Build Custom Facebook Page Themes Using a WordPress Plugin

Over the past couple years it has been impressive to see Facebook craftily grow its influence beyond the domain and expanding all throughout the internet.  For example, it seems just about every major website now allows you to login using Facebook.  With Facebook’s growing influence over the internet it isn’t surprising many WordPress developers have really stepped up, providing a number of great free and premium WordPress plugins to help improve WordPress and Facebook integration.

Once of my most recent Facebook plugin discoveries came from the developers at Premium Coding, a website which builds quite a few things, including a series of premium WordPress plugins.  The plugin I want to talk about today is called Facebook Page Themes, and the title pretty much sums up what this plugin does.  With this premium WordPress plugin users can generate a custom designed theme for your Facebook page, giving your business a professional look that promotes your product or service. [Continue Reading…]

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  • Create Your iPhone App with the WiziApp WordPress Plugin

    As we transition to a new era of computing where people are getting their information via mobile phones, you are starting to see just about every high profile website or blog making their own iPhone app.  But what about the average WordPress user who doesn’t have the time and/or budget to make their own custom iPhone application?

    Not long ago I covered a free WordPress plugin called WPTouch which creates a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress blog to display for mobile web browsers.  The unfortunate truth, however, is that outside of clicking on a link from Twitter on their phones, most iPhone, Android, or mobile users in general do not use the mobile web to view a webpage.  In order to maximize convenience for your readers you really need a custom iPhone application.  This is where an app I recently discovered, Wiziapp, comes to the rescue.

    What is WiziApp?  Wiziapp is a WordPress plugin that automatically turns your WordPress blog into a native iPhone app in real time, giving easy access to the following within the application: Posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, links, images, videos, and audio files. And if that wasn’t enough, Wiziapp even offers a push notification service to notify iOS users when your website has new content available!

    Here is a complete list of the features provided by the Wiziapp team:

    • Create and personalize your iPhone application from your WordPress dashboard using the plugin’s wizard.
    • Deliver all of your blog content directly to your App in real time.
    • Notify your readers about new posts via push notification service.
    • Your readers can easily read and post new comments directly from your App.
    • Your App will display your images and galleries in native iPhone style.
    • All the media you have posted will be collected to video or audio libraries.
    • Your readers can easily search your blog directly from your App.
    • Playing video and audio using Wiziapp’s advanced players.
    • Enable your readers to navigate between posts by categories, tags or author name.
    • Integrate with your login system.
    • Your readers can easily share your posts and images via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.
    • Monetize your App by displaying ads using your own AdMob account.
    • Your readers can easily save your posts to their ‘favorites’ list.
    • We publish your App to the iTunes App Store and save you time & money dealing with an Apple developer account.
    • See daily stats of your App visits and downloads.
    • Stay up to date with all iOS and WordPress new features.
    • Check out the Wiziapp tour here.

    [Continue Reading…]

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  • Alternate WordPress Themes with the LP Jumper WordPress Plugin

    If you are an affiliate marketer, I’m sure you will be able to see the tremendous value in a new WordPress plugin (which was just released today) known as the LP Jumper WordPress plugin.    I’ve been working with the author of the plugin for over a year now on various affiliate campaigns and was thrilled to be able to get a sneak peak at the Landing Page Jumper plugin a day early and try it out.

    With the LP Jumper WordPress plugin, the concept is really simple.   All you have to do is upload and activate the plugin.  Once activated, you can control all the WordPress themes in your theme directory from the settings panel, setting rotation percentages (percentages much total 100% in order for the rotation to work properly).   Once done, the theme displayed will change each time the website is refreshed based upon the percentages you set.

    Here are some of the features of this premium WordPress plugin, which are any affiliate marketers dream:

    • Rotate Multiple Landing Pages from One Traffic Source
    • Find Out How Many Times the Specific Landing Page was viewed
    • Give Specific Priority to a Landing Page base on its Performance
    • Ability to Test your Current Landing Page Layout with Different Color Variations
    • Easily Create One Campaign and Utilize One Traffic Source to Test

    If you’d like to learn more, you can read about the LP Jumper plugin here.

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  • Increase Earnings with the PHPBay Premium WordPress Plugin

    Are you looking for another way to monetize your WordPress blog?   Back in November 2008, I wrote about a new premium WordPress plugin called Auction Thumbs.   After that post was published, there seemed to be a lot of interest in this type of product.  This seems to be because people are quickly discovering they can make a lot of money online by doing nothing more than simply sending traffic over to eBay for relevant auctions!  In this post I will be discussing a similar WordPress plugin which has actually been around for over two years now called PHP Bay Pro.

