iThemes Releases Ultimate Flexx Premium WordPress Theme

Some of our long time readers may remember last April I wrote about a somewhat revolutionary new WordPress theme, which in my opinion was well ahead of its time, known as the Shifter theme.  Though this theme looked a little plain at first, it was completely built around using the WordPress widget feature, allowing for incredible versatility.

Since that time no one else has really attacked the widget angle the way Shifter did… least until now.   After over 2 months of production and quite a few beta testers (myself included), I am excited to share with our readers that iThemes has released what is probably their best theme yet, the Flexx Theme.

This theme comes with over 1,000 possible layout combinations!   Other Flexx features include:

  • Rotating Header Images – Easily upload your new header images and set the Flash-like transition effects
  • Contact Form Page Template – The custom image uploader feature allows you to personalize your site with your own logo
  • Plug and Play Graphic Changes – Easily change the look of your site by uploading new background images (setting every different combo with it) and setting the color through a Photoshop-like color picker.
  • Menu Builder – Pick and choose what Pages you want in the menu navigation, including subpages.
  • Search Engine Optimization – As with all our themes, we’ve built it to get you the best exposure in the search engines, and include a SEO panel to tweak some basic settings.
  • Multiple Color Styles – This first series comes in two pre-built color styles (Bold and Canvas), but it has a rockin’ feature that lets you easily upload new background images (setting every different combo with it) and setting the color through a Photoshop-like color picker.
  • Drop down navigation menu

To get an idea of one of the 1,000+ possibilities available, you can check out the Flexx demo.   Here are a couple screen shots:

Flexx Homepage

Flexx Post Page

The best part about the new Flexx theme is the price!  It falls under the iThemes standard pricing model of $79.95 for a single-use license and $249.95 for the developer’s license.  iThemes 2008 theme club members of course get this theme for free.

What do you think of this incredible theme?   Anyone else think that widget-based themes might be the future or the premium WordPress themes market?

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  • Is This the Future of Premium WordPress Themes?

    Over the past year now, the premium WordPress themes market has really grown from nothing to what we see today, with a record number of authors are either offering premium themes, or selling premium versions of their existing popular free themes.   It truly is amazing to me that this wonderful software that we all love so much is able to help so many people to make money to feed their families while at the same time showing off their design skills.

    This weekend I noticed something new and got me thinking a bit about where the premium WordPress themes market is headed.   As many people have said in the past, there are concerns that the premium themes we see today are becoming so common that people are missing out on that unique feel that many people buy these themes for.   I would of course argue that these themes were designed to be templates to be customized from rather than as an end-user product.   You could also argue that there are so many authors and designs now that buying a theme could still give you that unique look that people crave.

    With that said, there appears to be a new solution.   We’ve seen theme clubs be talked about and eventually surface in a few places, but now it appears that Brian of Revolution has set another trend by offering his first of many exclusive themes:

    What is an Exclusive Theme and How Does it Work?

    In the screenshot above, Brian has released an incredible new theme, which is variation of his popular Revolution theme.   It is available only for a limited time and only a limited number to be sold (I believe in this case only 10 will be sold).    If you’d like a copy, you can get it for $499.95.

    As far as my thoughts on Exclusive themes, I personally am unsure whether this business model will work.   It appears that 10 themes will be sold in total, so it isn’t truly a unique theme to your site, and the price range is getting close to the price that a company like a Unique Blog Designs or Blog Design Studio would charge for a 100% custom theme for your website. If you are going to spend that kind of money on a custom theme, wouldn’t it be better to spend a little extra to get a truly custom theme that you won’t find on 10 other sites?

    With that said, I still haven’t made up my mind yet on this and would love to get your thoughts.  What do you think of this new business model?

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  • What Do You Think of Premium WordPress Themes?

    WordPress Hacks was one of only 3-4 “WordPress” niche blogs that existed prior to the creation of the Premium WordPress themes market. As I sit back and reflect on the early days of the premium WordPress themes market, when Solostream’s themes were first being converted to premium, and Revolution (now StudioPress) was being launched, each existing WordPress blog was faced with a choice. Do we promote these themes? After all, WordPress was founded on open source, and each of us (WordPress founders, plugin/theme authors, and WordPress bloggers) were contributing our time and energy to improving the WordPress community without any compensation. Should these people be paid for what we do for free?

