Navigation menu is a really important part of a website, both visually and functionally. Though, I noticed that most blogs use a really simple navigation menu. A simple menu can be good sometimes, but if you’re looking for something more sophisticated, I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy this list.

Here’s 5 really cool tutorials to help you create a stunning navigation for your WordPress blog.

Creating Two-Tiered Conditional Navigation in WordPress

Which WordPress user doesn’t know Darren Hoyt, the creator the free magazine theme Mimbo Magazine ? In this great tutorial, Darren explains how to create a professional two-tiered navigation menu. Source

How To: Making a Categories Drop-Down Menu

This was my first post on Hack WordPress, and seems like you guys enjoyed it. In this tutorial, I explain how to create a navigation bar with a category drop-drown menu. Source

WordPress: “Magazine style” Horizontal dropdown menu

One of my last tutorials, published on my blog CatsWhoCode. This how-to explain how you can create an horizontal dropdown menu. Source

Using Sliding Doors with WordPress Navigation

This sliding doors CSS hack allows you to create sophisticated tabs for your navigation bar. Sadly, WordPress core functions wp_list_pages() and wp_list_categories() don’t allow you to add the required span tag to use this technique.
This tutorial will show you how to bypass this limitation by using a hack, and then you’ll be ready to enjoy sliding-doors for your WordPress navigation! Source

Any other navigation tutorial that should be in the list? Leave us a comment below!

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Follow Kyle on Twitter @KyleEslick!

  1. PJ says:

    Nice list of tutorials, to which you could add the scrollover integration tutorial given at wpcandy.

  2. Frank Gil says:

    hey I will try to use the slide door style, seems really nice, thanks for sharing!

  3. jbj says:

    You’re welcome guys, I’m glad you enjoyed this post 🙂

  4. freeocean says:

    I was learning templates, these elements is necessary,I hope that through learning, can make such a pretty navigation!

  5. Kyle Eslick says:

    Great list! I love these types of posts.

    Thanks for contributing this post JBJ!

  6. CocoaDiva says:

    How do I prevent my horizontal menu from showing up in all my google posts. When google looks at my individual posts it doesn’t even get to the content. All of my posts show up with the description of my blog and then the categories in the menu. Please help because my blog is indexed incorrectly!

  7. jbj says:

    @Kyle: Thanks! I’m glad to contribute to HWP.

    @CocoaDiva: I’m pretty sure the problem is the prototype.js library which is linked just after your menu…Link it on the <head> part of your header.php file, and your site will load correctly.

  8. Jake says:


    I am having dramas with the menu. When I hover on a Top menu the sub menu will display but hidden under the smooth gallery photos. It there a CSS coding that will overcome this at all.

    Please follow this link for a screen shot at what I’m talking about.

  9. teraOm says:

    Thanks, a two tier navigation is quite difficult to implement and this tutorial could have been a bit more elaborate.

  10. Addy says:

    very usefull.. thank 🙂

  11. Jamalah Bryan says:

    This was very useful.

  12. eyefox says:

    Thanks so much ! This is useful for my site !

  13. Paul Lewis says:

    Looks great. :). Great tutorial. One question though, how do I go about changing the pages in my new menubar? Is there a way I can just select which pages go on the menubar rather than all of my pages? thanks

  14. marvin says:

    First I used “Adding a navigation bar to the default kubrick theme” because my blog theme is kubrick. Its okey with internet explorer, firefox, google chrome, safari and seamonkey but problem arise with Opera. This opera browser misplaced my navigation bar. It was so ugly. Then I replaced it with “sliding doors” and applied some sexy css code. Boila ! Problem solved, my blog looks fantastic with all browsers.

    Thanks dude!

  15. John says:

    Hey nice tutorials,
    I especially like the dropdown menu 😀
    I also like the fact that you fixed the IE6 problem with javascript.
    Thanks, this will be very useful when building my future sites.

  16. sharif says:

    thanks for your useful article.

  17. Andrew@ Audit Software says:

    Thanks for sharing. Amazing post. I also try to stick with creating Two-Tiered menu as I think its the best from Usability side. You have listed so many options for menus. I will use some of these tutorials for building menu on my new blog i am working now.

  18. bala says:

    i added pages to my site but when i try to put daily posts on different topic on two different pages only the HOME page accepts it……the other is a static post and cant add a tittle or post to it

  19. bingo says:

    i really wanted to have a top menu bar like in your hack code but what if wordpress upgraded its version? what will happen, is there changes to the output of my post?

  20. Leslie says:

    I like the horizontal tab navigation. Could you tell me the name of the tab navigation used for comments, trackback, related posts at

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  21. Manuela says:

    Great info! I’m looking for a navigation menu just like yours with 2 horizontal rows on top of each other. Are u using 2 seperate menu’s or 1 with a horizontal ‘sticky’ subrow?

  22. Nice article. Helped me to make myself a menu bar which I’m going to use in my blog.

  23. Sandro @ Italian Music says:

    Very nice and useful list! As I like simple things, my favourite one is the navigation bar added to Kubrick theme.

  24. Tim says:

    Thanks for your useful tutorials.

  25. Mack says:

    Thank you for posting this menu tutorial. I prefer to use son of suckerfish menu:)

  26. ardhian mintan says:

    thanks for tutorial…

  27. Paul Brown says:

    Useful stuff, but I have to say that these days we just build complete themes in a few minutes in Artisteer – seems a lot simpler!

  28. tresura psa says:

    That’s very usefull. Thanks for that. Every wordpress tutorial should have this one.

    Thank you so much:)

  29. sean says:

    hi there,
    Im trying to create a new page for my website with various columns. The page has not gone live but when i go to view page using most browsers except for internet explorer , my vertical side nav bar moves to the bottom right of the page.
    Why is this and can you help me to prevent this from happening on all browsers.

  30. Tahir Shah says:

    Submenu Tree provides a method for structuring content hierarchically. For content, which has a menu link, Submenu Tree displays a list of content, which is at the same level or below the content in the menu.

  31. corporate says:

    Thanks. I’ve been trying to change my navigation bar. I’m not really good at php though. That code is actually pretty simple though it seems just child and parent. I’m talking about the 2nd one with the black drop downs. Thanks a million bookmarked.

  32. ayan says:

    its nice thanks i was looking for this menu thanks alot

  33. Geekyard says:

    I personally love “Magazine Style” Horizontal Navigation bar 😉

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