It seems like every time WordPress gets close to a new release, I praise the WordPress team for integrating popular WordPress plugins into the WordPress software and I get several of the same responses…”If it already exists a WordPress plugin, why waste time installing it into the software?”

Unfortunately, just because a WordPress plugin exists, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t better off having it built into WordPress.  Here are a few reasons:

  • Security Vulnerabilities – Improperly coded WordPress plugins can cause security vulnerabilities. Now, this can obviously happen with the WordPress software, but it is more likely to be coded correctly or caught and fixed quickly when it is integrated into the WordPress software.
  • Wasting Database Resources – Poorly coded WordPress plugins can waste a lot of database resources. Unneeded database queries can cause slow loading times, etc.
  • Everyone Has Access – Although we all know about WordPress plugins, I’m sure there are a number of users who don’t understand what they are, how they work, how to install them, etc.  Having it built into WordPress ensures that everyone has access to these features.

It is with this thought process that I always try to use as few WordPress plugins as possible on my websites, and I rejoice every time popular WordPress plugins are built directly into WordPress.

With WordPress 2.7 coming out soon, we’ll be getting a bunch of new plugins built into WordPress.  What plugins would you like to see built into WordPress next?  Keep in mind that the plugin would need to be something that would benefit most (if not all) WordPress users in order to be considered (not situational plugins).

The five I would like to see built into WordPress next:

  1. All-in-One SEO Pack (or at least some parts of it) – This is very basic stuff and everyone who uses WordPress would benefit.
  2. Google XML Sitemaps – This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and for good reason. A sitemap.xml file should come standard with any blogging software.
  3. No Self Pings – Why does WordPress send pingbacks internally?  I think this one would be easy to integrate and people would love it.
  4. Popularity Contest – We have recent posts, recent comments, etc.  Who wouldn’t want this as an option on their WordPress theme?
  5. Database Manager – It would be nice if there was a way that you could easily backup and restore your database without the use of a WordPress plugin.

Share your five most wanted in the comments!

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Follow Kyle on Twitter @KyleEslick!

  1. Bruce says:

    My list would be:

    * Pagination
    * Breadcrumbs
    * Filtering controls

  2. Pradeek says:

    Akismet,All in one SEO,Wordpress Automatic Upgrade are some for me…

  3. Anthony says:

    Well, those I’d really like to see integrated in WordPress are thos I use the most 😉

    The one I made are thos I would really want to see included in WordPress. This means a real statistics tool (ZdStatistics) and a Multilingual system (ZdMultilang). You can find them both on my blog and I must say these are features that are really missing in WordPress.

  4. mathias says:

    Hi, I would like Google XML Sitemaps and Popularity Contest. Like you said, it should come standard with any blogging software. But I’ d like WP keep slim.

  5. George Serradinho says:

    The above are good.

    1. Audio player or some other player built in.
    2. Ping optimizer – those functions built in
    3. Code box – inserting of code into posts/pages (Code View)
    4. easy uploader – uploading of files, themes, etc.

    I’m sure there are loads of plugins that could be built in.

  6. DB Ferguson says:

    A functionality I would like added is to add a “Title” popup to both the URL and IMG buttons in the Write page. I always forget to add that code, and it helps so much with SEO.

  7. Andrew says:

    I was about to comment that I want features to be moved out of WordPress into plugins but it would be so simple to implement the no self pings functionality that it seems a waste not to. After all that is just adding an option that is missing from a component that already exists.

    I wouldn’t want popularity contest to be in the core and I don’t think it is the job of WordPress to sort out database backups and optimisation.

  8. Omar says:

    thought they were going to incorporate sitemap, but yeah i agree with you Kyle really don’t see any other plugins that should be essential to wp..

  9. Tanner Hobin says:

    Word is 2.7 will have auto upgrade, that’d be nice. Can anyone confirm? Ping Optimizer, WP Stats, and DB Manager would help. Oh, and it seems most bloggers are using either Share This, Add This or Sociable so one of those would be nice as well.

    Great post!

  10. Dave says:

    I would love to see Darren Ethier’s Organize Series plugin built in, mostly because I’ve become so damn dependent on it. The added assurance of its long-term viability would be welcome.

  11. David hobson says:

    I agree that All in one Seo and Siremaps should be built in. I would also like to see a stats plugin built in.

  12. Lynne says:

    I don’t want to see any new features added to the WordPress core. What I would like to see is the core team making WP more modular by making as much of the core functionality as possible into core plugins. The more modular WP is, the easier it is to customise.

    The advantage of plugins is that they can be installed if they are wanted, and can be removed. Trying to remove core functionality that is not wanted is a hassle and the more code that is on the server, the more chance there is of a bug or security hole being there.

    I don’t want popularity contest as part of WP. Why bloat the code for something not everyone wants or needs? Same with the SEO pack – there are better ways of handling that. Google XML Sitemaps is great and I use it myself, but it should not be part of the core. If WP intends to provide an XML sitemap it should follow the standards and be usable by Google, Yahoo and MSN, which the plugin is not.

    I also agree with Andrew in comment #6 – it is not the job of WordPress to manage databases. Adding any kind of db manager to a web site presents security risks so this should always stay as a plugin.

    But, I consider the self ping to be a bug, not a feature change. Sites should never, ever be pinging themselves and I fail to see the logic for WP to keep doing this when the fix is so simple.

  13. Busby SEO Test says:

    It will be great if WordPress have plugin that can integrate Google Analytic.

  14. Allen says:

    I disagree. If you keep on throwing features into the core what you end up with is bloated, inefficient, difficult to maintain software.

    You could overcome any of the issues you raised by:
    1)making some plug-ins official “ integrated” plug-ins;
    2)storing them in a separate directory (eg includes/plug-ins); and
    3)using a different admin page to avoid confusion with normal plugins.

    And I could continue using my own avitar implementation without having the official one chewing up resources in the background.

  15. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    I’d like to see ‘Maintenance Mode’
    An integrated contact form like ‘Easy Contact’
    A much better search feature like ‘Search Everything’

    I also agree with ‘All-in-One SEO Pack’, ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ and a database Manager.

    But I’m OK either way. I use these on ALL my sites anyway.

  16. Stu McLaren says:

    For me I would like to see these plugins built into WordPress:

    1) Page Link Manager
    2) Redirection
    3) Optimal Title

    I also agree with some of the other suggestions above like having some “audio player” and “breadcrumbs” worked in.

    Great post!

    Take care.


  17. sean says:

    i always use:

    iinclude_page and search_pages

    so i took the code from the plugins and put it in my functions file in my starter wordpress theme – now all my wordpress sites have them by default 😉

  18. I think the database manager one, all in one SEO and the broken link checker.

  19. geekTips says:

    1. WP-PageNavi
    2. I’m not sure if the plugin already exist or not, but I really like to see a feature in WordPress where we can make the site goes to offline mode. We need this kinda feature especially when we’re updating to the latest version of WordPress.
    3. Contact Form 7, or at least a simple contact form

  20. Nico says:

    They should add the WordPress automatic upgrade plugin. That way upgrading WordPress to a new release will be a lot less time consuming, almost as easy as upgrading the plugins hosted by WordPress.

  21. * Pagination
    * Breadcrumbs
    * xml sitemap and humans friendly sitemap

  22. For me definately xml sitemaps and Breadcrumbs should be built-in to the core feature set.

  23. stencils says:

    # All-in-One SEO Pack (or at least some parts of it)
    # Google XML Sitemaps

    i always use those plugin

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