Some of our long time readers may remember last April when we wrote a post about Technorati wanting you to upgrade your WordPress installation.   In that post, we explained that Technorati will no longer be indexing your site if you have an old installation of WordPress running on your blog.   This is of course due to the major security vulnerabilities on some old WordPress installations.   Unfortunately this announcement didn’t get much attention, as Technorati has failed to grow with the blogging community and has basically become irrelevant over the past year.

With that said, for those of you on old WordPress installations, maybe this will be a bigger incentive to upgrade?   According to Quick Online Tips, it looks like Google has begun warning users of WordPress 2.1.1 via their Google Webmaster Tools of the security vulnerability of this version.   If this is successful, Google will then expand to notifying webmasters of other vulnerable WordPress installations, as well as other blogging platforms.   Note: This does not affect users, as your sites are automatically upgraded for you.

Why is this important?  I believe that it is conceivable that eventually Google could not index your sites that are using a version of WordPress that are considered unsafe.  This is because these blogs are targeted by hackers and inappropriate content or malicious code is often placed on these sites.  Google does not want these types of sites in their index.

I know there are a few of you out there that don’t necessarily upgrade your WordPress installations.   Will WordPress 2.7’s easy upgrade process help you to upgrade your installations regularly?

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  1. Stu McLaren says:

    I think this is a good thing considering that in most cases the WordPress updates are made for a reason (ex. security flaws).

    So if Google is forcing the hand, it just helps keep everyone up to date and will most likely prevent many issues down the road.

  2. George Serradinho says:

    Thanks for this tip.

    I’m sure its best practice for any webmaster to update as there are many new features and security patches. I think it would be useless to stay on previous versions.

  3. PremiumThemeInfo says:

    It’s important to the blog that haven’t update the wordPress installation.
    Thanks for your tip.

  4. RocyHua says:

    WordPress is so Popular,huhu~

  5. Bingu says:

    I know many people donot upgrade their worpdress to the latest.
    Because wordpress’s backend is change so frequently.

  6. p1nk g33k says:

    Bingu, you are absolutely right. I used to be the same way, but then began upgrading as soon as patches and upgrades came out because I didn’t want my site to become a target. The Technorati threat last year also helped. The truth is, if you backup and keep track of the changes that you made to your WordPress install, upgrading can be painless.

    I’m still a little iffy about Google’s decision. Do we really want them to stop indexing sites because they think that the CMS that they’re using has been targeted once? I think their “this site may be harmful” notice would suffice. And, I’m iffy about that one, as well.

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