    PHP Bay is an eBay affiliate script that comes in two forms.   The first is a stand-alone API version which allows non-WordPress PHP based websites to quickly and easily add eBay keyword based content advertisements to their website.  The second version is the one which will apply to our readers, and that is the easy to use PHP Bay WordPress plugin.

    PHP Bay Pro lets you take advantage of the 80 million auctions on eBay by adding relevant auctions to your WordPress blog.   When users click on the auctions, they are taken to that auction on eBay.   Then once people buy ANY item on eBay, you earn a commission, even if it wasn’t what you referred them for.  In fact, you get commission for any auctions won over the next 7 days by that person.   If that wasn’t enough, if someone signs up for an eBay account within 7 days of clicking on your eBay auction link, you also get a very nice commission (can be as high as $40.00 I believe, but usually around $15.00 each).

    Here is the feature list you get with PHP Bay:

    • Earn revenue through the Ebay Partner Network or other popular programs like PepperJam, Mediaplex, TradeDoubler or Affilinet!
    • Add keyword rich Ebay items to your php based web site that encourage impulsive buys!
    • Easily Integrate into any New or Existing WordPress Blog!
    • Thousands of free WordPress templates available across the web to create virtually any type of site!
    • Not Javascript based! Auction listings are 100% pure html based creating additional targeted content for your site!
    • List auction items regionally from 17 different countries!
    • List items by postal code (zip code) for localized results.
    • List items from specific Ebay categories.
    • Listings displayed in language and currency of selected country.
    • Listings displayed in rows or specified number of columns for a Web 2.0 look and feel!
    • Access to our active members only forum that offers a tremendous value in how to get more out of phpBay Pro, strategies, tips and tricks and much more!
    • Use on as many sites as you own! phpBay Pro is not limited to one domain. It can be used on one, or hundreds of sites with one license!
    • Comprehensive user manual with illustrations, in PDF format, for both the WordPress version and the API version, that will walk you through, step-by-step, to install and get working quickly with phpBay Pro!
    • Upgrades are free for the life of the product! phpBay Pro is nearly two years old with three major upgrades made with suggestions from our user base!

    If you are considering buying this WordPress plugin, make sure the topic your WordPress blog(s) covers will convert well on eBay.  Product based websites which cover something that is often bought on eBay seems to convert the best (electronics, pictures, etc.).   If your blog covers free products or some sort of service, chances are using a WordPress plugin like this won’t be worth your effort and will annoy your readers.

    If you decide you’re interested in PHP Bay Pro, it looks like it is currently available for $79.00.  I believe they used to have a free version as well, but I’ve not been able to track that down so they may have removed it since I bought my copy of this plugin last year.

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  • New Premium WordPress Plugin: Introducing Auction Thumbs

    Though there are a large number of free WordPress plugins available to meet most WordPress blogger’s needs, generally speaking, when you are looking for a quality affiliate marketing plugin, you’re going to need to browse through the premium WordPress plugins available.

    In today’s post I want to introduce you to a new premium plugin named Auction Thumbs.   For people that maintain a WordPress blog which discusses products that convert well on eBay, this plugin might be very profitable for you!

    How Does Auction Thumbs Work?

    If you’ve ever used BANS or another software to build an eBay niche store that takes advantage of eBay’s affiliate program, then you’ll have a general idea how this plugin works.   Auction Thumbs allows any WordPress user to fully integrate eBay’s affiliate program into their blog in just a few minutes.

    Simply activate the Auction Thumbs plugin, enter your eBay campaign code (you can generate one in your eBay Partner Network account), and select where you want to place your ads.   With this plugin, you can easily display your eBay ads in any/all of the following places:  display a gallery of thumbnails, display pictures below each post, or as a widget in your blog’s sidebar!   By default, thumbnails will immediately show up in the footer of every current and archived post on your blog upon activation, but it comes with a fully configurable admin panel so you can control everything from the WordPress dashboard.

    The plugin will then display relevant auctions (it matches the tags assigned to your post with eBay’s inventory) and when someone clicks on it, they are taken to that eBay auction.   Of course that is only the beginning, as a 7-day cookie is placed in their web browser and you get a percentage of EVERYTHING that person buys during that time.

