Note: As of January 1, 2009, it looks like Revolution/StudioPress themes are no longer free to download.  They are all now available individually for $59.95 or ALL Revolution themes for $249.95.

Last month we wrote about Brian’s huge announcement that Revolution was going open source.  At that time, the original launch date was scheduled for November 1st, but in the time since then the entire Revolution team has come together and managed to get Revolution 2 ready for an early launch!

As of today, Revolution is officially available to the WordPress Community.  Included with the Revolution launch are 8 incredible new themes (10 if you count the two blog theme variants) which were designed to fill a large number of different niches.  So far the choices include magazine themes, professional themes, media themes, photo themes, video themes, and even blog themes.  Best of all, they are available to download completely FREE!

What is the catch?  Well, there isn’t one.  The themes are 100% free, but there is a small fee attached to any extras you may want.  With purchase of either the yearly pro membership, or the pro plus lifetime membership (Revolution all-inclusive package owners already have this), you will get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited support answered by our experts
  • Learn customization techniques with our detailed theme tutorials
  • Professional design services available by our list of recommended designers
  • Discounted general consulting rates
  • Increase your search rankings with a link from the Revolution site directory

Here are the StudioPress/Revolution themes which are currently available for download:

StudioPress Revolution Magazine/News Themes

Lifestyle Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Magazine WordPress Theme


Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Delicious Child Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Sleek Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Lexicon Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Mocha Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Amped Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Serenity Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Platinum Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Streamline Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

News WordPress Theme


Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Going Green Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Bee Crafty Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Church Theme


Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Outreach Church Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

StudioPress (Revolution) Business Themes

Enterprise Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Education Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Executive Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Corporate Theme


Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Metric Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Freelance Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

AgentPress Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Agency Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Family Tree Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

StudioPress (Revolution) Photo/Video Themes

Landscape Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Pixel Happy Photography Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

Expose Theme

Multiple-Use ($59.95), All StudioPress Themes ($249.95)

Source/Demo | Purchase

After looking around, I am already very impressed with how the site is setup and can see just how this site will grow in time to be a focal point in the WordPress community.  What do you think of this new business model?  Will it replace the current premium WordPress themes market in your opinion, or will you still be willing to spend your money when themes of this quality are available completely free?

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Follow Kyle on Twitter @KyleEslick!

  1. Donace says:

    I think if alot of people start creating stuff for free it would be good; though there will always be a premium market as customisation is still a big want.

  2. fromtheold says:

    If it really was free, why are you linking it through e-junkie and not directly?

  3. shawal says:

    I’m surely going to download all the theme’s…

    I really love to do an experiment with the theme’s…

  4. shawal says:

    How to download the theme’s…

    All theme’s seem that i have to buy to download….

  5. Kyle Eslick says:

    @ Shawal – You are encouraged to purchase extras, but below them you should see in small text the download link.

    @ Donace – I think you are right, though Revolution will now cover the customization stuff. 8)

    @ FromTheOld – Linking through e-junkie still takes you to the new Revolution site. If you look at the download pages, you can download any of their new themes for free.

  6. Gero says:

    where can i download the revolution lifestyle Theme?

  7. fromtheold says:

    Oh crap, I apologize 🙂

    I did not see the download link. I see it now yes.

  8. Kyle Eslick says:

    @ Gero – Go to the Lifestyle theme page and below the purchase information in small text you’ll find the download link.

    @ FromTheOld – No problem.

  9. How easy is it to preview one of these new themes on an existing blog without disrupting your current theme?

    I believe in the past, I temporarily switched themes to see how my blog would look different and then switched back to main theme and some of my items were no longer formating correctly.

  10. DerFrankie says:

    I think, that the way Revolution is doing this is quite the oposite of open source.

    You might think that a normal open source project will focus on developing a product (theme), documentate it, and release it as a base for contribution and a comunity to build uppon it.

    To monetarize the effort of the releasing firm some firms offer service and support agreements (btw a new forrester research has shown that most open source projects rellying soley on support contracts don’t pay off).

    I cannot see this with this themes. The site states that is open source – but it’s main goal is to sell the service.
    On the site you have to “search” for the download link. There is no “project” behind it and the customization has to be done, by “hacking” into the theme, making it difficult to upgrade.

