I’ve talked to several bloggers who spend a lot of time working on optimizing their websites for search engines, and often without good results. This can be attributed to several things, but often times it is the result of a lack of SEO knowledge, or to many SEO plugins that overlap and conflict with each other.

If you have more than one SEO plugin installed to do various functions for your blog, you have to many SEO plugins installed. WordPress users actually have free access to a very well done plugin called All-in-One SEO Pack, which currently does everything out of the box. I don’t pretend to be an SEO expert, but then again I don’t have to be with this plugin.

What does All-in-One SEO Pack do exactly? I don’t know how better to describe it than to just say that it does everything! And the best part is that it doesn’t require any coding work.   You can actually control everything from the Options panel of your WordPress SEO dashboard.

Here is a screen shot of what my options panel looks like:

All in One SEO Pack Options Menu

By default, WordPress will use your blog’s tag line for the description and keyword tags. With this plugin, simply enter your homepage information once (name, description, keywords, etc.) and it will automatically add the information provided to your homepage’s meta information. This determines what search engines will display when your blog’s homepage shows up in search results.

For your individual posts, you will want your meta information to be customized to each individual post you do to help get the most optimal indexing with search engines. This plugin allows you to set everything up to happen automatically, or you can do it manually on certain posts if you wish.

Here is a look at the menu placed on your Write panel to enter your individual post information:

All in One SEO Pack Write Menu

  • Titles Tags – By default, WordPress will add your post title as the title tag for the individual post, but this is not always ideal. One thing a lot of successful bloggers do is target their title to their readership, but use a different title tag which targets search engine traffic. When the search engines spider your blog, they pull the meta title tag, not the post title. With this plugin, your Write panel will now display a field to enter a custom title tag that the search engines will use, but your readers will never see your meta title unless they view your pages source.
  • Meta Keywords – By default, WordPress will use your category assigned to your post as the keyword, but we all know this is often not a great indicator of what the post is about. All-in-One SEO Pack also provides a keyword field that you can enter in your own keywords, but it also allows you to automate this process if you wish. Because you can integrate it with the Ultimate Tagging Warror plugin, and UTW allows you to automatically assign your categories as tags, you can actually have this plugin insert your UTW tags (which includes your categories) as your meta keywords automatically. (Be sure to set UTW to not automatically use tags as meta keywords because you will then have duplicate keywords).  This will also go through and update your older posts with keywords.
  • Meta Description – The meta description is the description that the search engines will use when displaying their search results, so this can be just as crucial as your title when it comes to getting web surfers to click over to your website. In the Write panel, this plugin gives you the option of inserting a custom description of your post, but that could be quite tedious very quickly if you write a lot. This plugin also offers another solution that I haven’t found on any other SEO plugins, and that is the ability to automatically insert the first 160 characters of your post as the description.

Other features include the ability to automatically exclude your sites categories and archives from being indexed (to avoid duplicate content being indexed) without the use of Robots.txt. This is extremely useful for bloggers that don’t know much about making a Robots.txt file to guide the search engine spiders through your blog. You can also set your title formats to look exactly the way you want them to (posts, tags, pages, search results, archives, and even categories).

How do I set up the All-in-One SEO Pack plugin? It couldn’t be easier. Just upload the plugin and activate it and you’ll be all set to start using it. This also means it is incredibly easy to update the plugin as well, which will be extremely handy because the author releases updates regularly (sometimes several a week). Some may not like that, but I look at that as an author who is committed to making his plugin the best one available.

I have to say that I couldn’t be any happier with this plugin as it is. It is constantly getting new features and more integration added each week it seems, and it already combines the best of other SEO plugins while and some unique features as well.

If you aren’t already using it, I recommend you deactivate your SEO plugins and give this one a shot for awhile. If you are using it, I recommend you upgrade to the newest version, as the one you have is probably outdated.

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching WPHacks.com as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Follow Kyle on Twitter @KyleEslick!

  1. immy says:

    great post there, i love they way you explain every feature invidually.

    good work

  2. Ricky says:

    Great post and thanks for taking the time to describe each options in such detail.

  3. nice post,,

    nice work done, gave nice information

  4. Mike says:

    All in One SEO is great but it does not display the meta description in the google snippet for some reason. There is a post about this on the wordpress forum but as yet no fix. Of course it maybe Google choosing not to use the meta description but given that it does this for all my non wordpress sites I find this surprising.

  5. Winson Yeung says:

    I agree with the author, this SEO is really a must for all. Google is our best friend and we must make use of SEO to get better with Google. Only than, we will have advantage for our website.

  6. Bobby Moore says:

    Nice reading thank-you.
    Very new to all this tuff.

  7. Dewi says:

    Iam use this plugin .Thans you

  8. fushar says:

    Nice article! Now I’m using this plugin too..

  9. Lav says:

    We are using this plugin for one of our sites and it’s great!

  10. dave says:

    any way to generate meta title automatically? thanks!!

  11. Brenda says:

    metatag description is not showing the source code!! Why?

    Filled in the description for every post, but still description does not show in the source code

    This is very important for the google ranking

  12. I use this plugin. It’s work great.

    Must have plugin…

  13. rakesh says:

    Finally I got a really nice or we can say useful post. Thanks for sharing a lovely post.

  14. Career Outlook says:

    This is a great post, All in one SEO is the must have plugin for every blog which are interested to generate the traffic from search engines.

  15. nice work done, gave nice information

  16. Shawn says:

    This is a great post, I tried it with our website and hopefully it will get the credit it deserves.

  17. Tobias says:

    I really do love this plugin. It’s easy handling and for free. IMHO the basic plugin with its functions is all you need in order to have a great ON-page WordPress SEO done easily.

    Great post – thanks for the time!

  18. Vivek Bhatt says:

    wow, thanks for setting up :p This plugin is just awesome..but I just read somewhere this plugin is no longer maintained 🙁 that will be the saddest part. anyway, i dont if its true.

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