A couple readers have commented on how they like the navigation menu that you’ll find at the top of each page on this blog and wanted to know how to do this on their WordPress blogs.

I really love the improved navigation it gives readers, and doing something like this on a WordPress blog is actually really easy, thanks to the incredible community WordPress has. All you need is the Breadcrumb Navigation XT WordPress plugin and some simple code to place where you want the navigation to display.

Once you’ve got your plugin uploaded and activated (activate the Core version), you can place the following code where you want the navigation to display:

<div class="breadcrumb"> <?php if (class_exists('bcn_breadcrumb')) { // New breadcrumb object $mybreadcrumb = new bcn_breadcrumb; // Assemble the breadcrumb $mybreadcrumb->assemble(); // Display the breadcrumb $mybreadcrumb->display(); } ?> </div>

You can style it to look how you want using .breadcrumb on your stylesheet.


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