Have you ever wondered how to create a directory in WordPress?  Performancing recently did a great job tackling this subject in a lengthy post about Building Web Directories in WordPress.

Among the methods covered in this post are two great WordPress plugins for creating a web directory.  The plugins mentioned are the Link Directory Plugin and the WP-Directory Plugin.  It is unclear, however, if either works with the most recent version of WordPress.  If you’ve tried either, please confirm in the comments below.

If you want to learn more about web directories and WordPress, I recommend you click over to get the full details.

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  1. snipe says:

    Just an FYI, the linkback.org site is listed with FF3 and Google as a possible malware site. :( Going to try the other one.

  2. Computer security says:

    Both plugins are good but there is a security issue. There will be a lot of spam and if the spam guards inside work well its good otherwise there will be a mess up in your content system.

  3. Praveen says:

    How to create a download directory ?
    I wish to upload softawers & Java scripts….I need URL like,


  4. You can also use the plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” for creating a WordPress directory.

  5. Mistry says:

    Have had some difficulty with the wp-directory plugin on WP 3.0.. I am using the plugins fine on an older coaching directory site.. they definitely work up to WP 2.8. Not sure, it may just be a clash with some of my other plugins on the newer WP install

  6. Mark Hoult says:

    There are definitely no perfect solutions out there at the moment (late 2011) for people wanting to use WordPress to build an online directory.

    If you’re feeling brave, a good way of doing this is with a combination of a custom taxonomy, categories and tags…and you’ll need to tweak your archive.php a bit.

    Well worth trying though.

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