I figured the title of this post would probably catch everyone’s attention!  

Generally speaking, I am not one of those people that gets anal about spelling.   I always make a conscious effort to spell things correctly and use words in the proper context, but it usually doesn’t bother me when I’m reading someone else’s work and things are misspelled (wrong “there”, etc.).  I’m sure some of my published works even have misspellings from time to time.   For whatever reason, however, I have noticed that a lot of people don’t seem to know how to properly spell WordPress. 

Do you know how to spell WordPress?  For those that never really gave it any thought, WordPress is spelled with a capital “P” in the middle.   Now, it doesn’t really bother me so much when bloggers misspell WordPress on their blogs, but with the recent explosion of WordPress blogs, it does bother me a little that these WordPress bloggers don’t even know how to properly spell the product that their blog is focused on.

When you write about WordPress on one of your blogs, are you spelling WordPress correctly?

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  1. Tommy says:

    WordPress is one of the words I can actually spell. Other words, not so much.

  2. Remkus says:

    Yeppa.. wouldn’t dream of using any other spelling 🙂 !

  3. Daniele says:

    I think that if the author of a WordPress blog, doesn’t spell WordPress properly, he lose a bit of credibility. Moreover, as Lorelle pointed out in a post, WordPress is a brand and that’s another major reason for spelling it correctly.

    Sorry for my english, I’m Italian 🙂

  4. John Lamansky says:

    Yep, I spell it that way. It’s hard to miss: after all, the correct spelling is shown at the top of the dashboard (prior to 2.5) and at the bottom of every page in the admin. 🙂

  5. Hannah says:

    I can spell, but I apparently can’t capitalize! 😛
    Every time I mention WordPress on my site I left the “P” uncapitalized. I never really noticed a difference.

  6. Ahmed says:

    “…with the recent explosion of WordPress blogs, it does bother me a little” .. Same here !

    I admit the fact that I used to spell it wordpress 🙂 .. But since an article from Lorelle on that point, I corrected all WordPress words in my blog 🙂

  7. Richard H says:

    Yessir! Their’s know other weigh. 😉

  8. Elmar says:

    I really like WordPress, but i nevver bothered to write a capital “P” in the middle. And never will.

  9. Kevin Y. says:

    It’s all about habit. If you are not used to capitalization, you’ll probably use small letters all the way not only for words like WordPress, but also other brand names like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc.

  10. I’ve been in publishing for almost 20 years and this kind of issue comes up again and again.

    Is it MicroSoft or microsoft, or MicrOsOft or whatever?

    Publishers don’t care. Their housestyle and nothing else should dictate how they handle trademarks and proprietary terms.

    It’s polite to use an initial capital letter to make the word a proper noun, but there is no legal requirement to do so. As such, I take the P and use “WordPress”, others differ and give them the capital P.

    Most publishers have no interest in pandering to the design and marketing whims of companies but will usually use the initial capital in recognition of a trademark. But there are trademarks that use lower case initials and other formats that get very silly and are a sub-editor’s nightmare.

    That said, there’s nothing stopping anyone using google, wordpress, microsoft in their publications. It’s down to housestyle, like I say. The company in question might baulk, but they can then pay to publish an ad pointing out the “correct” format for their trademark and most publishers will be happy to oblige. It’s up to the company to protect their trademark, but there is no legal obligation on a publisher to do so.


  11. Moses Francis says:

    True dat Kyle, i remember Lorelle pointing that out early last year and ever since i’ve spelled it with a capital P.

    Some people dont even know how to spell plugins properly (plug-ins) LOL.

  12. plug-ins, plugins, Plugins? Does anyone really care?

    If one is a registered trademark I’ll give it an initial capital, but I’m certainly not adding hyphens or trying to remember where any other capitals should go, just to pander a branding whim.

    dAvID Brad-ley

  13. Matt says:

    Thank you for saying this!

  14. Jeffro2pt0 says:

    You can’t write about WordPress without screwing up once or twice and having the entire world jump on you because of it. In fact, it’s been such an issue that there have even been plugins developed that take any instance of the word and transform it into the proper spelling and capitalization.

    And for those wondering WordPress is the proper recognition of their trademark.

  15. @Jeffro2pt0 – if WordPress is the proper designation for the trademark, then it makes no sense for them to spell it with all capitals in the banner at wordpress.org and wordpress.com albeit with slightly different font sizes for the W and the P.

    Incidentally, a USPTO trademark search shows the Word Mark to be WORDPRESS (I presume they don’t differentiate between upper and lower case)


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