How To: Find WordPress Freelance Work

In his “State of the Word” addresses at recent WordCamps, it is my understanding that Matt Mullenweg (the co-founder of WordPress) has often made mention of the growth of WordPress and the growing number of professionals and businesses which are earning a full time income using WordPress.    As someone who makes a majority of his income online, this is something that I’ve spent some time working towards as well.

I’m sure upon hearing about these numbers, many people’s initial reactions may be that Matt is referring to the many premium theme authors who earn their livings creating professional themes which are in turn sold to the WordPress community, but what people may not know is that there is also a huge market for WordPress freelance work that designers and developers are making a large income from.   These freelance jobs can range from building a custom plugin for someone, custom coding work, or even completely custom theme designs!

I know we have a lot of readers who are very talented developers and designers.  If you are looking for freelance work as a WordPress designer or developer, here are a couple of great places to find potential clients:

  1. WordPress Jobs – This is the official job board and includes a feed so you can easily keep updated on what jobs are needed.
  2. eLance – eLance is a website which is used by all types of freelance designers and coders, but includes a very busy WordPress section where people can post their needs and freelancers can bid on them.  You can also review rankings, earnings, and other information about the freelancers.

These sites were designed specifically with the intention of helping freelancers find clients, and I’m sure there are many others available as well.  To our readers that do commissioned freelance work professionally, what have you found are the best ways to find work?

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  • How To: Finding a WordPress Job

    If you consider yourself a WordPress freelancer or at least have good enough hacking skills to do some paid work with WordPress, you may be wondering what the best ways are to find work?  

    Over at the Planet Ozh blog, Ozh recently gave some great tips on how to find WordPress work.   The first tip?  Subscribe to the WP-Pro mailing list, where job offers are regularly available.   These jobs can range from theme design, coding help, or even basics like installing WordPress. 

    Other places he mentions to look:

    Your other option is of course to do some work up front and then charge for it, which is how premium theme authors and premium plugin authors make their money.   This way people come to you and they know what they are getting ahead of time. 

    Any other good places to find WordPress work?

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