If you are a WordPress designer, are you using conditional tags in your themes? For those unfamiliar with them, conditional tags are snippets of PHP code you can easily use to set up conditions where the code is used. The most common use for these would be for your sidebar or your pre/post meta sections of your posts where you display your post details. With conditional tags, you can display certain functions only on pages of your choice. A couple of months ago we talked a little bit about WordPress conditional tags on this site and when to use them, but we didn’t get into a great amount of detail.

Leland over at Theme Lab has been working on some great WordPress guides lately, and one of his recent posts that caught my attention is the Ultimate Guide to WordPress Conditional Tags. This post provides a more thorough explanation of conditional tags and how to use them. If you’ve been wanting to improve your coding, this would be a great post to check out.

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