    Some blogs ending up promoting them, while other blogs did not. I personally ended up making the decision that I would promote premium themes on this blog because I felt that they would help improve WordPress, and to this day I really think that they really have. Many of these authors are making so much money that they are able to make (and support) their themes as a full time job, which I think is pretty sweet. It also comes with a lot of responsibility, and the money allows these authors to truly focus, innovate, and make their themes more advanced, which advances WordPress as a whole. The bar gets set and all new themes are measured against them. It forces continued functionality and innovation. I truly believe that if the ability to monetize these themes didn’t exist for most of these authors, the quality of themes out there would be much lower because it wouldn’t be worth their time to try to raise the bar. Would we even have CMS themes for WordPress yet?

    We also need to remember that this isn’t really any different than doing custom WordPress themes for people (such as Unique Blog Designs).  Premium WordPress themes have made it so people can afford a custom quality theme (in most cases) from an affordable price for a blogger or small business.  People with high income blogs can still afford to get there theme custom made.

    One point I would also like to make is that I do think that people with WordPress blogs have an obligation to only promote products they do use or would use if the need for it presented itself. I’ve always made sure to be selective and only promote themes or plugins that I felt were truly of premium quality. I also try to only promote ones that are well supported by their authors. I can think of at least 20 that I’ve chosen not to promote here because of a number of reasons (invalid code, I felt wasn’t premium quality, etc.).

    Anyway, regardless of my opinion of them, over the last 8 months premium WordPress themes have really found a home in the WordPress community, and I’ve even noticed that blogs have been created strictly for the purpose of promoting these themes. From the people I’ve talked to, the opinions of this market are mixed.

    One person firmly against the premium themes market as a whole is Justin Tadlock, who recently wrote a post titled Screw the WordPress Themes Market. Justin is someone that I’ve been following for quite awhile now and have a huge respect for his opinions on all things WordPress. He releases a lot of great free WordPress themes, free WordPress plugins, and also blogs regularly about WordPress. Here is an excerpt from his post:

    WordPress was built from a community of people willing to share freely. Yes, even themes. What? Yes, themes were free at one point. Good Great themes were free at one point.

    I’m not going to beat around the bush here — stop releasing pay-for-use themes.

    Sure, there’s a market there, but I don’t want to see every single mediocre theme have a price tag attached to it. Just because it’s a magazine-type theme doesn’t mean it’s a premium theme, or that it’s worth some form of funds anyway.

    If you’re going to release a theme and call it premium, then you need to — in the words of a high school cheerleader — “bring it.”

    I don’t have a problem with people releasing themes for money. It’s something I’ve considered on several occasions. What I do have a problem with is users getting screwed out of $100, $50, or even $30 because they bought a theme that’s mediocre at best, a theme that has invalid code, or don’t get the support they need for using the theme.

    Reading Justin’s post actually reminded me of what I was saying when I wrote the post Premium WordPress Theme Responsibilities a couple months ago. To many people are releasing average themes and charging for them.

    It seems everyone has an opinion about premium themes, and I’d love to hear yours. What is your opinion of premium WordPress themes?

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  • Premium WordPress Themes: Where Are The Print Stylesheets?

    Although the premium WordPress theme market has only been around for a little over 6 months now, there have already been several trends that have shown up. Each time a new premium theme author steps forward, they innovate and push the other authors to keep up and continue to improve their existing themes. This is why many of the top authors are regularly updating their existing themes to keep up with the competition.

    In the end, the consumers are the ones that win, because they are getting better themes and a larger variety of themes to choose from when they go to make a purchase. So, what is the next trend we can expect with premium WordPress themes?

    One thing I would like to see, though it is actually very basic, is that each theme including a print stylesheet. This of course is a separate stylesheet that is used when someone goes to print a website page. For example, one of the sites I run publishes a lot of recipes (1-2 per day). I needed a good print stylesheet so our readers can print our pages and have them display the recipe correctly on the page.

    I’ll admit I’ve seen a couple premium themes that offer this, but a majority still do not. I personally believe the more you can do to make your theme appeal to more people, the more success a premium theme author will find. I believe a paying customer should expect things like multiple stylesheets available, multiple page and post layouts, an options panel. The more flexible it is, the better.

    Hopefully we’ll start to see more and more of the print stylesheet showing up in the coming months. In the meantime, what trends would you like to see with the next generation premium WordPress themes?

