I recently wrote my first guest post for WP Hacks, which didn’t really go as smoothly as planned. I made an honest mistake about copyrighted images, which lead me to think that the readers at Hack WordPress could use a good lesson from my blunder and not fail where I did.

I’m now ashamed to admit it – yep, I’ve used copyrighted images before. This is dangerous in the sense that your reputation can end up a bit banged up (hehe…), but can also result in legal action. Whoa, if you’re not careful what image you use, you can get sued? Yep. But in this day and age, there’s a ton of non-copyrighted images out there that are published under Creative Commons that can be used.

The Solutions

Not to worry – I’ve got a solution for you. My primary solution, YotoPhoto, is down at the moment (and has been for a while now) – so I ended up actually having to do some research to find some alternative resources.

I chose to bring up image search engines instead because I feel that as bloggers, none of us have enough time to browse around entire stock image sites. For those that have time, I personally find SXC.hu to be a great stock image site – best of all, it’s free! Also, some photos on Flickr published under the Creative Commons license can be used freely. If you’ve got any other free stock image sites to suggest, feel free to list them in a comment.

ReadWriteWeb’s got a great set of reviews on YotoPhoto and four other alternatives – Xcavator which searches iStockPhoto.com as well as six other photo providers, everystockphoto which searches through licensed Creative Commons images, PicFindr which runs through free-to-use stock images but also Dreamstime images if you prefer, and FotoSearch which examines pay images . Click here to read the article.

I personally also enjoy using the Photo Dropper WordPress plugin, allowing you to search through Flickr Creative Commons licensed images right from your blog’s dashboard.


If you’re looking for stock/creative commons-licensed images to take your post content to the next level, then why not give these search engines a try? However, if you want to take advantage of image SEO, then I won’t guarantee these will make the cut for you.

This guest post was written by Herbert of Digital Media Break, where he writes about the latest digital technology.

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  1. Michael says:

    Luckily my blog talks a lot about products and companies and their websites usually have a press section full of images to use for completely free.

  2. Herbert Lui says:

    Wow, I never considered that – sounds good, Michael!

  3. Enrique says:

    Which is the best wordpress photo gallery plugin?

    I need to put watermarks on my images but without saving the watermark in the image. The same makes phpalbum.net


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