Hack WordPress Rebrands as WPHacks.com!

Wow, what an exciting couple of weeks this has been!  This is a very exciting day for me personally as I have just finalized the move that took the blog formerly located at HackWordPress.com over to its new home at WPHacks.com.  

After months of trying to acquire a “WP” domain that I felt was suitable for this website, I actually ended up acquiring the best one I could have possibly hoped for at an affordable price.  I feel very fortunate as I had made offers much higher than what I ended up spending on domains that weren’t as good of a fit as this one.

So, what are the reasons behind the switch to this new domain name?  Here are a few reasons, ranked in the order of importance:

  1. Having WordPress in your Domain is Trademark Infringement – At the time I registered HackWordPress.com, I was not aware that the term WordPress was trademarked.   I was aware of trademarks of course and know that most products are trademarked, but WordPress was open source so I guess I just assumed it wasn’t.   A few months after launching this blog I found out that it was in fact trademarked, but there wasn’t a lot I could do at that point.   I had already established a blog and a brand of my own on that domain name.   I had a brief discussion with Matt Mullenweg & Lorelle and learned that they were unhappy with my domain name, though to their credit I have never been actually asked to move to a new domain name. 
  2. Better Domain Name – Though I will lose a little bit of that keyword value the old domain name carried (and all backlinks), this new domain name is a MUCH better domain in my opinion.   I’ve dropped from 13 letters down to only 7, and I feel having the word “hack” after WordPress (WP) sounds much better than having it before.   This new domain is also quick to type and very easy to remember.

A couple of things of note to our readers about the domain transfer:

  • The feed URL will remain the same (which I’m sure will be a relief to all the sites that steal our content via our feed each day). 
  • Monday I plan to publish a very detailed post on how to transfer your blog to a new domain, so keep an eye out for that. 

How Can I Help Your Transition to the New Domain Name?

From a readers perspective, nothing really should change.   You’ll still get our content via our feed and the old URL will redirect to the new domain.   The one thing you could do to help us out is to update your links on your blog to the new domain (or updating the domain part of the URL to the new domain if you linked to a specific post).   All permalinks remain the same with the exception of the domain name itself.

Questions about the change?   Thoughts on the new domain?   Let us know in the comments below!

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