Blog Design Studio Announces Blog Design Group Writing Project

Just over a year ago, group writing projects were all the rage!  Sites like and ran them and got hundreds of participants.   Then nothing…..

For whatever reason, over this past year I don’t think I’ve seen a single group writing project, at least until now.   My friend Mayank over at Blog Design Studio has announced an excellent group writing project with a ton of great prizes, including a Blog Design Studio redesign!

Here is the official prize list:

  1. Win a custom WordPress theme for your blog from Blog Design Studio
  2. Premium Theme from
  3. Consultation from Kevin Muldoon (
  4. Consultation from Mayank

If you’d like to enter into this group writing project, you’ll want to write a post about Blog Design and follow these guidelines:

  • The article should be fresh and new. An old blog post will not be eligible for the contest.
  • The blog post should be at least 250 words long.
  • Give a link back the sponsors as mentioned at the bottom of the post.
  • Don’t forget to send an e-mail to us with the link to your contest entry {hello (at) blogdesignstudio (dot) com}.
  • Your blog should be at least one month old & should have at least 30 entries.
  • Your entry should come before 30th November (doesn’t matter which time zone, it should be 30th Nov.)

Any other questions?  For more information, you’ll want to refer to their announcement post.

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