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  • Video & Photo Premium WordPress Themes Gallery

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    Updated: January 23, 2015

    Probably the most recent niche to emerge when it comes to WordPress themes is the market for video and photo WordPress themes.  These types of themes are ideal for a blogger who likes to display a lot of videos, show off their photos, or any type of multimedia.    These themes are designed to allow you to display this type of content while still maintaining the feel of a blog.   Readers will be able to review your latest videos or photos, leave comments, etc.

    If you are interested in this type of premium WordPress theme, we’ve gone out and collected the ones currently available and displayed them in a gallery format, allowing you to weigh your options and make an informed decision.

    Video Elements Theme

    Single-Use ($25.00), Multi-Use ($75.00), Developer ($125.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    TV Elements Theme

    Single-Use ($50.00), Multi-Use ($125.00), Developer ($225.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    On Demand Video Theme

    Single-Use ($75.00), Multi-Use ($150.00), Developer ($250.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Revolution Charred

    • 2-Column Fixed Width Theme
    • Widget Ready

    License for this theme ($59.95), All Themes license ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Download

    Revolution Chrome

    • 2-Column Fixed Width Theme
    • Widget Ready

    License for this theme ($59.95), All Themes license ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Download

    eCommerce Theme

    • eCommerce Plugin Compatibility – Easily integrate with the popular eCommerce Plugin from Instinct Entertainment.
    • Easily customizable – Make it your own by tweaking the CSS stylesheet and your own images (includes 6 pre-built color styles)
    • Search engine optimized — We’ve built our themes to get the most search engine benefit for you and your products
    • Manage your store online – WordPress is an online software program; you log in and edit your store from the web
    • Use your own domain name — Most online shops require you to use their domain name, with Ecommerce Themes, you can install the template on your custom domain name and hosting account

    Single-Use ($49.00), Multiple-Use ($199.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    eVideo Theme


    Comes with $20.00 subscription to Elegant Themes Club!

    Source/Demo | Download

    Revolution Video

    • Built for embedding videos
    • 2-Column Fixed Width Theme
    • Widget Ready

    License for this theme ($59.95), All Themes license ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Download

    For a complete list of premium WordPress themes available, check out our premium WordPress themes gallery!

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  • Blog Premium WordPress Theme Gallery

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    Updated: January 23, 2015

    Friday we took a look at a large variety of news and magazine premium WordPress themes, and yesterday we took a look at small business premium WordPress themes. Today I wanted to cover my favorite type of premium WordPress theme, this time focusing specifically on the premium blog WordPress themes.

    When the premium WordPress market was originally formed, pretty much every theme was focused specifically on behaving like a content management system. There were some great themes released, but it always surprised me that there didn’t seem to be any real premium blog themes for sale. Fortunately in the six months since then a few nice premium blog themes have been released and they really do a great job of taking your blog to the next level.

    I expect this area of the premium WordPress themes market to continue to grow, so this post will probably receive a lot of updates over the coming months. Enjoy!

    Flexx Theme

    • Over 1,000 Possible Layout Combinations!
    • Completely widget based
    • Ability to Rotating header images
    • Multiple Color Styles to choose from
    • Includes Contact Form Page Template
    • A Built-In Menu Builder
    • Search Engine Optimized

    Single-Use ($79.95), Multiple-Use ($249.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Ultimate Blogging Theme

    • 3 color schemes (Spit fire red, Quirky pink and Earth green)
    • 6 months of FREE updates
    • 17 minute video tutorials for theme installation
    • 20 minute video tutorials for on-page SEO & Conversion tips and tricks

    Single License ($67.00), Unlimited License ($97.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Urban Elements Theme


    • Theme options page for customization and management options for: Site Header Customization, In line Advertisement Management, Sidebar Advertisement Management, Social Link Configuration, Google Analytics Configuration and finally Post Thumbnail options
    • Drop down navigation menu
    • Integrated advertisement placements
    • Framed post thumbnails
    • Social links
    • Full documentation

    Unlimited License: $75.00

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Citrus Theme

    • 6 Colors to Choose From – Pink, Light Orange, Green, Red, Blue, and Dark Orange.
    • Advertising Management including 125×125 Ad Blocks.
    • Two unique layouts – a “landing-style” news page and a two-column “blog-style” interior page.
    • Change your theme’s color, layout, featured posts, and advertising – all without touching a single line of code.
    • Clean, lightweight code means fast loading times.
    • Extensive support resources available.
    • Search engine optimized, out of the box.