    BTW: As there is no documentation. If you are using the office theme you will need to add an custom key named “thumbnail” with the path to an image to get it displayed in the homepage and category views.

  11. Kyle Eslick says:

    @ Larry – You can either setup a test location of some sort (install WordPress on a subdomain/directory and block search engines/traffic) or you could try using a plugin. There are a number of preview theme plugins out there which are free.

    @ DerFrankie – I think you bring up a great point which might be worth discussing further. I think it is important to note that there is a difference between “open source” and “in the spirit of open source.” In order to qualify as open source the code needs to be made freely available, which it is.

    With the new Revolution business model, you can now get the template free, but purchase all of the extras, including someone to turn that template into a custom design for you. It is kind of designed to be the best of both worlds and allow everyone to be happy. It also is just a one time fee or yearly fee for the extras instead of buying a multiple use license for just one of the 10 themes.

    The thing to remember is that Brian and Jason actually flew to California to meet up with Matt Mullenweg and discuss this business model, which came with Automattic’s blessing. Obviously they are making people search for the download link, as they are trying to make a sale. If they aren’t making sales, the site goes under and they have to go find day jobs, which means we quit getting free high-quality themes.

    @ Emma – The lifestyle theme is looking great on your site! That is actually my favorite of the 10 new themes I think.

  12. EmmaB says:

    I am currently trying out Lifestyles on my website 🙂 I may customize the Church theme for my gaming blog. I have yet to add thumbnails though 🙂

  13. Mike says:

    This is a great idea. I’ve downloaded the “office” template and found that paying for the support might be helpful.

    DerFrankie: Can you elaborate on “you will need to add an custom key named “thumbnail” with the path to an image”?

  14. DerFrankie says:

    @Kyle: I see we both talk about the same thing – I understand why they do it like this, but would have choosen a different approach.

    Maybe I’m just a bit dissappointed because I thought they whould go more in a “framework” direction – like Alex King does with his latest project. Open Source is not just about opening the source-code (a theme shows always it’s code) but has IMHO much more to do with licensing (GPL, etc.). But as you say – this could end in a lengtly discussion 😉

    @mike: I will try to explain. 1. Create a post with images as you usually would do.
    2. Click on the tab “HTML” in the upper left corner of the editor.
    3. You will see the text and some code (which describes the images) – to choose one of the images you have to select the URL e.g. http://yoursite/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/name-300×200.jpg and copy it to the clipboard
    4. Now scroll down to the section “custom fields” and open it
    5. Now enter on the left side under key: thumbnail
    6. Enter on the right side under value: the URL (past it from clipboard)
    7. Click on add new custom field and your done.

    In future you can select the thumbnail key from the drop down box.

    Hope that helped

  15. Wayne Luke says:

    The download link should be more prominent. However I can understand why they are trying to sell the service. I am sort of interested in buying the service actually as I want one of the themes customized a little. However there isn’t much information on what I get for my money and which would be better for me.

    I mean both offer the exact same benefits so why would I want the Pro Plus over the Pro? This needs to be explained to me. Also I want to know what customization could cost before hand. I am terrible with graphics but I know that changing colors in PSDs and reslicing isn’t a all-consuming job. So if I want a theme in a different color then what will it cost? What about different logos? and other customizations.

    It does seem to be a shame that there are no theme options, custom write panels or even basic documentation with these. That is what I expect with a Premium Theme. Just because its GPL doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Other free themes over these features to varying degrees already.

  16. Wayne Luke says:

    Oh, I see the price difference is 1 year vs. lifetime now. Not sure how I missed that before. I guess I scanned to fast.

  17. jbj says:

    They’re amazing! My favorite is Revolution Black Canvas Theme.

  18. EmmaB says:

    @Kyle-Thanks Kyle! I still need to work on customizing it though 🙂

  19. teraOm says:

    I have been trying to download the theme but in vain. Is the theme really made open source or have they just announced that they are going to make it open source in near future?

  20. Kyle Eslick says:

    @ TeraOm – Yes, the themes are open source and available for free for the unsupported version. Simply click download! If you are having trouble finding the download link, it is located just below the purchase buttons in small text.