    The author lists the following features which are included with the purchase of Auction Thumbs:


    • SEO-friendly links (no rover links)
    • Displays within page, post, and sidebars automatically, blog-wide
    • Display can be suppressed at the individual post and page level
    • Gradiant configurable color background
    • Smooth-scrolling user page navigation
    • Configurable, no-distortion thumbnail image sizing
    • Fit or Fill thumbnail images
    • eBay listings configurable to top or bottom of post


    • Powerful database cache that reduces server overhead and greatly speeds pageviews for your site visitors. No calls to eBay for each pageview!


    • Supports 15 eBay country sites, including language, currency and product categories
    • Filter by eBay category
    • Filter out specific sellers’ inventories
    • Display items from one or more specific sellers (great for promoting your own items).
    • Listing Type filter (auction items, store items, etc.)
    • Sort order setting
    • Min and Max price range
    • Min and Max bid count
    • Display items with bids first


    • Configure default settings and all current and archive posts and pages will instantly have eBay listings
    • No coding, script or shortcode configuration
    • Widget-based sidebar configuration
    • No .htaccess modification required
    • Automatically pull post tags to use for eBay listings keywords (optional)
    • Country-specific search category wizard
    • Tabbed administrative interface
    • Color picker to visually choose background color
    • EPN custom ID text for reporting purposes
    • Category wizard to pull live country-specific categories for fine-tuning product listings
    • Debug Mode to aid in fine-tuning settings
    • Embedded mouseover help for all configuration fields
    • Customizable thumbnail border color
    • Cache clear button
    • Cache contents count display

    eBay EPN Revenue Generation

    • SEO affiliate links with 301 redirect
    • Multiple Campaign number fields for granular performance tracking (sidebar, post, post link)
    • Default settings propagate instantly for all posts in the blog archive.

    eBay Affiliations

    • Passed the eBay Compatible Application check
    • Member of eBay Developers Program
    • Included in eBay Solution Directory (pending)

    Where Can I Purchase Auction Thumbs?

    If you decide you want to purchase auction thumbs, it normally only costs $79.00, but readers can use promo code “wphacks” to receive $15.00 off, meaning you can use this plugin on unlimited sites for only $64.00!

    To give you an idea of this plugins potential value, when I purchased BANS a few years ago (costs $97.00), I made that investment back in under a month and a half.  Everything after that was pure profit and is still providing steady income today.  I’ve been using Auction Thumbs for a few days now on my video game blog and my book review blog, where I expect this plugin to convert well, and expect more of the same success as I’ve enjoyed with Build a Niche Store.

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  • Promote Your Affiliates with the WP Ninja Affilate WordPress Plugin

    You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I reviewed a premium WordPress plugin called WP Affiliate Pro. In the time since then, I came across a similar premium WordPress plugin called WP Ninja Affiliate, which I managed to pick up a copy of and have been playing around with ever since. What can I say? I’m a sucker for plugins that have the potential to make my online life easier!

    At first glance, WP Ninja Affiliate might seem a lot like the WP Affiliate Pro plugin due to the many similarities, but in testing I’ve found that in many ways, it is a more advanced version of that plugin. It does the things you’ve come to expect from WP Affiliate Pro, such as managing your affiliate links, adding cloaked affiliate links to your existing blog posts, and even provide you with click statistics.

    In addition to all that good stuff, you’ll also be able to:

    1. Assign Multiple Keywords – If you want to use multiple anchor text for an individual affiliate link, you can do so with this plugin.
    2. Group Affiliates – Group your affiliate links for easy management.
    3. Enjoy Smart Caching – This plugin uses a smart caching feature to prevent your blog from slowing down.

    I also found that many of the functions are easier to do than WP Affiliate Pro. Also, in the time that I’ve owned this plugin, it has already seen updates, leading me to believe it is very well supported by the author. If you aren’t happy with your purchase for some reason, you have an eight week money back guarantee!

    Overall, I am very happy with my acquisition of this premium WordPress plugin I plan on using it on a few of my WordPress blogs. If you find you are managing a lot of affiliate links on your blogs, I recommend you check out the WP Ninja Affiliate splash page.

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  • Maximize SEO With the SEO Sniper WordPress Plugin

    When I first ran across the WP SEO Sniper premium WordPress plugin, I wasn’t really sure what exactly to expect.   After all, there is a popular free SEO WordPress plugin called All-in-One SEO Pack that has really become popular within the WordPress community.

    I immediately picked up a copy of the WordPress plugin and began to test it out to try to get an idea of how it compared to All-in-One SEO Pack.  After getting the plugin uploaded and activated, I jumped over to the plugin settings panel and began to dig through the available features.   I have to admit, I was instantly impressed!