    Single-Use ($79.00), Multiple-Use ($99.00), Developer’s Pack ($149.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Omni Social Networking Theme

    • Theme designed specifically for social networking bloggers.

    Single-Use ($79.99), Developer’s ($199.99)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Thesis Theme

    Personal License ($87.00), Developer’s License ($164.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    For a complete list of premium WordPress themes available, check out our premium WordPress themes gallery!

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  • Small Business Premium WordPress Themes Gallery

    Updated: January 23, 2015

    Yesterday we took a look at some of the best news and magazine premium WordPress themes.   Today I wanted to take a look at another area of the premium WordPress themes market, this time focusing on the themes being designed specifically for small businesses in mind.

    Some small business premium WordPress themes are created with very specific businesses in mind, while most can easily be adapted to just about any small business that needs a content management system or business blog setup.    I’ve attempted to feature all types of small business themes below.

    Essence Theme (6 Colors to Choose From)

    Essence Themes

    • 7 inside page layouts
    • Elegant look and feel of traditional website
    • Static home page
    • Integrated blog templates
    • Two header options: Text or graphic

    Single-Use ($79.95), Multiple-Use ($249.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    WP-Remix Theme

    • 7 Color Schemes
    • Includes free PHPBB3 Forum Template
    • Gallery module for managing photos or artwork
    • WYSIWYG Page editor
    • Smart Drop Menu
    • Over 50 Page Templates
    • Dynamic Codes
    • Flexibility
    • Add-on modules
    • Support Forum
    • Grid Based Layouts
    • Compatible with Many Popular Plugins
    • Widget ready
    • Printable Pages
    • Contact Form
    • W3C valid, Cross browser Compatible
    • SEO ready

    Personal ($75.00), Multiple-Use ($275.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Cubicle Business Theme


    • WordPress 2.7 ready! – Enjoy the new features with WordPress 2.7, including threaded comments!
    • Get Your Business Website Up Fast – With WordPress and Cubicle, your business can get a website up and starting informing your fans, clients and others of what you are doing
    • Upload Your Logo – Our image uploader feature allows you to personalize your site with your own logo
    • Showcase Photos Easily – Cubicle comes with a random image script that allows you to display multiple photos on your home page
    • Theme Options – That allow you to easily paste tracking code and enable features
    • Tutorials and Support – Like all of their themes, buyers get access to the tutorials and top notch support.

    Single-Use License: $79.95, Multiple-Use License: $149.95

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Titanium WordPress Theme

    • Small Business/Business Card Theme
    • Fading Featured Images
    • Featured Video
    • Drop-down menu navigation
    • 6 Page Templates
    • Custom Header Image Uploader

    Single-Use ($79.95), Multiple-Use ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Architect Business Theme


    • WordPress 2.7 ready!
    • Get Your Business Website Up Fast – With WordPress and Architect, your business can get a website up and starting informing your fans, clients and others of what you are doing
    • Upload Your Logo – Our image uploader feature allows you to personalize your site with your own logo
    • Showcase Photos Easily – Architect comes with a random image script that allows you to display multiple photos on your home page; plus we’ve got a Flickr photo gallery installed as well
    • Architect Theme Options that allow you to easily paste tracking code and enable features.

    Single-Use ($79.95), Multiple-Use ($249.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    WP Realtor Theme


    • Available in three colors: red, white, and black
    • Real Estate / Business WordPress theme
    • Featured content section on homepage
    • 2 level drop down navigation menu
    • Full width page layout option

    Agent Theme Package ($59.95) | Pro Plus Package ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    WP Realtor Theme

    • Beautiful, elegant themes
    • Five colors included: sea blue, red, navy blue, gold and black
    • Agent can publish picture with biography
    • Top-Level link to add property listing
    • Easily publish your home details (including bathrooms, bedrooms, images and lots more)
    • “No Custom Fields” to hassle with when posting property details and images
    • Images are auto thumbnailed and display full-size with a cool pop-up slideshow
    • Featured properties rotate on home page with agent
    • Cool Property Search Options – includes dropdowns and search box
    • Agents page to display biography and properties for sale
    • Payment Calculator
    • Ad Banner Management