  21. Kyle Eslick says:

    @ Tim – Yes, I am a member of the Revolution team, although my role is pretty small compared to the rest of the team.

    I am contributing content on their blog (2-3 posts per week), and offering input on features/enhancements for existing themes.

  22. Tim Norton says:

    Hi Kyle, the themes look great! I see you are a part of the team, what role are you playing in the Revolution Project?

  23. Dennis says:

    Well, I just downloaded and gave the White canvas theme a try. I must say I’m a little disappointed. I had to get into the code to figure out that it too needed a custom key field to display the images. Would it really have killed them to put that in the readme? I realize they are selling support but it’s ridiculous to not even include the bare minimum of instruction.

    Also, the theme does not look right on FF2, I would have expected a premium theme to work correctly in all browsers.

    Still, it’s early in the new process and hopefully the kinks will get worked out soon.

  24. Manoj says:

    I have downloaded revolution office, but the slide box do not work properly, Anybody know how it work?

  25. KimC says:

    I have a question,how to use the Revolution Black Canvas Theme?

  26. Valerie says:

    The custom field key for the photo themes is “image” without the quotes. You have to write a post and insert an image, then click to the html view and find the address of the uploaded image copy that.

    Then *delete* the image in the wysywig editor view. It sounds weird, I know, to delete an image you’re trying to post, but this whole thing is a bit convoluted, so there you go. Anyway, go add a custom field called image and put the path to the image in. Make sure that your image is full-size or the divs won’t line up right. I think that’s it to make it work. I’m still fiddling with it and populating the blog with content, so there might be more, but that’s looking right so far…

    Best of luck, and I do think it’s a bit disappointing that these guys hid the download link so it looks like it’s a disclaimer in the footer and then didn’t tell you what custom fields you need to make the themes work. If they’re trying to frustrate people into buying support, they’re going to initiate a relationship with new clients who are frustrated, irritated, and who might not be confident that the themes will work when paid for. Not the best way to start off with a client, in my opinion. This also has the effect of sending people away to other sites to find information about their own products–also probably not the best approach. My two cents, anyway!

    They’re nice themes, though, and you can’t blame them for wanting to be compensated, so I hope they can figure out how to treat their future clients better and make the whole endeavor a success.

  27. Manoj says:

    Do anyone have problems with the carrusell of revolution office theme?
    I need help

  28. Tom Royce says:

    What is interesting is that one of the real winners of the revolution sites will be sites like . For those of us who try to wing it, searching google for information will be the way we do it.

    That is until someone publishes a how to guide for the different Revolution2 themes.

  29. Jeremy says:

    I am glad the Revolution themes are free to download and I can try it before I purchase the service. The team is vague about what type of tutorials they are offering and what level they are taught. Novice or developer? I don’t mind going into the code to change things, but I need good instructions. Optimally it would show you how to customize the entire theme, but I am reluctant to pay for a service, when I don’t know what I am getting. In other words, I don’t want to pay for the service and then find they are not as helpful as I need and have to pay for customization in addition to the service fee.

    I am not ranting. I need more clarity.

    I am glad to know that they give discounted rates for customizing, but do not give the rates.

  30. Kyle Eslick says:

    @ Dennis – The Revolution Two team has been fixing any bugs found on existing themes, included browser issues, so keep an eye on their blog or on the download page of that theme (it shows the version there) for updates. 8 themes were created to be ready in time for the site’s launch (about a month), so bugs were bound to happen unfortunately.

    As far as a readme file, I can understand your frustration with the custom key fields. I will try to pass along this information to Brian.

    @ Valerie – Thanks for helping answer Dennis’ question above.

    I know Brian and Jason met with Matt Mullenweg and got his blessing on the current setup, which involves promoting their services. Obviously the themes are indeed free, but the entire business is built around selling the support, customization, etc. That setup that you see now is what allows these themes to be free. Otherwise they would all be $79.99 (which people were gladly paying). 🙁

    @ Tom – Thanks! I think our archives are filled with a wealth of knowledge, but they aren’t written specifically with the Revolution themes in mind. I don’t know they can replace individual support targeting the Revolution themes unless you have some coding knowledge already.

