One of the things that has always made SEO so tricky is that Google doesn’t really comment much about search engine optimization techniques and they are always changing their algorithm, leaving testing as the only way to figure out what SEO techniques work.

Well, in case any of our readers missed it, Google has released an official Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF).  It doesn’t release any of Google’s algorithm secrets, but it does cover Google’s best practices for title tags, meta tags, URL structure, navigation, content, anchor text, headers, images and of course, Robots.txt, making this a good way to review the basics and make sure you have that stuff down correctly.

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  1. I am going to check this out, thanks for the link. I never understood why things were such a secret. I understand why the algorithms are a secret, but the basic guidelines and way to do things correctly from Google’s perspective…a set of standards…seems essential to help people who don’t understand the right and wrong of it to get started properly and not get involved in things that promise the world but really are things Google considers gaming the system.

    Thanks again!

  2. Good news for SEO junkies like me. Before, we used to guess what will really tick to make aour site on top of Google’s high page rankings. But with this recently released Official Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, more people can easily learn the ropes of the trade easily without trial and error.

  3. SEO Specialist says:

    Google’s search engines somehow limits web innovation but it’s a good news that they come up with a starter guide. This somehow gives SEOs and Webmasters an idea to create more new ideas on developing interesting webpages but maintains the SEO guidelines.

  4. SEO Specialist says:

    Thanks for the link and the info as well. I It would be worth reading knowing that the “Ranker” somehow made a move in helping out individuals working on the SEO industry.Its gonna be a helpful guide for the beginners and a refresher course for the people who already experienced the hardships of Site Optimization.

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