    Single-Use ($79.99), Multiple-Use ($149.99), Developer’s Pack ($349.99)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    iReal Estate WordPress Theme

    • Easily customizable
    • Integrated blog
    • Home page template
    • Wide layout for content heavy sites
    • Widget ready sidebars and feature areas
    • Drop-down navigation
    • Search engine optimized

    Single-Use ($49.95),Multiple-Use ($59.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Industrial Series Themes (Includes 6 Different Colors)

    Industrial Series Theme

    • Drop-down menus
    • Front page feature section (Tabber)
    • Bread-crumb interior navigation
    • Archive Page Template
    • 6 Pre-built Color Schemes
    • Two sidebars
    • Website look and feel

    Single-Use ($49.95), Multiple-Use ($99.95)

    Source/Purchase | Demo

    Deep Stack Poker Theme

    • Theme custom built for poker websites and blogs.

    Single-Use ($79.95), Multiple-Use ($199.95)

    Source/Purchase | Demo

    For a complete list of premium WordPress themes available, check out our premium WordPress themes gallery!

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  • News and Magazine Premium WordPress Theme Gallery

    Updated: January 25, 2015

    As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the things WordPress Hacks is most known for is our WordPress theme galleries. Because of this, we have worked really hard to maintain them by both adding new themes as they are released, as well as removing older themes that are either outdated, are no longer available, or are no longer supported by their authors.

    One of the most common requests I get via our contact form is to break apart our galleries into more of a niche focused display of WordPress themes. Because we aim to serve, this post will be the first of a three part series breaking down the premium WordPress themes available. Next we will be going through our free galleries and looking for more helpful ways to display those as well.

    This first WordPress gallery was designed to feature some of the best News and Magazine Premium WordPress themes currently available for purchase. I included both styles because the lines are kind of blurred between the two and I didn’t want any debate over which category each one falls under. Themes are not listed in any particular order and I have included any listed features with the theme whenever it was possible.

    Revolution Church Theme

    • 3-Column Fixed Width Theme
    • Widget Ready

    License for this theme ($59.95), All Themes license ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Download

    Revolution Lifestyle Theme

    • 3-Column Fixed Width Theme
    • Widget Ready

    License for this theme ($59.95), All Themes license ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Download

    One Theme

    • Five Color Schemes: Blue | Green | Pink | Black | Red
    • Custom Control Panel
    • Widget Ready
    • Javascript Drop Down Menus
    • Custom Search Result Page
    • Archive, Links & Sitemap Templates
    • Child Pages Ready
    • Child Categories Ready
    • Numbered Comments
    • Valid XHTML/CSS – Full div layout (no tables)
    • SEO Optimized Code
    • Logo Design Service Available
    • Theme Installation Service Available
    • Two Homepage Layouts
    • Tracking Ready (Statcounter/Google Analytics)
    • Unique “Hot Conversation” Plugin

    Single-Use ($99.95), Three-Use ($199.99), Developer’s License ($299.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    WP Vybe Theme

    • Theme settings page in your WordPress control panel (see screen shots below).
    • 2-column or 3-column layouts.
    • 10 different color options with control panel setting for further customization.
    • Optional featured article glider for home page.
    • Gravatar integration.
    • Optional banner ad integration.
    • Optional built-in post thumbnails.
    • Optional logo/header image integration via control panel.
    • Built-in site search.
    • Built-in drop-down navigation for sub-categories and sub-pages.
    • Built-in author page and author profile with Gravatar support.
    • Comment and trackback separation.
    • Post author comments highlighted.
    • Original Photoshop files (PSDs) available for download via control panel.

    Basic (Single License $99.00), Premium (Multiple Use $199.00), Developer ($299.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Gemini Theme

    • 3 color schemes
    • AJAX featured article section
    • Drop down navigation menu
    • Integrated social bookmarks and social voting options
    • Side blog on homepage
    • Featured video section
    • Semantic and up to date xhtml and css
    • Custom modifications available on request

    Single-Use ($60.00), Developer’s ($120.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Pass It On Theme

    • Cool Link Feature – Visitors see a green check mark beside links they have already visited.
    • Social Media Ready – Check out the custom social bookmarking integration at the top of each post page.
    • Premium Ad Placement – Plenty of places for ads to help you make more money from your blog.
    • Related Posts – Related posts built into the content to promote click-thrus.

