30+ WordPress Video Tutorials

Are you a visual learner (a person who learn better through viewing rather than reading)?   One of the challenges when writing WordPress hacks is trying to take something you know how to do and explain it in a way that others will understand.  A well explained hack will allow just about anyone to successfully implement the hack on their own WordPress blogs.

For visual learners, this can sometimes be difficult.   For these people, a better solution is typically to watch one of the many WordPress video tutorials you can find scattered throughout the internet.   We’ve posted a few here before, but I wanted to draw your attention to a recent post over at Six Revisions where they’ve covered 30+ WordPress video tutorials. You’ll find a bunch of the better WordPress video tutorials from around the internet, all in one convenient location!

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  • Huge Collection of WordPress Video Tutorials

    If you are a visual person that prefers to learn through watching rather than reading, there are a huge number of great WordPress tutorials all over the internet which you can use to learn a variety of WordPress-related things, ranging from very basic stuff to some more advanced tutorials.

    A copule of months ago I shared with you some nice WordPress video tutorials from YouTube, which seemed to get a pretty good responase.   Because there seems to be an interest, I wanted to pass this along to our readers.

    It looks like more recently, Speckyboy went a step further and published 100+ WordPress video tutorials from a large variety of sources, including the popular iThemes tutorials.   If you are a visual person, I recommend you check this post out in all its glory!

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  • Collection of WordPress Videos Found on YouTube

    I spent a little time on YouTube and found a few good WordPress videos that I thought everyone might enjoy!

    Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog on WordPress.com Video

    How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress Video

    How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template Video

    The Best WordPress Plugins Video

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