When picking out a new WordPress theme, there are a lot of factors to consider. Do you want a 2-column theme or a 3-column theme? What about AJAX comments? Maybe you want specific colors? No matter what your preference is, one of the main factors you should probably consider is how search engine friendly your theme is going to be.

There are a lot of WordPress SEO techniques that theme designers can use when creating their theme to help optimize it for search engines, and several authors have taken the time to do so. Here are what I feel are the best search engine optimized WordPress themes:

2-Column Search Engine Optimized WordPress Themes

Sodelicious Theme

Sodelicious Theme

Source | Download | Demo

Modern Blue Green Theme

Modern Blue Theme

Source | Download | Demo

YourBlog 2.0 Theme

YourBlog 2.0 Theme

Source | Download | Demo

PassionDuo Theme (3 Colors)

Green: Demo | Download, Red: Demo | Download, Blue: Demo | Download

Yakuter Tema 2.0 Theme

Yakuter Tema 2.0 Theme

Source | Download | Demo

3-Column Search Engine Optimized WordPress Themes

Big Blue Theme

Big Blue Theme

Source | Download | Demo

Redie 3.0 Theme

Redie 3.0 Theme

Source | Download | Demo

Ambient Glo Theme

Ambient Glo Theme

Source | Download | Demo

ProSense Theme

ProSense Theme

Source | Download (Orange, Blue, and Gray) | Demo

Cutline Theme

Cutline Theme

Source | Download | Demo

Have a search engine optimized WordPress theme you’d like to see included in this list? Feel free to comment below with a link and I’ll see about it getting added!

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching WPHacks.com as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Connect with Kyle on Twitter or Google+!

  • Neil Greenhorn

    Hey Man,

    Loved the post, I was just wondering, what makes a theme optimized for search engines?

    Would my theme thats on WizzHack count as an Optimized Theme,


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  • http://wphacks.com Kyle Eslick


    Good question. SEO is an in-exact science, but there are several things a theme designer can do to try to optimize their theme for search engines.

    Some examples include using permalinks for your titles, providing function calls for popular SEO plugins so they work without any coding by the user, and proper use of headers to emphasize your post titles.

    Once that is done, it is up to the theme user to do the extra stuff such as install the SEO plugins they want to use, create a Sitemap and Robots.txt, and make any additional tweaks.

  • Neil Greenhorn

    Thanks got the explanation :) ,


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  • lovetheme

    Too many themes for choosing. I do not know which is best to my blog. How can I do now. Your works are very great. Thank you very much indeed. Now I don’t worry about choosing which is best. I can earn money from now.

  • http://www.WorkoutMixes.com Ryan

    I love a good seo wordpress theme. I’m really looking for an seo wordpress theme that has each blog entry on the main index separated from each other. Anyone know of a good seo wordpress theme like this? Something plain (yet attractive) and seo’d?

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  • http://mexxaseonetworks.com mexxaseonetworks

    Out of all themes listed, at first glance I like Modern Blue Green Theme, Redie 3.0 and Ambient Glo most. The Ambient looks especially intriguing to me. Right now I can’t decide which I like best. Ah, the choice is a hard thing…

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  • lhoylhoy

    @lovetheme there are many posts out there regarding how to use effective wordpress themes here are some links http://wpport.com/blog/wordpress-stuff/wordpress-themes-selecting-an-effective-theme-by-gobala-krishnan

  • MicroMixx

    These themes are awesome! Thanks for sharing this collection.

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  • http://mentawaiparadise.com ibtisam

    I love awesome wp themes, but must still a good seo support performance..
    Thank you for share this useful information …

  • Abhi

    How to download these themes,all links direct to wordpress.org and still there these themes are not available if i search by name.

    • http://www.usedtiressale.com/ Jean

      Abhi, just right click on download and select save as. I just verified the links and they still work, so you should be able to grab them.

      Till then,


  • Kennedy

    Great WordPress themes, Really i love these themes. Thanks for Sharing.

  • http://stereobk.com sasuke_stereobk

    Wow, its great..
    i was download one.
    thanks for share

  • pondicherry

    thank you so much, great wordpress themes.

  • joker

    i wish some day find kind of tutorial about how can make wp themes in standard and some seo adjustment .


  • Babyschuhe

    Cool themes – thank you very much. I am looking for a good seo template for my second website. I will follow your tipps – thanks a lot and kind regards from Germany.

  • http://morphealth.com/ nisa sanjaya

    i like your themes .. :)

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  • faisal

    nice theme, i think i will download one..for seo theme

  • http://www.syedtaha.com Syed Taha

    Have used the prosense theme for a long time. If you want to increase the CTR of your ads, go for prosense. works like a charm.

  • http://www.teknomodel.net teknoloji

    I love seo friendly themes. I will use Sodelicious Theme. I like it.

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  • http://tasepeda.com tasepeda

    what is the standard of a theme, can say search engine friendly?
    i like to build one, need your suggestion

  • Voisula

    Nice collection you have there. I had always wondered if theme would affect to my search engine rankings. It really did when I tried these themes.
    I also found this one designer whom style I like really much. He/she is SEO expert who has made three themes: http://www.themevalley.net http://www.themeplate.net or http://www.themedoctor.net

  • yana

    good collection I beg permission to download. thanks