Updated: January 23, 2015

While most full time bloggers seem to use and prefer 2-column WordPress themes, there is no doubt that 3-column themes are definitely more popular among the WordPress blogger masses. This can be attributed to many things, but the most appealing thing seems to be the ability to place more sidebar stuff above the fold on your blog. This can help you better monetize your blog by allowing more room for advertisements, subscription buttons, and other important sidebar content that needs to be seen by your readers.

This post is designed to be a spot to collect screen shots and download information about my favorite 3-column WordPress themes that have been made available to the WordPress community. I decided to avoid displaying any themes that cost money, and I’ve tried to include additional information about the theme then possible, including if it is widget ready or SEO friendly, etc.:

3-Column Themes (2 Sidebar Right)

Simpleton Theme

Simpleton Theme

Source | Download | Demo

Firebug Theme

Source | Download

ProSense Theme (SEO Friendly, Optimized for AdSense)

ProSense Theme

Download (Orange, Blue, and Gray) | Demo

BloggingPro Theme (Widget Ready)

BloggingPro Theme

Source | Demo

Blue Stripes Ajax Theme (SEO Friendly, AdSense Ready)

Blue Stripes Ajax Theme


Gossip City Theme

Gossip City Theme


Xplosive Theme

Xplosive Theme

Source | Download

Blog oh Blog Theme

Blog oh Blog Theme

Source | Download

Blue Dream Theme

Blue Dream Theme

Source/Demo | Download

Dark Zen Theme

Source | Download | Demo

Deep Blue Theme

Deep Blue Theme

Source | Download (Right Sidebar) | Download (Left Sidebar) | Download (125×125 Ad Blocks) | Demo

BizFresh Theme

Source | Download

Daily Blog Tips Theme

Daily Blog Tips Theme

Source | Download (Green, Blue, Black, and Orange) | Demo (Green, Blue, Black, and Orange)

Blue Green Theme

Blue Green Theme

Source | Download

Illacrimo Theme (Widget Ready)

Illacrimo Theme


Simple Red Theme

Simple Red Theme


True Blue Theme

True Blue Theme


Cleaker 2.1 Theme (Widget Ready)

Cleaker 2.1 Theme

Source | Download

Fresco Theme

Fresco Theme

Source | Download | Demo

3-Column Themes (1 Sidebar Left and 1 Sidebar Right)

Maggo Theme

Maggo Theme


YGo Sea Theme

YGo Sea Theme

Source | Download | Demo

Rhea Theme

Rhea Theme

Source | Download

Velocity Theme

Velocity Theme

Source | Download

Tigopedia Theme

Tigopedia Theme

Source | Download

Acid Green Pro Theme

Acid Green Pro Theme

Download | Demo

Interested in purchasing a more advanced WordPress theme?  Check out our gallery of premium WordPress themes!

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching WPHacks.com as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Follow Kyle on Twitter @KyleEslick!

  1. Brad Nay says:

    Excellent Post, This will help me in the long run of getting a cool design!

  2. VaaSU says:

    Excellent Collection !!

  3. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for these great theme downloads. Love your blog!

  4. Noli Mirador says:

    Before, I thought these theme are premium and set to be purchased. Great three column wordpress themes…

  5. Nelson Freytes says:

    wow! i had almost given up on a collection of quality themes. you’re cool.

  6. Yemek Tarifleri says:

    Good WordPress Themes

  7. Craig W says:

    wow, some excellent themes there. i’m a big fan of the themes created by design disease. i use two, both of which are listed here – smashing theme and illacrimo. both are really well done – particularly in terms of looks. illacrimo i found a little buggy but managed to get around that with a couple of easy fixes. they’re fairly easy to customise as well if you know your way around stylesheets.

    if you want to see these themes in action, then you can see them here:


    anyhow, good work, great to see so many quality themes in one place.

  8. So nice theme i want use one of that theme on my site can u help me

  9. Briongloid Web Design says:

    That’s a great collection of designs there.
    To the bookmark-mobile!

  10. moserw says:

    Great site and very good themes displayed. Getting a couple to check them out for myself.

  11. Wawa says:

    Wew… great themes info 🙂 thanks ya…

  12. leedsfest says:

    this helped a lot, thanks! I will be using one of these soon.

  13. jose says:

    3 columns is cool

  14. ArtG says:

    Thanks nice wordpress templates…)))

  15. vi says:


    Nice themes. Just wanted to ask if they ready with any plug-in?

    Appreciate your feedback.  Tnx!

  16. Iwan Susanto says:

    thanks.. nice info.. I find it from search engine..
    thank you

  17. SEOAdsenseThemes.com says:

    For SEO benefits, it is advisable when you’re choosing a classic 3 column layout is making sure the content column precedes both left and right column. You won’t have to worry if the left-most column is designated to hold all your WordPress entries.

  18. static brain says:

    Very beautiful themes. I especially like the Velocity theme. I just installed it for a friend. Keep up the great work.

