If you look around at a large sampling of WordPress blogs, chances are you’ll find a majority of them monetize their blog in some form using Google AdSense.   Even this blog adds a single AdSense block to the top-right corner of our homepage and posts that are at least 3 days old.

If you employ an AdSense strategy like this, it is more than likely that at some point you will have certain posts that you don’t want to display advertisements on.  This could be for a number of reasons, including posts where you have a sales strategy and don’t want readers clicking off the page for any reason other than by using your product/affiliate link.

If you’d like to prevent AdSense or other ads from showing up on certain post ID’s, our friend Keith has posted over at Weblog Tools Collection an easy to follow guide on how to skip advertisements on single posts of your choice.  You just need to know the post ID’s and add a small PHP snippet around the advertisement code.

If you prefer not to get your hands dirty by messing with the code, you can try the Who Sees Ads WordPress plugin.

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