    From what I can tell, All-in-One SEO Pack is designed specifically for anyone to upload and activate for instant improved SEO, meaning it is designed for someone that doesn’t have any SEO knowledge.  SEO Sniper was created for those serious about SEO so that they can easily practice advanced SEO techniques on their WordPress blogs directly from the dashboard.  They even offer 3 user profiles, so you can set the plugin to Mild, Moderate, or Aggressive.

    Although things are displayed a little differently, it appears that SEO Sniper includes everything that use get with All-in-One SEO Pack, but it takes your control over your blogs SEO to a whole new level.

    The plugin was based upon Dan Thies’ SEO Fast Start manual, allowing you to easily implement Dan’s strategies on your WordPress blog. Based upon Dan’s suggestions, you should be:

    • Prevent paged indexes and archives from being indexed by the search engines.
    • Selectively nofollow links to the main index page from anywhere on your blog.
    • Craft a custom page title, meta keywords, and meta description for the blog home page.
    • Nofollow category links on the category pages.
    • Nofollow category links on the individual posts.
    • Nofollow category links on the individual pages.
    • Noindex all tag archives.
    • Nofollow all internal tag links.
    • Automatically build a footer page menu.
    • Insert Google Analytics code and Google site verification code.
    • Specify if and where you want to nofollow links to the page.
    • Specify if you want to prevent the page from being indexed by the spiders.
    • Craft a custom page title, meta keywords, and meta description.
    • Prevent the page from being included in the WordPress list of pages.
    • Specify a custom CSS file to be applied.
    • Perform a 301 redirection on the page.  (This is great for those wanting to cloak affiliate links)
    • Link the page or post to other pages and posts with custom anchor text.

    With SEO Sniper, you can do the following:

    • Give your important content more PageRank by cutting out redundant pages.
    • Preserves more PageRank to be shared amongst your lower level content pages.
    • Make your entry in the search engines stand out and entice more clicks.
    • Push more PageRank down to your individual posts.
    • Preserve more PageRank to be shared amongst your posts.
    • Preserve more PageRank to be shared amongst your pages.
    • Since tags are mostly for human benefit, the value of having tag archives in the search engine index is debatable.
    • Preserve more PageRank to go to your valuable content.
    • Give your blog a fully SEO’d footer menu with selective nofollows on the links.
    • Include your Google code without having to edit your theme files.
    • Precisely control how PageRank flows to a page.
    • Keep unimportant content out of the search engine index completely.
    • Make your entry in the search engines stand out and entice more clicks.
    • Keep unimportant pages out of the list of pages. Many themes use the page list to build a main top menu. Control which pages appear in that important menu.
    • Individually style a particular post or page if you wish to do so.
    • Send request for, and the original PageRank, from a redundant post or page to a new post or page.
    • Implement SEO Fast Start Tiered Pairing or Circular Navigation techniques on your posts and pages to give each post or page as much PageRank as possible.

    Like All-in-One SEO Pack, you get an actual menu in your Write panel that gives you full control over that particular post, even going as far as to give you things like the ability to do a 301 redirect for that particular post (pictures above).

    Overall I am very impressed with this plugin, though you should already be comfortable with basic SEO techniques before upgrading to this WordPress plugin.

    If you decide to give SEO Sniper a try, remember that you have a 56-day money back guarantee, so it is essentially risk free.  The author also promises regular plugin updates as WordPress changes, so you know it will be supported over time, unlike many free plugins.

    You may also want to try it in conjunction with WP Affiliate Pro, as I have personally found that the two premium plugins work really well together.

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  • Manage Your Advertisers With the OIO Publisher WordPress Plugin

    When most people start out blogging, it is usually because they love to blog. Remember those days? Over time, you either quit or continue to grow as a blogger, and it is almost inevitable that at some point you will start to look into monetizing your blog. Whether you use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, or direct advertising sales, there is nothing wrong with getting paid for doing what you love to do.  In fact in many ways, getting paid can cause you to work harder and up both the quality and quantity of your work.

    One of the many problems with selling direct advertising is that it can sometimes be a pain to manage, and it often takes you away from what you love to do, which is blogging. It is kind of like small business owners who love their job, but hate all the paperwork and accounting that is involved with running and managing their own business.