    Single-Use ($85.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    WP-Magazine Theme

    WP-Magazine Theme

    • Widget-Ready, User-Friendly, and Optimized for WordPress Versions 2.2 and Above
    • Five Different Home Page Layouts
    • Four Different Category/Archive Page Layouts
    • Home Page Featured Article Glider Box
    • Built-In Banner Ad Blocks
    • Built-In Site Guide in Right Sidebar
    • Customized Recent Comments in Sidebar With Gravatar Support
    • Author Bio Information and Gravatar Included on Single Post Pages
    • Alternating Color Comments With Gravatar Support

    Basic (Single License $99.00), Premium (Multiple Use $199.00), Developer ($299.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Shiva Pro Theme

    • Widget Ready
    • Google AdSense Ready
    • Gravatar Ready

    Single-Use ($89.00), Multiple-Use ($149.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Tauren Pro Theme

    • Widget Ready
    • Google AdSense Ready
    • Gravatar Ready

    Single-Use ($69.00), Multiple-Use ($128.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Deep Blue Theme

    • BBPress Integrated Theme for message boards.
    • Customized Author Pages.
    • User Avatars.
    • Featured Articles.
    • Customized Category and Search Results.

    Single-Use License ($50.00), Developer’s Pack License ($199.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Arthemia Premium Theme

    • Theme Admin Panel
    • Choose a color for each category
    • Drop-down menu
    • Automatic thumbnail generation
    • Widgetized sidebar and footer
    • Ad banner management

    Single License ($70.00), Five Licenses ($140.00), Developer’s Pack ($240.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Time Cafe News Theme


    • Choose between 3 Different Colors
    • Easy to use theme option menu
    • 300×250, 468×60 and 125×125 ad ready
    • Built-in image slider
    • Custom page templates
    • Built in Feedburner Newsletter and RSS options
    • Drop-down menu
    • Embed video code ready
    • Front end login
    • Custom typography
    • WordPress 2.7 Compatible
    • Custom page templates

    Unlimited Use License ($79.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Traveler Theme

    • Choose between Advertisement-Ready version and Advertisement-Free version
    • 2 Styles (Full Features & Clean)
    • Ad your AdSense or Image Link Code
    • Turn all-or-individual banners on/off
    • Quick Post – No need to put an image
    • Image Auto Resizer
    • Random Video Rotator (copy/paste code)
    • Flickr Integration
    • Build your Own Menu from the Theme Options
    • Drop Down Menu (Build your Own)
    • Ad your own Logo and Styles Easily
    • Unique Post Randomizer
    • Main News Section
    • Widget Ready
    • Customized Archives and Search Pages
    • Stylesheet switcher
    • Feedburner Integration

    Single-Use ($79.95), Multiple-Use ($179.95), Developer’s License ($279.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Celebrity Press Theme

    • 2 Colors (Black & White)
    • 2 background samples
    • Ad your AdSense or Image Link Code
    • Turn all-or-individual banners on/off
    • Quick Post – No need to put an image
    • Image Auto Resizer
    • Random Video Rotator (copy/paste code)
    • Flickr Integration
    • Build your Own Menu from the Theme Options
    • Photo Gallery
    • Drop Down Menu (Build your Own)
    • Customized Error page with sitemap
    • Ad your own Logo and Styles Easily
    • Unique Post Randomizer
    • Main News Section
    • Customized Archives and Search Pages
    • Stylesheet switcher
    • Feedburner Integration
    • Extensive help and tutorial included

    Single-Use ($79.95), Multiple-Use ($179.95), Developer’s Pack ($279.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Celebrity Gossip Theme

    • 3 color style – Light, Warm, Dark
    • Automatic image resizer to dynamically create the thumbnails on homepage
    • Automatically use the first image in each post for homepage thumbnail, no need to manually key in custom field. Custom field method still available if you wish to override with your own image.
    • Optional 2 column bottom bar
    • Widgets ready – easily arrange sidebar and bottom bar
    • Advertisement ready – 4 125×125 banner slots and 1 top header banner
    • Print.css – for uncluttered printing
    • Theme options admin panel (preview)
    • PSD files included

    Single-Use ($35.00), Multiple-Use ($95.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    MagNews Theme

