If you are setting up a WordPress blog to work with a variety of authors, it is probably a good idea to also set up the author display to actually be a link to the bloggers website.

For whatever reason, many themes are created to simply display the author’s name using text by default instead of converting it to a link to the author’s website. Fortunately, this is an easy change to make with a minimal amount of coding adjustments required.

Here is what you need to do. When editing your theme, you’ll want to look for the following code:

<?php the_author() ?>

Remove that code and replace it with the following:

<?php the_author_link(); ?>

Now test it out! It will automatically display a link to the author’s site, as specified in the users profile.

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching WPHacks.com as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Follow Kyle on Twitter @KyleEslick!

  1. p@r@noid says:

    Dude…where do we have to edit? :0

    • Max says:

      I really can`t find in loop.php and author.php this code: How can i remove for new code? I have the last version of WordPress.
      Please help me

  2. Yael Sires says:

    I like it, this is exactly what I was looking for, hopefully there will be more of this on your site over time?

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