    @ Jeremy – I think that is a fair point. I will say that if you ask anyone that has worked with Brian and the rest of the Revolution team, you’ll hear that their support is second to none. That has always been what they hang their hat on and is usually the first theme Revolution owners have commented on to me.

    However, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of the Revolution Two team (though I am on the content side, not the support side).

  31. Jeremy says:

    @Kyle Eslick- Thanks for the explanation above. I had noticed some browser issues with Revolution chrome. It will not work correctly in IE6. Its fine in IE7 and Firefox. I was showing one of my colleagues the theme, and she noticed it, since she has not upgraded.

  32. Paul says:

    The Chrome theme has “thumbnail” as the custom field for thumbnail images, but I am still trying to find out the field for the content slider.

  33. Paul says:

    For Chrome’s slider, the Key is “postimage”

    Finally found it in the XML code.

    It’s more frustrating than any other open source product I’ve used.

    However, with this exception (finding key code), their code is commented rather well.

  34. Fer says:

    Guys PLEASE, what is the KEY for Revolution Office slider ?…

    i’ve become crazy searching in the xml file but no sucess.

    please, any help ?

  35. Jeremy says:

    I have been working with the Revolution chrome theme and I have been please with the help i have got from you guys about the key for content carousel and thumbnails.

    I uploaded the theme on a test site and tweeking it and got it close to what i want. so now that i had played around with the theme, i decided to upload the theme to my site and work on it, but the content carousel and featured images are gone. there is a place for the carousel, but no arrows and pictures will not post in the postimage key. i dont understand it. the first download works great but still says it has page error, the other page has no errors and not working.

    i have uninstalled and re-install wordpress. the files are what i downloaded from the site. i have no idea what is wrong. I did the exact same thing and getting a different result.
    I am not sure if they made changes from the first download to the second.

    Any suggestions?

  36. Luca says:

    Hi, i decided to use on my blog the Revolution CHROME theme, but i’d need some help. I can’t see the slide effect and the zoom effect that should be featured by te theme. What should i do? Thank you

  37. Paul says:

    The site is still under construction but see my heavily modded Chrome theme up and running at

    Make sure you set the right category to go into the slider/featured section in the design section of your WP admin.

    Each post needs both a thumbnail and a postimage key, and the image names are case-sensitive.

  38. Paul says:

    As for the Office theme – I’ll tell you the key for $40

    Just Kidding!

    It’s “thumbnail”

    Setting up a live site with that theme at

  39. Luca says:

    About Rev. Chrome: I fixed problems with the carousel (removing my only plug-in: ‘cryptographp’), but I still have troubles with photos and videos.
    I can put thumbnails in the ‘featured photos’ section, but i have no zoom effect and even if I clic on the thumbnail it doesn’t open nothing.
    And I also can’t pubblish the videos in the ‘last videos’ section. I use the correct category, but I can’t see nothing in that area.
    Can anyone help me?

  40. Maya says:

    I do have a similar problem. I succeded to do almost everything with Chrome, but I can’t use the featured photos. How do they work??? I can see the thumbnail of my image in the featured photos (via the ‘thumbnail’ category) but the status bar shows me that the link brings to the home page instead of the zoomed image!!! What’s the problem? Tnx! Kisses!

  41. Luca says:

    Thank you a lot Paul! Now it almost works! (Maya, use both the categories) I only have a problem: now the preview of the video embedded in ‘latest videos’ overlays the zoomed image!!! (as you can see here: ) Sgrunt! What should I do? PS: I really appreciate your help! Thanks!

  42. Fer says:

    carrusel key please!.. Could someone provide the CARRUSELL key for OFFICE them ?

    it’s not “thumbnail”.. thisone is the the interior pages thumbs.

  43. Luca says:

    For Chrome the image key of the carousel is ‘postimage’

  44. Fer says:

    Thank you lUCA,

    Yes, it was told before about Chrome key for carrusell, but nobady has shared the key for OFFICE/carousel. 🙁

    please!.. some one could help?

  45. Manoj says:

    I need the carrusell key for Office theme too.
    Can anyone tell us what is it?

  46. eric tan says:

    @DerFrankie – thanks for that help on the thumbnail key for the Office Theme… It helped a lot!

