With all the acquisitions lately by Automattic (the parent company responsible for WordPress), you almost have to wonder what is next.   Well, today that question was answered when Matt Mullenweg announced that Automattic has acquired PollDaddy.

Unlike the past few acquisitions, there is a good chance most of you are already familiar with PollDaddy, who is currently considered to be the leader in internet polling.   They are the polling service of choice by most bloggers because they are easy to build, can be integrated into your blog, and allow people to vote from most feed readers (increasing the number of votes you’ll receive).

Here is a quote from Matt’s post (linked above):

As we started to look at building out our own service for this, it became more obvious that, while on the surface it’s a very simple problem, there’s a lot of hidden complexity and opportunities for some really powerful features under the hood. There are probably a dozen companies addressing this space right now, but as we started to survey the space I was struck by how often I’d see this “PollDaddy” thing pop up.

Two guys in Ireland with a quirky company name were cleaning up with some of the largest and most respected websites using their service on a daily basis. They weren’t the biggest, but they had the high end of the market. It seemed to be the WordPress of the polling space.

According to their announcement, it looks like WordPress.com blogs are now fully integrated with PollDaddy and a PollDaddy WordPress plugin is now available for WordPress.org users. The PollDaddy plugin for us is similar in that it allows you to create and manage your PollDaddy.com polls from within your WordPress blog’s administration area!

What do you guys think about this acquisition?

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  1. Andrew says:

    When I did a review of poll systems they certainly seemed the best, but, polls are easy to code and with Automattic’s experience of scaling and their market penetration I imagine they could quite easily have out-done them.

    I suspect therefore that this is an acquisition for the Poll Daddy team and name rather than for the product itself.

  2. VitaminCM says:

    This is really cool. I spent about an hour fiddling with that flaky/unattractive Democracy plugin. The thing still won’t work completely and it’s gray.
    I was secretly wishing for this for about a year now.

  3. Nathan Chapman says:

    Hmm… As brilliant as it is, does it seem to anyone (and I do not mean this in a bad way) that Automattic are turned into a bit of a Google-of-blogging?

    They are buying a lot. Mind you, where Google buys things that aren’t really related (eBay springs to mind), a polling system is used on blogs. On heaps of them. Almost all.

    Hmm… if you’ve bought it, why is it only a plugin? I suppose it may be too close to 2.7’s release date to add such a big feature as built-in polling. Or is the plugin just for now?

    One last thing – isn’t this how Firefox started? Small, fast and it worked. Then they added features and it started to slow. I hope the guys at WordPress can handle it.


  4. Stu McLaren says:

    Personally I don’t have much experience with PollDaddy so it’s hard for me to comment one way or another but how different is it from WP-Polls?

    I mean for a WordPress blog, WP-Polls works like a gem and I’ve had no other reason to look elsewhere.

    Am I missing something?