When searching the web with Google, have you ever noticed that certain webpages with product reviews have a little star-rating and additional info that appears underneath the title?

For example…

Notice the additions under the hyperlinked title. These eye-catching additions are called “rich snippets.” Rich snippets give additional prominence to your review pages when they appear in search results and could help garner additional search engine traffic for your site.

You can ask Google to show this sort of data for your review posts by adding hReview code to your WordPress blog. This process has been covered in other tutorials before, but previous methods required you to edit your theme’s code and fiddle with custom fields to get it to work. Not anymore — here’s the easier, plugin-only method:

  1. Install the SEO Ultimate plugin. (You can download the zip file here or you can go to the SEO Ultimate homepage and enter your blog’s URL in the Auto Installer field.) Activate the plugin once it’s installed. SEO Ultimate has many other SEO features besides rich snippets, but if you just want to use the rich snippet functionality, you can disable everything else under the “Modules” section of the plugin’s “SEO” menu.
  2. In the WordPress administration interface, find a post that you’d like to mark as a review and open it in the WordPress editor.
  3. In the “SEO Settings” box under the content editor, select “Review” from the “Rich Snippet Type” drop-down. (If your post has a category or tag called “Review” or “Reviews,” SEO Ultimate will pre-select the “Review” option automatically.)
  4. If you gave a rating to the product you reviewed in your post, select the most-applicable star rating from the drop-down.
  5. Click “Save Changes” to save your post. All done! If you want, you can put your post URL through Google’s testing tool to see a preview of your new rich snippets.

Following these steps will tell SEO Ultimate to add the hReview code to your reviews. (Obviously, only add the code to posts in which you actually review something.)

Note that according to Google’s FAQ, adding the code by itself won’t guarantee that Google will show rich snippets for your site. However, you can request that Google display rich snippets for your site using this form. Even if Google doesn’t show your rich snippets right away, having the code on your site ahead of time will help ensure you’re ahead of the game if/when Google rolls out rich snippets on a wider scale.

Enjoy your rich snippets!

John Lamansky is a web developer who has been working with WordPress since 2005. He has created many WordPress themes and plugins and blogs at JohnLamansky.com.

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks John, this is EXTREMELY Helpful!

    I’m off to try this plugin

  2. Hi there, Very interesting post. I had used another seo plugins, the famous all in seo, fV all in seo, Platinum Seo Pack, but this look really interesting.
    I will try it!


  3. Matt Dunlap says:

    Nice, I just filled out the form for rich snippets… I always thought the snippet was just the meta description.

  4. Vlad says:

    Thanks John, great post.. Very helpful.. I never really used the rich snippets. Also the plugin looks extremely useful.

    Take Care

  5. mascali says:

    I try to add in this page

    but I get this error:

    “Insufficient data to generate the preview”

    Any suggestion?


    • @mascali: It looks like rich snippets aren’t enabled on your page. Have you edited the post and selected “Review” from the “Rich Snippet Type” dropdown under “SEO Settings”?

  6. Vera says:

    Where exactly is the Modules section to disable other options?

  7. catmu says:

    Very helpful, i like to use this method

  8. deneyecekler says:

    Nice, I just filled out the form for rich snippets ;)

  9. skykid says:

    Lovely idea. Tried it and it works . Will be implementing it to all y review from now on. Thank you

  10. Very helpful, i like to use this method…

  11. Don says:

    Hi John,

    I’ve done everything you said above, i’ve clicked review and selected the number of stars on my post, but when I run the url through the Google rich snippets testing tool, it shows the preview up visually with the correct stars, but where is says Extracted Rich Snippet data from the page, it says – Warning: Missing required “item” field.

    Why is this warning coming up?

  12. Vera says:

    I’ve also followed all instructions and when I use the Rich Snippets Testing Tool, I get this message:

    “Insufficient data to generate the preview.”

  13. Aaqil Mahmood says:

    SEO ultimate plugin is adware, do not use. But was a lot of better even best SEO tool. However they put link advertising to your site :(

    • @Aaqil: SEO Ultimate is not adware. It adds an attribution link only if you ask it to (the link is disabled by default). You can re-disable it under “Settings > SEO Ultimate”.

      • Aaqil Mahmood says:

        oh sir really? But that was not ticked in my all three blogs to show link of SEO, but it was force showing in my all three blogs. If what you said is true then no one can stop me from using this great plugin.

        Let me retry, I am installing SEO ultimate again.

      • Aaqil Mahmood says:

        Please check on the right upper side, SEO link, how to remove that? :(


  14. Tom Guard says:

    Thanks for the information. We were looking for a plugin that dealt with Google Snippets. Thanks.

  15. Hillary Bost says:

    If I use this plugin I won’t be able to use the All in One SEO plugin. What are the advantaged to having the rating system.

  16. Peter says:

    Hi, I did exactly as stated – all seems easy and straight forward BUT,
    when I try to parse it through Google rich snippets I get this :-

    reviewer hcard
    fn = admin
    dtreviewed = 2010-11-19
    value = 4.5
    Warning: Missing required “item” field.

    I cant anywhere that references the missing field problem – any suggestions ?
    rgds – pete

  17. Hillary Bost says:

    Nice I had wondered how to do this easier. Thanks.

  18. Jose says:

    Hi, John.

    I find your tutorial very usefull, but I have a little problem: I donĀ“t use review snippets, but event snippets.

    Can I use SEO Ultimate in order to make my event snippets, or this works only with reviews?


  19. Job says:

    I’ve created a plugin for vevents it has a widget and a shortcode, you can use it to create event list and display them on your website.

    You can download it here:


  20. Tre Tans says:

    Your Tutorial was very Useful.. Thanks!

  21. azam says:

    really useful, thank you

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