  47. Aron says:

    I need the carrusell key as well for Office theme.

    any idea about this key?

    it seems nobody knows it 🙁

  48. Manoj says:

    Allegedly, thumbnail is the key for carusel, but in my case, I use it but it doesn’t run properly.

  49. Kyle Eslick says:

    Hi guys,

    You are welcome to discuss this here, but it might be easier to follow if you open up a thread over at (possibly in the Free Themes section?).

  50. Luca says:

    Hi, I can’t find help for my problem, I try to ask help once more, sorry! 🙂 In revolution chrome the preview of the video embedded in ‘latest videos’ overlays the zoomed image!!! (as you can see here: ) Sgrunt! What should I do? PS: I’d really appreciate your help! Thanks!

  51. Kex says:


    Man, thank you for the thumbnail tip.
    If you ever come to Croatia, you got a beer!
    Tried for a few hours to solve this issue, couldn’ figure it out. Respect man!

  52. Toni says:

    I am trying to get work Blackcanvas themes. I ve tryed what Valerie saids but it seems that custom field is not working to fit the images in the post either in the recent photos carrusel.

    I do not understand those gays from revolution. I you set free a theme you should set it free totally. Of course they can choose the way they want to monetize the themes but do not make download a theme to a people without giving any readme file on it. It s useless. Of couse all we are now talking about revolution but who is starting to hate them? Thats me. At the beggining I was thinking to buy the 1 year support, but what am I getting paying that? No answers.

    Finally. Did any one find the solution for custom fields on the Canvas theme?.

  53. Office Theme says:

    OFFICE THEME Carousel: You need: reveal-ids-for-wp plugin to reveal the category ID for featured, so you put the ID in Rev Office Settings. Also content-gallery plugin.

    Under post click on “custom fields” Key: thumbnail Value:

  54. bartes says:

    Does anybody know how to run slide box on the Revolution Office homepage? I post new entries with thumbnail and i can see pictures on homepage but i can see only last three posts on home page because slide doesn`t work…
    I need help with it… Please.. 😉

    best regards

  55. Office Theme says:

    RE OFFICE THEME CAROUSEL: “There seems to be a growing misconception that the Featured Content Gallery plugin is required for the Revolution Office and Revolution Chrome wordpress themes. In fact the carousels used on Office and Chrome are built directly into the theme and do NOT require the Featured Content Gallery plugin to function. If you have activated the FCG plugin for either of these theme’s, it will break the Carousel feature that has already been built into the theme. Thanks… Jason”

  56. Office Theme says:

    Would someone please inform how to run slide box on the Revolution Office homepage? I also have pictures up but no slide, even though I have deactivated the gallery plug in. What’s the trick?

  57. Manoj says:

    I had the same problem that #56 but I deactivate some plugins and all is ok.

  58. Office Theme says:

    Thanks Manoj, I’ll give that a go.

  59. Paceno says:

    Jeremy: several of the needed images for that are linked to the people of revolution2 – just ipne your scripts and look for the path. It’s some like – so basically they hotlink to them self to trace usage I assume. I found several of that in different scripts. Still working on Chrome…

    I’m with derfrankie above – if announce a FREE or opensource theme at least give basics instructions and don’t use the words “FREE” and “OPEN SOURCE” just to pull on traffic….

  60. Huevon says:

    Hi all, somebody can point me in the right direction regarding category pages?? I try to find where to set how many are displayed in the Chrome theme.

    I try all different settings so far yet only displays 3 posts on the page with the links to next page for another 3. I like to show 8.

    Thanks for any help.

  61. SlicerX says:

    Can anyone help me with the Blackcanvas theme.
    I have worked out that you need a key called “image” and the appropriate url to the image to have an image displayed but here is the issue:

    Instead of just one image and description being displayed in the top half of the page with many images in the “Recent Photos”, the top half is also displaying ALL of the images. It’s like the code is not dropping out of a loop or something. Can any one give me a tip?

    Thank you in advance. It’s such a nice theme, would love to use.


  62. creative8 says:

    Try the response here: set your posts display to 1. It’s set at 10 by default, I think.

  63. SlicerX says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for that. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I am allowed a “DOH” moment from time to time.