  19. Tom Riddle says:

    Nice themes!

  20. FarLight77 says:

    You’re the man

    Thanks for nice themes

    See ya 😉

  21. DeeK says:

    It is the choice of themes like these that make me love WordPress so much. It just keeps me coming back.

  22. André Gomes says:

    Very cool list of wordpress themes.
    The best i have found until now.


  23. Gravity says:

    awesome list. i am sure gonna use one for my blog. simply love them

  24. Don Mega says:

    Awesome collection, these are some of the most interesting themes I have seen in a while. Great quality.

  25. Mafia says:

    Excellent list of themes! One of the best resources I’ve found for free downloads! Thanks.

  26. i already use bloggingPRO but after seeing your post.. i’m considering using simpleton..

  27. CB says:

    Wow, thanks for the nice themes, I appreciate it being in just one page, no need for clicking succeeding pages…

  28. dramaqueen says:

    nice theme.. but i still prefer my theme.. it enables to change font colors.. so cool

  29. emo hairstyles says:

    you help me a lot

  30. football says:

    i have bookmark ur blog to my google, coz i bookmark only things that i love, like so much..good work.

  31. Dark Zen Theme is one of my favorite, it is simple elegant and looks very nice.

    Others are also good. Thanks for sharing.

  32. PS4guru says:

    Very nice list here….Thanks
    I could use some of these themes in the future…

  33. SubmitMyPage says:

    Exactly what I was looking for. Bookmarked!

    Thanks for sharing!

  34. Adi says:

    Wow! You have so many nice themes here! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Busby says:

    Superb list, Free Revolution Theme still my favorite

  36. Daniel says:

    Nice, thanks for the great themes!

  37. FMChick says:

    Thanks for these great themes! I’m about to d/l one right now to see how it looks for my blog!

  38. p@r@noid says:

    Great themes and very helpful…
    I like them and your website is wonderful very helpful for people like me who are new to wordpress.
    Stumbled and Dugg the article so that more people can take help of these useful resources.

  39. honour chick says:

    all awesome themes 🙂

  40. jesse says:

    Thanks for the list as I had been looking for the 3 column themes and this list makes it easy to choose.

  41. arshad says:

    wow..they were nice

  42. twe4ked says:

    I’m not going to lie, there are some horrible looking themes there.

    Where the hell is the cutline 3 column?


  43. murti says:

    Excellent job with the list! Found just what I was looking for 🙂

  44. nichive says:

    Okay, I’m feeling I’m getting close to finish my hunt, hee-hee thanks for the shares.

  45. nice themes , i used to see great designs for wordpress and i think that “Langit Theme” is the best and more popular

  46. Haron Tawil says:

    There are few great themes that I can certainly add into my collection and use them. No doubt about it!

  47. Bushnell says:

    It is the choice of themes like these that make me love WordPress so much. It just keeps me coming back.

  48. jefferson faudan says:

    I really don’t understand the idea of blogs having no colors at all and be praised with “great designs” when there are no visuals in the first place…

    personally, when i check into blogs or websites…one thing that attracts me first are the eyecandy that these sites have… alienware has never failed to amaze me in terms of websites… and for blogs… there hardly are any blog themes that would interest me lately… it was just lucky for me to get myself a “jeans” concept theme for my blog

  49. really nice themes in your list…thnx for tips…

  50. Karen in Indianapolis says:

    I’ve been looking for a good 3 column layout for awhile and this is by far the best list I have seen!

  51. There are few nice themes that iam gonna try on my new blogs. Finally i have found what i was looking for…

  52. Blogger Tips says:

    very nice list of cute templates. thanks.

  53. Sulumits Retsambew says:

    Amazing collection, I’m getting more and more impressed with the quality of the content available on this blog. Great work.

  54. ROY says:

    nice themes!

  55. alanya says:

    cool and very nice templates.thanks

  56. faiz says:

    great themes! I like it..
    thanks a lot 🙂

  57. Andre Arnett says:

    These are some excellent themes that I will be implementing into my blogs. Thanks.

  58. syadiash says:

    great theme , i love it. thanks very much.

  59. Sajid says:

    These are some excellent themes. One of the best that I have seen so far.
    Great job on the theme.

  60. zero says:

    great themes man

  61. Travis says:

    Great WordPress themes collection. I was looking for a good sidebar to use on a site, and I found several perfect solutions here.


  62. Hans says:

    Very Nice Theme list
    Thank you for Share

  63. videogames says:

    This is a lovely list.. I really like all of the themes.. It’s simplet yet beautiful 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing

  64. Mike Wagan says:

    thanks for the list of themes! i’d definitely be customizing one of those for my new blog…

  65. Furkan says:

    Thanks For Sharing.. Good Jobs

  66. Roberto says:

    I have to say Crunch theme wins for me. Regardless of site traffic, I like the Google ads as filler. Without lots of content and sections for your site a 3 column look will look empty. Nice work on this post I gave you a Stumble and a Delicious tag.