    • Google AdSense Ready
    • 125×125 Ad Blocks
    • 3-Column Theme
    • Widget Ready Theme

    Single-Use License ($49.00), Developer’s Pack ($199.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Technology Theme


    • multiple page layouts
    • blog index page
    • the contact form is embedded as a page template
    • custom header image uploader
    • featured image slideshow on the home page
    • widgetized home page areas
    • the background selector
    • WP 2.7 threaded comments

    Single-Use License ($79.95), Multiple-Use License ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    iTeam Theme

    • Quickly and easily set up a sport team website with WordPress
    • Upload your sports video to YouTube and insert it directly into the iTeam home page
    • Image uploader feature allows you to personalize your site with your own logo
    • iTeam comes with a random image script that allows you to display multiple photos on your home page
    • Post Live Games Updates – Using and iTeam, you can easily post live game updates to your team’s website
    • Drop down navigation menus
    • Social media integration
    • Various page templates including: left sidebar page, right sidebar page, one column page
    • Flickr photo gallery embedded

    Single-Use ($59.95), Multiple-Use ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    iNews Theme

    • 4 column home page layout
    • Front page feature box, you can highlight any content you want on your home page, including older content that gets buried
    • Post Quick Notes and Links – With the center “asides” section, you can post quick links, quotes, or notes
    • Upload a new graphic – The custom image uploader feature allows you to personalize your site with your own logo
    • Drop down navigation menu

    Single-Use ($49.95), Multiple-Use ($79.95)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Revolution Office

    • 2-Column Fixed Width Theme
    • Widget Ready

    License for this theme ($59.95), All Themes license ($149.95)

    Source/Demo | Download

    bSocial Theme

    • Highlight Your Content: With the front three feature boxes, you can highlight any content you want on your home page, including older content that gets buried
    • Social Networking: On the home page and each post of bSocial you can link to all your social networking content easily
    • Custom image uploader feature allows you to personalize your site with your own logo or graphic!
    • Drop Down Navigation Menu
    • Professional support
    • Search engine optimized
    • Multiple page templates — like Feedreader and Search
    • Widget-ready sidebar
    • Comprehensive Theme Options page (see release page)
    • Automatic image resizing — for front feature boxes
    • Easy feature image uploading — with automatic image rotating

    Single-Use ($79.95), Multiple-Use ($150.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    Credit Crunch Theme

    • Revolutionary theme options page with powerful customization
    • Automatic thumbnail images
    • Images can be any size you want, it’s easy to change the dimensions in the options
    • Pick from 4 different page layouts
    • Choose 1 sidebar on the left or right, 2 sidebars, or full pages to maximise the impact of your content
    • No extra plugins or setup required, it just works
    • Embed a YouTube video in the sidebar without any code
    • Sexy drop-down navigation
    • Automatic tabbed widgets
    • Handy footer area with extra links
    • Valid, SEO friendly code
    • Bulletproof design – built to look great with all the HTML elements
    • Feedburner and Google Analytics integration without the need to install plugins or edit code
    • Separate Trackbacks are neatly tucked away at the bottom so they never get in the way of the conversation
    • Smart comments highlight the author so your readers always know when you reply with something important
    • Organized & Easy to Edit Code

    Single License ($70.00), Unlimited License ($249.00)

    Source/Demo | Purchase

    For a complete list of premium WordPress themes available, check out our premium WordPress themes gallery!

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  • Best Free WordPress Themes Gallery

    Updated: January 23, 2015

    It has been awhile since I’ve created one of our popular WordPress theme galleries, so I decided it was time to build a new one. In the past I’ve always taken the approach of trying to remove any personal bias and just display the WordPress themes and demo/download information in a manageable way so that the reader can choose their favorite themes that they’d like to use.

    This time I decided to comb the internet looking for my personal favorite free WordPress themes and display them below in a convenient format.  Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that there aren’t many free themes available these days, so I’ve decided to throw in my favorite premium WordPress themes at the bottom of this post as an alternative for those serious about blogging!

    This theme gallery is broken down into the following categories (click the link to be taken to the section you are looking for):

    This post is updated regularly, so if you find you are often in the market for a free WordPress theme, bookmark this post and check back regularly!