  64. Pixel Shoppe says:

    Hey guy, inorder to find the keys for various themes just look in your theme editor. For example I wanted to find the key for the carousel in Chrom. I went to my theme editor and clicked “home.php” then I hit ctrl+f to search for key. This is what came up: $key=”postimage”;

    tada key= postimage

    The next key is “thumbnail” that’s for the slides

    For office it’s only “thumbnail”

  65. TheFirstLady says:

    I am trying to use the Black Canvas. I have figured out to use “image” as the key for the main image, but cannot get the Recent Photos to show up at all. I’ve tried thumbnail, but it didn’t work. I know the premise of that field is really Recent Posts, but can someone tell me how to get the thumbnails on the main page please. Thank you.

  66. TheFirstLady says:

    Hum, you mean more than one Blog? Or more than one image? I am confused. I only have one blog, with one image.

  67. TheFirstLady says:

    Okay, I got it. You have to have more than one post for them to show up under Recent Photos and then you have to go to Settings, Reading and then change Blog Posts Show at Most from 10 to 1 – this is just for the Black and White Canvas themes. Dahhhh.

  68. SlicerX says:

    Hi TheFirstLady, this may sound crazy, but you have added more than one photo right? If you don’t, it will not show up in the recent photos.

  69. Laura says:

    Hi Folks,

    I’m customizing the Revolution “Lifestyle” theme and download/installed/activated the Featured Content Gallery last night … been working on it for hours and still can’t get the images to appear. The Featured Content Gallery Configurations I set to Gallery 600 pixls width; 400 height; 80 pxs overlay; entired the Category Name; and 2 for Number of Items to Display.

    On another forum it was suggested the pictures only work in the Featured Content Gallery if .jpg are used, so I’ve re-edited both pics from .png to .jpg … each are 600 pxs by 400 pxs in size … I used the Custom Fields Keey “articleimg” with the Value set to the http link for the uploaded pictures on my website … the three thumbnails I’ve tried so far work great, but still no Featured Content Gallery …

    Can anyone help with this problem? Perhaps is the Key not correct? The site is


  70. TheFirstLady says:

    Laura, you need to create a Category called Featured and a slug called “featured.” Then go to your article, select Featured from Category and save. I don’t see a Featured category on your site.

  71. Laura says:

    Dear TheFirstLady,

    You are awesome!!! Thank you SO much!!! I had been using the “News” category, but went in at your suggestion and created the “Featured” category and slug … the pictures appear just fine!!!

    Now do you have a suggestion as to how I can edit the [caption id=”attachment… in the Overlay at the bottom of the Featured Content?

  72. TheFirstLady says:

    Not sure why your’s is doing that? Mine doesn’t do that I am using the same theme as a test on my demo server. But I think because you inserted the picture into your mail article and chose the “caption” underneath it, that’s what the plugin is pulling to the front. Try removing the caption from one of the article images, save it and then look at it again on the main page.

  73. Laura says:

    Thank you again!! You were right … the captions for the pictures got pulled into the Overlay … now that I removed them the Featured Content working great!!

  74. TheFirstLady says:

    You’re welcome. I am not a coder or programmer. I just figured out how to manipulate the themes. Glad to help.

  75. Zaur says:

    Hi Luca,

    i have some problems about adding videos to Revolution Chrome theme. can you please help me how did you add video?



  76. Jenn says:

    I would love to use Chrome on an existing site, but the thought of having to go through and add keys to all existing posts just to get thumbnails to show is annoying – surely there’s a better way??

  77. SlicerX says:

    Hi Zaur,

    I use exactly the same process as I do to add photos. But, the keys are different:

    homevideo: this key is for the main page and it shows a small video on the right. I use 279pixels for width.

    postvideo: this is for the larger video in its own page. I use 620pixels for width.

    thumbnail: use this as you do for images. It is useful when searching through all the videos under the video category.

    To have a video show up on the home page, you also need to go to the wordpress dashboard. Then go Design -> Revolution Chrome Options and in there, set the Sidebar “latest video” Options value to the id of your video category.

    To view categories, you may need the “Reveal IDs for WP Admin” plugin.

    I hope this helps. Take a look at my site to see if this is what you wanted.


