Tagging has become a integral part of our day to day life, may it be book marking, storing file information or for that matter blogging. Tags make it much more easier to find content and is also more easier to maintain.

WordPress came out with a tagging system called Taxonomy with the release of WordPress 2.3 and since its conception and release it has become a integral part for most of the bloggers.

WordPress allows you to convert your categories to tags using their inbuilt functionality but that leaves a lot to be desired. The conversion is not perfect and that is why there is need for something that helps you manage tags in a much better way.

Better Tags Manager (BTM) is a plugin that allows you to manage your tags with much more ease right from your manage posts admin section.

The usual way of managing tags is by clicking on the post and then editing it, BTM saves you both time and efforts while helping you easily edit your tags.

Once you have downloaded and activated Better Tags Manager you can visit your Manage section to start using the plugin.


In the manage posts section you will see a new icon next to your tags, clicking on it will show you a HTML textbox using which you can easily update your tags without even refreshing the page.


Once you have updated your tags click on the save button and your tags will be updated, clicking on the cancel button will restore you to normal.

In addition to editing single tags you can also edit bulk post tags at once, or add tags to all the selected posts without individually editing them. Adding tags to all posts can be useful when you want to search for a keyword and add tags to all the posts you feel are relevant to the keyword.

To add tags to bulk posts you will need to enter the tags and select the posts you want to update tags for, clicking on the Add Tags to All Posts button will add the tags to the selected posts.


You can also choose the Bulk Edit Mode where you can edit individual post tags and update them all at once. To use bulk edit mode click on the check box and click on Filter or Search button.


Once you do that you should be able to edit the tags for all the posts displayed in the results. After editing the tags click on the button in the top left hand corner called Update Bulk Post Tags to update all the tags you have updated.

And last but not the least with Better Tags Manager you can filter out posts which do not have any tags and add tags to them.

To filter out posts select All Post Which Do not Have Tags option from the Tag Options drop down and click on the Filter button.


There are many different ways in which you can put Better Tags Manager to use and I would love your feedback and opinion on whether BTM will be useful to you or not. You can also let me know additional features you would like to see and I will try my best to incorporate those.

Visit Better Tags Manager release page for other news and downloads.

This guest post was written by Keith Dsouza of Techie-Buzz. Keith is a WordPress enthusiast who has contributed numerous WordPress plugins to the WordPress community

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  1. Fredelig says:

    Great find. Thanks! :)

  2. Derek says:

    Looks like simple tags with less functionality.

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