    Fortunately as WordPress bloggers, there is a solution available to us in the form of a WordPress plugin called OIO Publisher. This is an incredible premium WordPress plugin that will completely automate the entire advertising process on your blog. In fact, chances are that you have seen people using it (including many high profile bloggers), but just not realized this plugin is what they were using to control the entire process from their WordPress dashboard.

    When you download OIO Publisher, you’ll receive a WordPress plugin and be able to get an API key for each blog you want to use it on. The plugin will create an OIO Publisher tab in your dashboard where you can manage your blogs advertisements (designate how many links, paid reviews, inline ads, banners, or custom advertising your blog will have available), create and manage an affiliate program for products or services on your blog from your dashboard, and even see statistics regarding your advertisements!  Possibly my favorite feature of this plugin is that you can even set the plugin to send weekly reports to your advertisers or place your statistical information into their marketplace.

    The best part about this premium plugin is that it will just about manage everything for you for a one-time fee of $37.00. Once purchased, you then have access to use the plugin on as many blogs as you would like, as well as get access to their downloadable sales platform, marketplace, and all of the other features mentioned above!  You also get free updates each time the plugin is updated.

    In my opinion, the value of this plugin heavily outweighs the low price, but if you’d like to see for yourself the plugin in action, I recommend you check out a demo of OIOPublisher and purchase your copy today. The demonstation allows you to view how it will look on your blog and how you can manage everything from your WordPress dashboard.

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  • Manage Your Blog Affiliates with the WP Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

    Depending on how many blogs you run and how many much time you spend practicing affiliate marketing, you have probably found that managing and tracking all of your affiliate links can often be very overwhelming.   All sorts of different affiliate accounts means a large amount of affiliate codes to manage and a lot of manual work getting them all into their proper place on your blog(s). 

    There are a few different strategies you can use to manage your affiliate profile, but as users of WordPress, we are at a significant advantage because we have access to some great WordPress plugins.   There are a few plugins available that are designed to do something with your affiliate links, but I had yet to find one that really worked well and the way I wanted it to.   One that I tried even caused me some significant problems, requiring me to use a database backup.  

    After all of my testing, so far the clear leader and only one that really worked well was the premium WordPress plugin WP-Affiliate Pro.  This plugin has a fee associated with it, but in my opinion it is totally worth it because it allows you to manage everything within your WordPress dashboard.  If you can up your affiliate income quickly, it will quickly pay for itself.

    Here are a summy list of features I’ve thrown together based upon my experiences with this plugin:

    • Control Your Affiliate Links From the Dashboard – With this plugin, you can instantly add affiliate links to specific keywords on your blog.  The plugin will search through old posts and update them with your affiliate links.  If you only want to do 1-2 per post, you can set it to only do that as well.  It is fully customizable from the WordPress dashboard.
    • Tracks Your Affiliate Traffic – Each time an affiliate link is clicked, it is counted and will be displayed in real time within your WordPress dashboard.   This way you can figure out what products are working and which ones aren’t.  
    • Masks Affiliate Links – This software will mask your affiliate links and also make it so people can’t hover their mouse over a link to see the destination.   The only way to find out is to click on the link.
    • Customize Affiliate LInks – With this plugin, you can customize the look and style of your affiliate links to match your specifications.  This way you can make them stand out, use different fonts, or whatever you want to try to see what works. 
    • Compatible with Other Advertising Methods – Whether you monetize your blog with Google AdSense or other advertising methods, this plugin is fully compatible.

    So, as you can see, it is much more than your standard WordPress plugin.   If you’d like to see a video demonstration of these features, the authors have provided these two quick videos: 

    • Video #1
    • Video #2

    You can also see the plugin in action on several top blogs that use WordPress, including affiliate marketing pro Zac Johnson’s blog

    If you’d like to read more, I recommend you check out the WP-Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin page.

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  • Auto-Generate Posts with the WP-o-Matic WordPress Plugin

    Have you ever noticed those blogs that seem to automatically generate content? Typically they are done in good taste, maybe linking to a small portion of one of your posts and providing a link to the source. There are a few ways to accomplish this with WordPress, with one method being the free WP-o-Matic WordPress plugin.

    This WordPress plugin allows you to add/import your feeds and sort them into campaigns and categories for easy management. You can then automatically generate posts from the feeds of your choice. Additional features include the ability to relink specific words as well as rewriting words within posts.

    WP-o-Matic is actually a pretty well done plugin, but has the potential for abuse in the wrong hands. I recommend people that download this plugin use it responsibly and always only post excerpts of others works and provide a link to the source.

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