    Graphic Design Schools.org

  67. Rosario says:

    Thanks for the list…they were nice

  68. Stu says:

    Loads of these themes are dead links mate.

    • Kyle Eslick says:

      Thanks Stu. This list was compiled back in 2007 (back when people released themes for free), so it doesn’t surprise me.

      I’ll see about getting this list updated this weekend!

  69. Nee says:

    Great list 3 column
    Thanks for share

  70. joltivan says:

    Thanks for the list..nice collection of themes 🙂

  71. raghu says:

    Cool gallery… great collection

  72. kelowna says:

    These are some beautiful themes. One of the best that I have seen so far.
    Great job on the theme.

  73. Honey Singh says:

    Nice list !
    In the end i prefer for custom design ! 😛

  74. Compute Live says:

    Thanks…Awesome List of WP themes…

  75. Milly K says:

    Wow! What a great gallery of WP templates! The Resurrectio and Illacrimo look so cool.
    Thank you for sharing!

  76. jd says:

    Mystique should be there. it’s one of the best too

  77. ath007 says:

    Awesome list… i specifically downloaded nearly 7 of those listed here… never have downloaded more than one from lists found elsewhere on the internet … 😀

  78. kemal22 says:

    The Resurrectio and Illacrimo look so cool.
    Thank you for sharing!

  79. annosmile says:

    nice themes
    thank you

  80. annosmile says:

    There are few nice themes that iam gonna try on my new blogs. Finally i have found what i was looking for…

  81. kabir says:

    Excellent WP themes Gallery………….
    Thanks…for your Awesome List of WP themes…

  82. diyet says:

    Thanks…Awesome List of WP themes…

  83. Guru Go!Blog says:

    Theme 3 columns is very cool and my favorite sir, tanks yeah.

  84. Sean says:

    Great collection of themes thanks!

  85. patel says:

    these are great themes for sure.i loved mabbo one.at the end i was able to get what i wanted.thanks

  86. Onur says:

    The Resurrectio and Illacrimo look so cool.
    Thank you for sharing!

  87. evan says:

    Nice themes, Thank you so much !

  88. sonia says:

    Great list thanks a lot…

  89. tuba says:

    pretty old but good collection, just wondering whether its 3.0 compatible

  90. Great collection of themes thanks…!

  91. If you have some bucks to spend, I highly recommend to buy one of the premium themes. They are much more powerful, flexible and have great support to answer your questions.

  92. Reedd says:

    Nice list. But all these templates are outdated.

  93. trimbakeshwar says:

    Hello, and thanks for your theme. I am studying WordPress Mu for a project.

    I am fighting with something. On my site, the positions of the textarea for the comments is not the same on the “about” page, and on the “HEllo world” one ! The code is the same, the Css ids also … Can someone help ? THanks a lot.

  94. MuZReK says:

    reaally excelent job. thanks

  95. Francis says:

    i’m planning to use 3-column theme..nice collection..:-)

  96. Very cool template thank for share 🙂

  97. Lic says:

    Really nice themes. Thanks for the collections.

  98. Nancy says:

    thank for sharing… nice wordpress themes

  99. hayalet says:

    thank you for themes, very nice

  100. Eugene Indarto says:

    it seems tha ElegantBlue Theme will be good on my Newest Scholarship Information blog, but unfortunalely can’t be downloaded anymore 🙁

  101. Sarah says:

    These are some really great templates. I found 2 here that I am already using. Thanks for the blog, it has great information.


  102. hery says:

    Very fantastic themes..I love 3 column wordpress themes..I search on google and then i find this blog…thanks for sharing..

  103. I like the themes with 3 columns, side bars on both sides. The Silver Ray theme is what I like the most, and I’ll be using this soon, thanks a lot for having this here. 🙂

  104. Wandi Sukoharjo says:

    I like theme 3 columns. I want to download it. Tanks friend.

  105. cenzi says:

    wow! not a SINGLE one with two left side bars!!!! oops, just the first one…. damn….

  106. toto says:

    I like firebug theme. great plugin.. I try this theme. thank you

  107. Ross says:

    WOW! This is a great list! I prefer 3 column themes, I really like the ‘Fresco Theme’ Thanks for putting this list together!

  108. Light says:

    Several of the only ones I want have broken links and are not available to download…

  109. Hillary Bost says:

    thanks I was looking for a few of these the other day.

  110. cookwaresets says:

    I like theme 3 columns. I want to download it.Thank

  111. terapi kanker says:

    useful information about the theme. I belong to the user 3 column theme

  112. Nature Photographer says:

    Very great adsense themes. I downloaded the tigopedia as a theme for my site. Thanks a lot!

  113. Ankul Barar says:

    I have used BloggingPro Theme (Widget Ready). Really clean and smooth theme. Must try! Thanks for the list!

  114. Matt says:

    Nice list of 3-column themes, shame most of them are quite old. I’m looking for some 2-siedebars template and I would really like to see some up to date propositions.

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