  78. Jarsonic says:

    I’ve upgraded to wordpress 2.7, so I can’t edit any options of Revolution Chrome. Anyone have the same problem?. thank you

  79. Arjen says:

    I’m currently using the Revolution Elements blog theme, and it’s very good. It looks good and it’s easy to customize!

    I also upgraded to WordPress 2.7, so I can also use the paged and threaded comments.

  80. Umut Dogan says:

    thank you for all these useful comments. I am creating a website for my brother which i lost 3 months ago, and these information are very useful. Thank you to the developers of the theme, but this 100 bucks thing is not a good way to get paid.

  81. Umut Dogan says:

    And do you know how can i enable popular content section in chrome? i couldn’t find any way to do it. mine has not content, and i don’t know where to add it from.

  82. Fedelosa says:

    Hi, I have a problem with Featured Content Gallery, and is that can’t update the number of item to display, it always get back to “2” after hit “Update Options” button… Anyone have the same problem and know how to fix?


  83. George says:

    Hello guys,

    My Featured Content Gallery was working yesterday and today is not working at all. I am using the free version of the church template. I have been adding the images with the key phrase “articleimg” before and it worked, but now it doesn’t.

    When i open the my page ie tells me “done but with errors on page!”.

    I tried Chrome and Firefox – same thing – the plugin is not working.

    I activated it and re-activated it and still nothing.

    Can you please help me!

  84. George says:


    I got it working. The problem was with the slug

  85. Church Theme WP version 2.7 says:

    Revolution Two Church Theme with WordPress version 2.7

    You need to download the current plugin that has been updated to work with wordpress version 2.7:
    click on “Download the Featured Content Gallery Plugin v2.0”

    Featured Post
    Custom Fields key: articleimg
    Category: featured

    Activate the new uploaded plugin. In your settings: width #590 height #332 text #80 cat #featured posts #3 (or more)

    You need to post more than 2 Featured posts for your content gallery to be visible on your home page.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  86. Kyle Eslick says:

    @ Tim – If you look at the above post, it was updated on January 1st, 2009 (at the very start of the post) stating that they are no longer free.

    Revolution switched their business model and now charge for their themes.

  87. Tim says:

    I’ve clicked on every button I can find and still can’t find any place to download the themes for free.

    If they advertise that they’re free and then make it this difficult to find them, I wouldn’t purchase one if I was a multi-millionaire and wanted one worse than anything else. Can you imagine what it would be like trying to get support for the thing? If I can’t find a download button I’m sure I couldn’t find a support button.

  88. Hendry Lee says:

    The support is not free, but the theme is still GPL, which is a copyleft license.

    Customers who have access to the themes are still free to distribute as many copies as they want.

    What Brian decided to do is to charge for support but it’s unfortunate that at the same time he made a decision to prevent others from downloading it – which I think only make people who don’t know about GPL think that it must be purchased.

  89. Becky Blanton says:

    I just bought the Church theme and LOVE all of Revolution Two’s themes. Fantastic demos! Brian has been fast to respond. Been great. However, I live in a small rural area and am learning how to use these themes so when I hit the road next year to travel to 48 states to teach HOW to use WordPress to people who are doing well to open their email, I can’t direct them to these fantastic themes because there are no tutorials that the average idiot like me can decipher. There are lots of folks who breeze through the tutorials provided, but they have a background and understanding of HTML.

    Yes, many of you will say, “If they don’t get it, they need to hire someone.” Well, small businesses and individuals won’t do that if there are FREE alternatives and there are – hundreds of them. It seems like there’s a real market in providing a video tutorial aimed at TOTAL HTML VIRGINS that literally take a person step-by-step through the process. If you WANT to sell these themes, cryptic instructions and a lot of scary (to us) looking HTML and jargon won’t do it. The options are – target geeks and semi-savy computer people and be happy. Or go after 80% of the market who want the themes, but not the headache of learning HTML and deciphering HOW to tweak them. I can teach the “how-to” of the standard themes. Piece of cake. A lot of people will be happy with those, but wow. How MUCH better if we could find tutorials to make it that easy to simply set-up Church without learning code.

