress plugin”, then “SEO”, etc.   You’ll even get keyword density percentages!

Next, I went to the Alternate Keywords tab to get an idea of keyword suggestions based upon relative search frequency:

This is a great way for you to find high traffic search terms that you may have forgotten in your initial draft.

Lastly, under the Tags tab, you’ll see a list of keywords found within your post which are recommended to be used as tags for your post.

After gathering all the feedback provided and updating my posts I was able to improve my posts score all the way to 99%:

If you run a professional revenue generating blog or build a lot of niche websites, I think that ScribeSEO is a perfect fit and well worth the price.

If you’d like to learn more about ScribeSEO or get a copy for yourself you can find everything you need here!

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Connect with Kyle on Twitter or Google+!

  1. fushanlang says:

    I have build my new blog with wordpress in recent weeks. does ‘ScribeSEO’ works well on wordpress 3.01 version,and does it consume more cpu time?

    I want to try it.

    • Kyle Eslick says:

      Yes, I used it with WordPress 3.0.1 and it works great! I believe they offer a free trial on their website.

      • Wordpress Source says:

        Yes they do, with 15 evaluations.

        • Unfortunately 15 or even 30 evaluations are not enough. They were having a special deal for people who purchased Genesis Framework – $27 per month instead of $97.

          But even that gave you just 300 evaluations a month.

          And the worst was when I was clicking the “Analyse” button, nothing was happening. But when I refreshed the page, my analysis count was changing.

          So after the very first day, I uninstalled Scribe SEO and cancelled the membership.

          Very disappointed.


  2. Ramoonus says:

    What a shame you have to pay for this.

  3. thank you by admin. wow seo wp

  4. Suzane says:

    I’m a big fan of the WordPress platform. Scribe seo is one of the best plugin in WordPress that works with WordPress to analyze your posts, give you information about them, and make suggestions about improving your post from an SEO Perspective. Once you’ve finished writing your post, the plugin checks to make sure you’ve written an optimized version of your title in the custom title field.

    If you have old post in your blog and you expected a little more out of? Use this tool to go back, re-evaluate, and tweak things a bit to improve them.

  5. skykid says:

    It seems like a nice plugin that remains the basic rules of SEO optimization for bloggers. However I dislike the fact that you have to provide your credit card details to do the test drive of the system. A similar functionality is provided by a plugging called SEOPressor which does not requires monthly subscription. I would love to see a comparison between then as I am yet not convinced that $17 a month is worth it for a basic reminder of the rules that have to be followed. That being said I would not mind trying it , but won`t do it until there is a way to do that without giving up all personal financial data.

  6. Harly Warner says:

    Hi, i have the blog with WordPress can i try ScribeSEO with it. Scribe seo is one of the best plugin in WordPress.Thanks for sharing the nice information.

  7. JP says:

    With plugins like this, you stop writing posts for your readers and instead start writing keyword-optimized word-salad posts intended for search engine spiders. It’s kind of gross, actually, to move your keywords around to suit Google instead of the actual humans who are reading your posts.

  8. Bharat says:

    Man Simply one of the best plugin for SEO in WordPress

  9. JP says:

    Also, I don’t see it disclosed anywhere that the links in this article are affiliate links.

  10. What a shame you have to pay for this.

  11. hillary bost says:

    Wow this is really interesting. I am looking forward to checking out this plug in on my site.

  12. Kimi says:

    well,after All in One SEO Pack i think Scribe i great .
    what happen when we combine WordPress+All in ONE SEO + Scribe ? ya , perfect for SEO :D

  13. Scentsy says:

    I am looking forward to using the ScribeSEO tool with my wordpress site. Thanks.

  14. hillary bost says:

    that is really cool. Is it a free plugin or do you need to pay for it. This tool would really help me out.

  15. Jignesh says:

    i run several wp blogs i can wait to thry this! thank you!

  16. hakim says:

    Nice SEO plugin, unfortunately it’s paid plugin :( Is there any good Free SEO plugin besides All In One Seo?

  17. Ashish says:

    How much does ScribeSEO cost? I am quiet tempted to use it on at least one of my blogs to start with.

  18. Sandro says:

    Scribe SEO looks like a great plugin, but costs from $17 to $97 monthly, depending on the plan chosen. A little too much for my pocket. I’m still trying to find a similar free plugin, but it seems a difficult hunt.

  19. Camden says:

    I already have SEO Pressor – have you tried that? It seems to do many of the same functions. I would be interested in seeing a comparison of the 2 plugins.

  20. Joshua says:

    WOW how did I not know about this earlier. This is really going to help revolutionize my blog and help take it to the next level. Thank you for this informative post. Keep it up

  21. Vivek Parmar says:

    Scribe SEO is a must have plugin, read lots of reviews of this plugin and now thinking of it to give a try

  22. Kristy says:

    Looks like an awesome plugin since it is analyzing content for search engines. I wonder if it works with other seo plugins like all in one seo, or in place of.

  23. Ares says:

    WordPress is fantastic tool for SEO. Extensions like this is very helpfull.

  24. Nail says:

    What a great idea for an SEO plugin. This will also work for checking articles other than WordPress posts.

  25. Jatin says:

    ScribeSEO is good, but I personally prefer Yoast SEO Plugin, with Google XML SiteMap Generator.

  26. Ramesh Pawar says:

    Thanks for the review, which is best Scribe SEO or Easy WP SEO?

  27. Mary Marikash says:

    i prefer seo scribe, it dose the job. saving money to grab one

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