There are all sorts of WordPress themes available for anyone to download at no charge, but none are as popular or have spawned so many versions as the wildly popular K2 WordPress theme, which was created by Michael Heilemann, Chris J Davis and Zeo, based on the original Kubrick theme. As a result, I decided to dedicate an entire post to cover some of the best K2 theme styles and modifications available for download.

K2 WordPress Themes

K2 Theme

Source | Download

K2 Styles

(Styles Require The Above K2 Theme Installed – Styles Are Placed in Styles Folder and Provide Only a CSS File and Relevant Images, then are activated from the K2 Control Panel)

Blackboard Style

J Dietz


Digivation Style

Digivation Theme

Source | Download

K2 Mods

(Does NOT Require K2 Theme Installed – Stand Alone Standard Themes)

AdAdvantage Theme

AdAdvantage Theme

Source | Download

Stormy Horizon Style

Stormy Horizon Theme

Source | Download

Redoable Theme

Redoable Theme


3 Column K2 Theme

3 Column K2 Theme

Source | Download

Scattered4 Theme

Scattered 4

Source | Demo

Unwakeable Theme

Unwakeable Theme

Source | Download

K2 Styles for the Technoblue and 3K2 Themes

(Requires either of the Technoblue or 3K2 themes displayed above to be installed)

3C Fractal Style for Technoblue

Fractal Style

Source | Download | Demo

This is one of many available styles for these themes. You can check out this list for a full compilation of styles for the popular Technoblue and 3K2 themes.

Feel your K2 theme, style, or mod belongs on this list? Feel free to comment below with a link and I’ll check it out!

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Follow Kyle on Twitter @KyleEslick!

  1. Prometeo says:

    You also can check ­čśë Hope you like my K2 customization.

  2. Hack WordPress says:

    Pometeo – Thanks for sharing your customized K2 theme. It looks great!

    This post actually covers K2 themes and styles that are available for download. If yours is available to download (in English), please let me know!

  3. Prometeo says:

    I hadn┬┤t thought about it…! but I consider that It would be great to help some people that need an speficic “look” or style. mmm… I should make a download webpage. Anyway, if somebody want my K2 style… e-mail me, and I give the archives:

    Thank you for this post (the recopilation) and make me think about this!

  4. janet says:

    Thanks for including my Fractal style! I’ve also adapted this style, and some of my other styles, to the recently released K2 Release candidate 2.

  5. Daily Common Sense says:

    Thanks for the list, I’m looking for a new K2 style…

  6. zero hero says:

    I have build my own K2 Styles too…
    Zero to Hero – K2 Styles

  7. Izandi says:

    WordPress 2.5.1 compatible?

  8. Ashesh says:

    Check out my K2 customization. I have also used a jcorner plugin for jquery to achieve rounded boxes.

  9. Ashesh says:

    Sorry missed the link in my earlier comment – here it is –

    • Maurice says:

      Hey Ashesh,

      I noticed you figured out how to change the “Comments” to “Leave a Reply” on your site.

      Can you tell me what php page you edited, and where the code is to make this change? I’m kinda new to this.



  10. S Jefferson says:

    Here’s my K2 mod for the ages. Simple, clean, tough. That’s the goal anyway. Grustler.

  11. Get Free says:

    Thanks for your sharing many customized K2 theme. It looks great!

  12. Mao says:

    What does have thumbnail and featured post in it?

  13. Dudes, any NEW K2 child themes out there that has a width greater than 780px? I just want a simple tasteful 2 column child theme that HAS menus & allows me to use a header > 780px. Too bad the K2 core developers didn’t code drop-down menus. It’s like they’re trying tease the heck out of peeps.

    That’s why I always prefer TwentyTen. But K2 could really go places if they did something like the TwentyTen Weaver theme project.


  14. rauff risharasakti says:

    woooooooooow great, i use K2 too

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