You’ve probably noticed that with our last redesign of this site, we switched from displaying the Feedburner widget to instead displaying our actual Feedburner feed count.

Back in May of 2008 I wrote about the FeedCount plugin, which is a WordPress plugin which allows you to easily display your WordPress feed count to your readers. Basically you just activate the feedcount option in your Feedburner feed and activate the Awareness API, then upload and activate the Feedcount WordPress plugin, and then enter your feed information into the dashboard option panel and you are done.

If you’d prefer to instead build the code directly into your WordPress theme, Joost De Valk of recently published a great post providing the code you need to show off your Feedburner count. The code is incredibly easy to integrate into your theme and also includes caching so you won’t overload the Feedburner API.

When Should You Display Your Feedburner Count?

This is a question that doesn’t really have a correct answer, but I’ve always found it interesting to hear others thoughts on this topic. I personally have always felt a good round number is 500 and I’ve had several people tell me that when they are considering subscribing to a feed, 500 is the number that they look for as a mark of a good blogger. 500+ subscribers generally shows that people like your content.

Do you look at a blog’s feed count before subscribing to a feed?

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  1. I am impressed with counts over 100K and may take a harder look at such sites. For anything lower number of subscribers is not interesting to me. 🙂

    I started showing count after 150 and it had no effect on anything.

    Code snippet is indeed excellent, I wish someone adapted it for twitter followers… 😉

  2. oceangray says:

    You can see it in the sidebar of

  3. faydaliweb says:

    much better than using a plugin

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