Insert AdSense Into Posts with the Shylock AdSense plugin

Looking to insert AdSense ads into the articles on your WordPress blog? If you aren’t good with manually editing the code for your blog, you may have experienced some frustration with trying to place Google AdSense advertisements on your WordPress blog. It can be even more difficult to wrap the ads properly so that your post content wraps around it.

If any of this sounds like you, then let me tell you about an amazing WordPress plugin called Shylock AdSense plugin. First thing you’ll want to do is download the plugin from the authors website. Once this done, the plugin activates like normal by simply uploading it, then activating it from the plugins folder.

After successfully activating the plugin, the first thing you want to do is head over to the Options panel and click on Shylock AdSense. You’ll be greeted with an easy to navigate menu that allows you to set up 10 different customized AdSense codes (you can use different block sizes or different colors) for use on your site. You can get this code generated from Google AdSense.

Once this is done, you can scroll down and view a series of drop-down menus that allow you to control where these ads will be placed on your homepage, your individual pages, and your individual posts (you can pick top right, top left, middle, bottom, etc.). Once you’ve pasted your code that Google AdSense gives you, there is no additional coding involved. Everything is actually controlled from right within this menu by selecting the advertisement block and then selecting where to display it.

Shylock AdSense PluginWhile this stuff is all useful, what really separates this plugin from the other AdSense plugins that are available is the ability to designate a number of days before your advertisements will appear on your single page posts. This allows you to avoid displaying ads within your homepage posts where your regular readers will see them, but will allow you to start displaying them on your archived individual posts so search engine traffic will see them.

At this point, this plugin is currently in its early stages with version 1.1 and is already very useful. It also has a lot of potential for continued improvement. The main thing I would like to see is some form of the AdSense-Deluxe plugin integrated, giving you the ability to manually add individual AdSense ads only in designated spots (such as really long posts) by placing some code in your post when you want to do display an advertisement (such as <–Code 1–> or something similar). I would also like the ability to name the AdSense code blocks that are pasted in (such as 468×60 Blue or something similar).

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