Although I personally am not a major Twitter user, I do see the value in the service and have made several attempts to use it more often. For many others, it has become an addiction and possibly even a major time sink.

One trend we are starting to see more often lately is Twitter being integrated into WordPress blogs.  In the past we’ve featured a couple methods to integrate Twitter into your blog such as How to Add a “Tweet This” Link To Your Blog and How to Display Most Recent Twitter Entry. Even more recently there have been some WordPress plugins released to further integrate Twitter into your WordPress blog:

  1. Tweetbacks – This recent plugin by our friend Joost De Valk displays any “tweets” about your blog post below that post in the same way trackbacks/pingbacks are often displayed on WordPress blogs.   You can read more information about the plugin and how to install it here.  A similar plugin called TweetSuite was released recently as well.
  2. Twitter Comments – Works similar to Gravatars, but displays the comment author’s Twitter avatar instead.  If a Twitter avatar is not available, it will then attempt to locate a Gravatar to use instead.

Due to the popularity of WordPress, I would imagine this is only the tip of the iceberg and many more Twitter WordPress plugins will follow over the coming months/years. Out of curiosity, for those of you that are heavy Twitter users, what have you done to integrate Twitter into your WordPress blog?

Update: I just ran across this post over at Profit Blogger which shares more than 20 Twitter WordPress plugins that already exist.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Kyle!

  2. I would also recommend WP Twitip ID plugin at It adds an extra field to the comment form of your blog so your reader can enter his/her Twitter username. The plugin then displays the Twitter ID in the comment and links it to the Twitter profile of the commenter. I have this plugin in action on my blog at

  3. Gabe O'Neill says:

    I’m using and as I understand it if they don’t install the plug-ins I can’t use them. Is this true? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  4. Dev says:

    nice post on twitter kyle. I have apps for windows machine and I’ve post that apps on my here. Here is the link of that apps.

  5. Atniz says:

    Twitter is gaining more popularity since many probloggers are doing some rat race to gain more followers and starting to promote contest and giveaways. If there is a plugin that gives update to our latest blog post in twitter, would be good.

  6. Ramoonus says:

    I rather use lifestream instead of the 2 plugins you guys recommend. LifeStream isn`t totally made for twitter but it does the job properly.

  7. Feller says:

    I don’t know, I’m not using those plugins, but there are plenty everyone could use on the net.

  8. John says:

    Integrating Twitter into WP blogs is really a must these days.

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