    Just my two cents worth. Like I said. I LOVE the themes but am tearing my hair out trying to make it LOOK like what I saw in the demo. Now that I know how hard it is to set-up, I have to refer all these folks to the standard, easy to use wordpress crap. PLEASE, someone simplify these themes! Thanks!

  90. Gaby-Bali says:

    I’m new in using Word Press, and still not familiar with many tools there.
    Matt Mulleweg was in my country, Indonesia last week. Too bad I can’t go to Jakarta to meet this amazing guy.

  91. Rudi says:

    I am using Revolution Church Theme on my blog and It looks great. Many thanks.

  92. Al says:

    Anyone help with this I am using Office theme and trying to get the mouseover text over the images in the slider like they do on the demo here

    according to the source code it looks like “title”

    All I am getting on my site is (Caption ID=

    Anyone offer a suggestion on how to do this please?


  93. hagist says:

    I am having a real problem making the carousel from the revolution office theme work. I have everything set, however I can not seem to make it “scroll.” I don’t think there is a JavaScript conflict.

  94. sham says:

    Are the themes not freeee:(

  95. Julius says:

    Hi friends,

    I was trying with Revolution Two Church Theme with WordPress version 2.7.1 but slider not works.

    Link for update plugin in:

    now redirect to:

    I don’t have idea where find the plugin.

    Thanks in advanced for your help

  96. Meccs says:

    I’m using Revolution Elements. Is there a way I can use a custom text for every article on the main page (next to the thumbnail)? Normaly it takes the text right from the article but I don’t want that. I want my own intro text. Is this possible? Maybe with a “cursom field”…


  97. Hi –

    I’ve been working on the coding for a site using Lifestyle.

    I obviously haven’t gotten very far: but I am stuck on the featured site. I find it hard to believe that there is no easy way to select the featured site. I have coding skills and even I can’t figure it out. How can someone without these skills figure it out…

    Is there a plugin that is bugged? missing? This doesn’t make sense.

    Anyone else having this problem?


  98. too clarify (I hit “submit” too early):

    I know how to change the category code on the home.php. But I don’t understand why I am getting this code on the featured post area on the site:

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/mnt/local/home/karpo/’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /mnt/local/home/karpo/ on line 13

  99. Robert says:

    Hello, like some of the commenters above I had the problem that my Office slider bar didn’t work anymore at a certain moment. I tried many things and found out that one of my plugins, called Lightbox 2, caused the problem. When I turned it of, the problem was solved.
    I haven’t tried them yet, but there are alternatives for Lightbox 2, e.g. iBox.
    Good luck!

  100. Sara says:

    How to use the Revolution Lifestyle SLideShow? I already Install it, but WHen I Edit a Post to trying remove the “ArticleIMG” and “featuredtext”, the text doesnt remove,,,what is happenin here in my slide?

  101. WAL972 says:

    Maybe my eyes are painted on, but can anyone provide the free download link, because I am b%ggered if I can find it…

    Thanks a bunch


  102. Greg Halpen says:

    I am using the Church_40 theme and don;t know how to activate the homepage thumbnails. Can anyone help with this?


  103. cindy says:

    Can anyone help me with customizing the revolution themes…i’m completely lost



  104. tom meny says:

    I don’t suppose someone could be gracious enough to check out my page and tell me what i need to do to make the pictures show up on my posts and the carousel???

    you can reach me at

    thank you so much!

  105. Steve Quinn says:

    Does anyone here know how I can get more than 1 category to show on the bottom of the homepage please on church?

  106. Mike says:

    Can any of these awesome Revolution themes be used to update a site like this – I’m not sure whether to expect any replies as I haven’t seen any on this thread as yet by the developers but maybe someone can suggest? It’s a photography print site so I was interested in using that beautiful black canvas theme which makes the pictures really pop out on the screen!

  107. sky says:

    Revolution office is perfect in my wordpress version 3.Thanks

  108. Makyaj says:

    I would like to have simply and modern a themes , but it shold be light for S.E.O.
    There are so many Themes but they need more faster…

  109. ilahiler says:

    Hi, I have a problem with Featured Content Gallery, and is that can’t update the number of item to display, it always get back to “2? after hit “Update Options” button… Anyone have the same problem and know how to fix?


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