wordpress-hacksAt the time when WordPress Hacks was created close to a year ago, there were only two sites that were completely dedicated to WordPress (Weblog Tools Collection and Lorelle on WordPress), and both focused a lot of their time covering WordPress news and the community that surrounds it.

The original intention when building this site was to feature a number of WordPress plugins, hacks, tips, and/or how-to guides each week to kind of fill the gaps and provide resources for WordPress users.  Over time, I feel this site has branched out to become much more, but the core of this site is still focused on providing WordPress theme hacks.  In addition to the ones I’ve written, we’ve also had some great hacks contributed from a number of different WordPress enthusiasts.

Because I felt that our archives are not as focused as was originally intended, I have decided to create a place to strictly collect links to our posts providing WordPress hacks, WordPress tips, and WordPress guides.  This will replace the Archives link in our menu.

There are a number of new WordPress hacks planned for the future, so the plan is to update this post every time a new hack is published!

Note: These hacks worked at the time they were published, but as new versions of WordPress are released, some may no longer work.   Please backup your theme before attempting any hacks so you can restore things if something goes wrong.

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