Are you in need of some more commentators or want to allow commentators to receive points for commenting to get something?

With the CubePoints WordPress plugin you can, CubePoints allows you to choose a certain amount of points for each comment posted by a certain commentator. You can offer premium content, allow readers to purchase merchandise or maybe even an advertisement for your blog with a certain amount of points.

When they post a comment the points set in the administration panel is added to that person’s comment account and if their comment is deleted, it automatically removes the points. You, as the administrator can even alter the points quickly and easily from administration!

If you want to display how many points a commentator has accumulated in the sidebar, you can use this code:

<?php cp_displayPoints(); ?>

You can download and install this plugin from the WordPress Directory.  It was just added on December 26th.

Josh Budde is a blogger, podcaster, and high school student in New York. He has been blogging and podcasting since late 2007 and is now working as a Customer Service and new media consultant.

  1. Atniz says:

    This is a good idea. But, I’m a member of Entrecard and they play with this kind of credits to purchase so many things and also advertisement.

  2. David Hobson says:

    Now this sounds like a very good plugin and one i will certainly try out.

  3. redwall_hp says:

    Add commenter groups and this would be perfect for a Harry Potter-related blog.

  4. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. this will definitely help encourage comments, but I just got to think of something to give out as a reward though. Any suggestions?

    Thanks a ton for the info! :D

  5. Mad Glitters says:

    This is definitely gonna give a boost to comments on active wordpress sites i’ll try it

  6. ebeggingonlinedotcom says:

    but is it possible to give points to commenter who r not registered in the site i mean anyone who will comment will get a point or only the user who registered will get the point?

  7. reggeton says:

    Thanks for using KWluv, I love this plugin I use it in all my blogs

  8. Jasmine says:

    This is certainly a great plugin that will encourage more comments. Will check it out in details later.

  9. Marina says:

    Hi Josh,

    Great Plugin it is!

    But I just want to ask: is there any possibility that when a user submit post or comment, he/she will not be added/reduced a point, but instead has to donate his/her point? :D

    Will be happy for a reply and brilliant solution!
    Thanks before!


  10. Jayaprakasha says:

    Hi Josh,
    I liked this Cube points Plugin, thanks:-)

    I am looking for adding another some new feature in this plugin. User need to get points when the likes,share any contents or posts by social network and every time sign in to the site trough Social network or manually.

    Jayaprakasha K

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