For all you fans of WordPress, this weekend has been a good one.   Although I personally wasn’t able to attend the WordCamp San Francisco event, many were able to go and we’ve been receiving a lot of great information.

As a result, I wanted to do a quick post to bring to your attention a couple of the things we are hearing from the event, and in particular, from Matt Mullenweg’s “State of the Word” address, which he does at each WordCamp event:

  • WordPress 2.8 Coming VERY Soon!
  • There have been hints from the WordPress team about adding a section to their theme repository for GPL-compliant premium themes (paid themes which comply with GPL).  I haven’t gotten clarification yet if their will also be a similar site setup for premium plugins that comply with GPL.
  • WordPressMU and will be merging.

To those of you that attended the event, let us know about anything we missed in the comments!

Information Sources:

  • The WordCamp Report from the event.
  • Various tweets from a number of web desginers in attendance.

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  • Dan Cameron

    I’m not sure where you got that info for the second bullet point but I’m almost sure that was not said during any of Matt’s talks.

  • Kyle Eslick

    @ Dan – As mentioned in the post, the information was taken via Twitter, and also from the official WordPress report which logs information from the event (link is in the above post):

    GPL vs. Proprietary
    GPL can be sold but also shared
    Theme Developers Page – GPL Compliant – coming tomorrow

    I suppose they could have been wrong, but several independent tweets from different developers also confirmed it. :)

  • Matt

    We are going to add a page to the theme repository, but it’s incorrect to say it’s Automattic doing it.

  • Kyle Eslick

    @ Matt – Thanks for the update, as it is always best to get information directly from the WordPress team! Any comment about adding a section for the premium WordPress plugins model? I’ve been getting inquiring emails from several authors of these plugins.

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  • Mark Sierra at

    I’m excited about attending the one next month in Dallas. Never been to any meeting relate to WP, so I’m hoping to be amazed. :)

  • The Frosty @ WPCult

    So sorry you missed out.
    I’ve got some write up’s and a few posts/notes I took from the event here

  • James Beswick

    I took quite a few notes from the talks I saw and started posting them here: This was actually a really excellent conference – one of the most useful I’ve been to, and it’s great to see what the community is doing.

  • George Serradinho


    I would love to attend one of these WP meetings, but I will have to wait for it to come to South Africa. That’s if it ever does.

    I can’t wait for WP 2.8 to be released, do you perhaps have a date or know if it will be released in the next week or two.

  • Kotlina Klodzka

    Finaly. I’ve been waiting for a merger for the longest time. I have accounts on both of those services and would love to be able to use them as one.

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