    Best 2-Column Free WordPress Themes

    Vintage Theme



    Blues Theme



    Shades of Blue Theme


    Download | Demo

    PassionDuo Theme (3 Colors)

    Green: Demo | Download, Red: Demo | Download, Blue: Demo | Download

    Evolution Theme

    Source | Download | Demos: Blue, Green, Red

    GlossyBlue Theme

    GlossyBlue Theme


    Color Paper Theme


    StudioPress Theme

    StudioPress Theme

    Source | Demo

    Blak Magik Theme


    [Continue Reading…]

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  • Premium WordPress Theme Responsibilities

    Have you ever wanted to create a premium WordPress theme? I’m sure we’ve all noticed an explosion in this market over the past few months due to the income potential, but I’ve also noticed a bad trend that I’d like to talk a little bit about. That trend is the very un-premium quality of many of these new themes being released, as well as a extreme lack of innovation put into creating these themes.

    Many of the top designers in this market launched their sites back in late 2007 and quickly established their own niche. Since then, they have continued to release new themes, but they tend to shift their focus to a different type of end-user with each new theme. Newcomers seem to build very similar news/magazine themes that really aren’t all that different than what is already available. I don’t think to many people looking for a news or magazine theme are going to have any trouble filling their needs with what is already available, so place your focus somewhere else, or provide something in your theme that the competition doesn’t have.

    In addition to picking out a niche to build your business around, there are also some things you should consider before releasing a premium WordPress theme. Long time readers know that I’ve been following the premium WordPress themes market pretty closely since last November when it really started to pick up steam, and I’ve noticed several (easily fixable) mistakes web designers are making when trying to compete in this very competitive market. Below I’ve collected a few of these things that you should have in place before you launch your theme:

    1. Theme Support – This is by far the most important way to find success. When you charge for your theme, it raises the stakes, and buyers need to know that you will be there for them if they run into problems with your theme. You need to setup Forums for buyers to use and you need to be very active on them.
    2. Offer Theme Updates – As time goes by the internet evolves and WordPress evolves with it. You’ll want to re-evaluate your premium themes every few months and make updates, add features, etc. Then offer a free upgrade to all previous buyers.
    3. Browser Compatibility – A new designer recently tried to enter this market with a theme that did not display properly in Internet Explorer 6. It is fairly unprofessional to release a free theme that doesn’t display properly in all browsers (in my opinion), but its free so you can sometimes get away with it. The second you start charging for your services, you’ll have to provide a fully compatible theem.
    4. Valid Code – Just like browser compatibility, it is unprofessional to release code that isn’t valid and shows a lot about you as a web designer.
    5. Advertising – As I said above, this is a very competitive market now, and the PPC rates have gone up considerably in the last couple months. How much will you pay-per-click? Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.
    6. Affiliate Program – With the cost of PPC advertising being so high, what better way to market your product than to offer an affiliate program? This helps encourage bloggers to promote your product and you only have to make a payment if a sale is made. If you decide to go this route, make sure to create some banners for affiliates to use (125×125, 300×250 at least) and I recommend using E-Junkie to manage your affiliate program for you. It only costs a few dollars a month and they handle all the work, including billing and providing download links to the buyer.
    7. Give Away Theme Copies – Contact some large blogs with a big following and offer a few copies of your theme to give away to readers via a contest, etc, in exchange for a review. You could also offer the author a copy in exchange for a review. If you go this route, think about your target audience and find blogs in that niche. A good place to start is with blogs about blogging or WordPress.
    8. Innovation – Do something different. Target a specific niche. Don’t just add another news/magazine theme to the list that is growing larger each day.

    As you can see, there is a lot more to being successful in this market than simply offering a free theme. I think if you look at the three most successful premium theme authors, you’ll see a lot of the above.

    So, anything you would add? I know most of the premium theme designers read this blog and I would love to get their input. What about buyers of these themes? What do you look for when purchasing one a premium WordPress theme?

    Edit: PJ has provided a bunch of other responsibilities in the comments that were so good that I felt they warranted being added to the original post:

    1. Control Panel Options – Adding the ability to customize your theme from the control panel is a great option. At a minimum, buyers should be able to plug in their Feedburner feed information from the control panel.
    2. Provide Tutorials – Providing tutorials to buyers is a great way to show you support your theme.
    3. Multiple Color Schemes – Offering several different stylesheets to choose from as a great way to widen the appeal of your theme. This helps buyers use their favorite colors and make their sites/blogs look more original.
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