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I’ve received a few inquiries this weekend expressing their concern over the lack of posts published here the past few weeks.   To those who noticed, I appreciate the concern!   Unfortunately, I do not draw my entire income online at this point in my life and my day job has required me to work 60+ hour weeks for the last few months.   It appears this trend will be continuing over the next few weeks at least, so it may be a bit before I am able to resume my regular posting schedule that our long time readers have enjoyed for the past couple years.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not the only one who hasn’t posted much lately, as it seems most of the WordPress blogs that were active a year ago are rarely updated these days.   I think this shows just how hard it is to maintain a blog over several years with regular updates.   That said, a next generation of WordPress bloggers have really stepped up to fill this void.   If you are looking to get your fill of WordPress related content, here are a few WordPress websites or blogs which are updated regularly:

  1. Weblog Tools Collection (I know this one isn’t new, but is still updated regularly)
  2. WordPress Tavern (WordPress blog and active forums)
  3. WordPress Recipes (Regularly posted WordPress code snippets)

If you aren’t already, make sure you are tracking these three websites!

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  • Tools & Resources for Multi-Author WordPress Blogs

    When setting up a WordPress blog that allows for multiple authors, it seems many people think all that is involved is to setup additional author profiles and/or start accepting guest posts.   Unfortunately, it really isn’t that simple if you want to create a high quality WordPress blog.

    Setting up a multi-author WordPress blog may require you to use a number of WordPress plugins to support a variety of functions.   Ideally you’ll also want your theme to be hacked to help maximize the exposure your authors get.   Examples include creating a “Write for Us” page, creating author profile pages, setting your theme to display the author’s profile below their posts, etc.

    Multiple Author WordPress Plugins

    Here are a couple WordPress plugins that we’ve covered in the past that are ideal for multi-author WordPress blogs:

    • Author Exposed – Adds a full featured display of the authors profile.
    • Role Manager Plugin – Allows you to control what the various WordPress user roles can and cannot do.

    And here are a few other WordPress plugins that you may also have an interest in (we use a few of these here at WordPress Hacks):

    • Author Advertising – Plugin that allows you to share Google AdSense income or other advertising between multiple authors.
    • Blog Metrics – Collects blog metrics based upon the author of the posts.
    • List Authors Widget – Displays a list of authors in your widgets panel linking to the authors.php page.
    • Multiple Authors – Allows multiple authors to be listed for an individual WordPress post, automatically keeping track of who has edited the entry.

    Multiple Author WordPress Hacks

    Here are a few WordPress Hacks we’ve published in the past to help you hack your WordPress theme to be more multi-author friendly:

    I’m sure there are also some WordPress plugins or WordPress hacks which aren’t listed above.   Have any multiple author tools or resources you’d like to add to this list?  Let us know in the comments so we can update our post!

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  • WP Tavern: Where the Drinks are on the House

    I’m a little later with this post than I meant to be, but in case any of you missed it, I wanted to take a minute and let our readers know about a new WordPress site that recently launched called WordPress Tavern

    Some of our readers may remember a few months ago when I offered up the domains WPTavern.com and WordPressTavern.com to a good home. Well, I’m thrilled to say I found a wonderful home for them with my friend Jeff Chandler.   Jeff is the author of Jeffro2pt0.com and the WordPress Weekly podcast, but you may have also seen him publishing guest posts here on WordPress Hacks, or as a frequent poster over at Weblog Tools Collection, at Performancing, and I believe also at BloggingTips.com.  

    Through Jeff’s work on these reputable sites, Jeff has developed a strong reputation in the WordPress community and now has finally decided to launch his own website, WordPress Tavern.   This new site has been up for a few weeks now and he already has a good amount of unique content built up and a pretty active forum! 

    If you enjoy reading about WordPress (I assume most of you do since you subscribe to this site?) I recommend you check out WordPress Tavern and/or subscribe to their feed.

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  • Introducing WpRecipes

    Since I launched my blog Cats Who Code, I received many emails from my readers, mostly asking WordPress related questions. Due to the fact that a private reply will never help someone else, I came across the idea of creating a WordPress related blog, focused of short, precise and concise recipes.

    So, I’m very happy to introduce you WpRecipes. On this new blog, you’ll not find any long and detailed tutorials like the ones I write for WordPress Hacks, but only short and “straight to the essential” recipes.

    WordPress recipes

    For example, I’ll show you how to redirect WordPress rss feeds to Feedburner with .htaccess, how to restrict page view to authenticated users only or how to get rid of curly quotes on your WordPress blog.

    Don’t hesitate to subscribe to WpRecipes rss feed or save the blog to Delicious! And if you have any WordPress related questions, feel free to ask and I’ll se what I can do to help you.

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  • WordPress Template Tags Reference Guide

    If you deal with WordPress template tags, I just ran across an incredible new WordPress resource. It is called the WordPress Template Tags Reference Guide, and is basically a reformatted version of WordPress.org Codex page for template tags.

    If you deal with template tags regularly, I would definitely recommend booking this page.  I have added this to our WordPress Resources page.

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  • Collection of WordPress Resources

    As I mentioned in a post written last month, I wanted to collect everyones WordPress resources so I could throw together a WordPress resources page. After all, WordPress is community-based and it seemed like a good way to support WordPress users. I am proud to say that I was able to combine my favorite WordPress sites with yours to create a WordPress resources page here at Hack WordPress, which I hope people will find useful.

    If you are wondering why a couple sites are left off the list, it is probably for one of two reasons. The first is that I don’t know about it and the second is because I had to leave off (for the most part) any submitted blogs that occasionally write about WordPress (such as a category or whatever). This is because the collection of WordPress resources is already very large and these types of lists can get out of hand if you don’t draw the line somewhere.

    As with my WordPress theme galleries and other lists I maintain here, my ultimate goal is to keep this page useful. As a result, I will make every attempt to keep this page updated over time. You can help by letting us know if you find any invalid links or you would like to see something added.

    As for the list itself, here is what I’ve collected so far:

    WordPress Blogs WordPress Themes
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  • Wanted: Your WordPress Resources

    Here at Hack WordPress, we pride ourselves on bringing you all sorts of WordPress hacks, theme and plugin reviews, and we also try to create some good WordPress discussions whenever possible.

    One thing I get asked a lot is why I link out to other people so often. The answer is fairly simple. There are a lot of people that are as passionate about WordPress as I am, and these people do great work. Some are other “WordPress niche” blogs, while most are just bloggers who occasionally write about WordPress on their blogs. Either way, I don’t look at them as competitors, but rather as other WordPress enthusiasts and I try to give their posts some additional exposure.

    One thing I’ve been planning to do is to create a resources page for this site which collects other great WordPress resources. For now, the list will be limited to WordPress niche blogs and web designers that use (and write) about WordPress, but it may expand in the future if I can incorporate other blogs that cover WordPress and still keep the page both useful and manageable.

    Here is where I’m hoping you can help me out. I’ve got about 15 blogs in my feed reader and I know there are a lot more than that. If you run a WordPress blog, you are a WordPress designer with a personal blog and write about WordPress, or you are a reader and have a few favorite WordPress blogs you enjoy reading, can you drop me some links in the comments below? That way I can put together a list for my WordPress resources page.

    I’m going to try to get the blogroll put together this weekend (hopefully with feeds as well) and will also do a follow up post to give these blogs some more exposure.

    Update: You can now check out our WordPress Resources page.

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