Twitter has exploded in popularity over the past year as many mainstream media sources have been using the service to communicate with their readers/viewers, but did you know that bloggers can now use Twitter to promote their content as well?

While searching for a WordPress plugin that could automatically publish my blog posts on Twitter, I was thrilled to discover the WordTwit WordPress plugin.    With this plugin, simply upload and activate, then enter the Twitter login information for the account you want the tweets to appear under.   Once done, all your WordPress posts will start to appear on your Twitter account (almost instantly from my experience).

[Download the WordTwit WordPress Plugin]

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  1. John Sullivan says:

    This sounds very cool will check it out thanks
    awesome site
    Stumbled thanks

  2. DaBrighterSide says:

    I’ve been using Twitter for some time now and also I blog. This plugin will be very helpful for us kind. Thank you for the share!

  3. Kurt says:

    The Twitter Tools plugin by Alex King allows for two way communication between your blog and Twitter. Posts to your blog are posted on Twitter and tweets can be displayed in your blog. Much better in my opinion.

  4. Hmmm, I wonder if it prevents from tweeting updated posts like if you catch an error and correct it.

    This seems like a good alternative to something I’ve been using for a while now: Tweetlater. It’s a good service and has grown in functionality, but I believe it only allows you to tweet blog posts from one blog. I may have over looked something, but it only posts for one of my blogs and sometimes it’s delayed.

  5. No DPad says:

    I’ve been using Twitter Tools as Kurt said and it’s great. Lots of options to get it running exactly as you want. See it in action:


    This plugin is very helpful, but for me, Twitter is too time-expensive.

  7. kelly says:

    My biggest concern with these plugins is putting your username/password into it.

    If you’re site gets hacked, not only do they get your WP stuff, but they get your twitter ID.

  8. Ken the Tech says:

    Not bad, I’m using it too. But I’ll really enjoy if this plugin will make random tweets from my wordpress blog posts. Or maybe there is another with this function?

  9. Fraser Kelly says:

    Hi all.

    After using this plugin I was really impressed but I instantly recognised 2 flaws. Firstly, it is limited to Twitter and secondly it only seems to post articles that are published after the plugin has been activated.

    I decided to create my own plugin to solve these problems. It is called ‘Twitface’ and you can find it at:

    It allows you to publish all of your past posts and also lets you publish to your Facebook status.

  10. Fahad (Make|Money|Adsense) says:

    @ Fraser Kelly , i think ur plugin is better, but as kelly said that if our blog get hacked our twitter and facebook id will also be hacked what is the remedy for this?

  11. Malayalamonlinemovies says:

    Thanks for the plugin

  12. ajay says:

    downloaded and now running successfully. cool plug in.. thanks..

  13. Jon says:

    This is a great plugin but I find that there is a “flaw” in it. I post to my blog in advance and schedule the posting for sometime after midnight. But when I post and schedule wordtwit immediately tweets my unpublished post. I then have to go back to wordpress after midnight and retweet. It would be nice if wordtwit understood the scheduling part of wordpress.


    • Kyle Eslick says:

      Hi Jon,

      We use WordTwit as well as schedule our posts and haven’t ever had a problem with pre-mature tweeting. I am curious if anyone else is having these troubles. Are you using the latest version?

  14. econopa says:

    does this require cron job ? how often does it submit posts to twitter ?

  15. Jeniux says:

    Cool, thanks. @Econopa, it only posts when you post.

  16. sanjeev says:

    great plugin working fine with me..

  17. Arafin Shaon says:

    tnx mate working fine for me :)

  18. Anurag says:

    I was searching for some plugin like this but didn’t found anything much useful. I used to schedule my posts and then maybe schedule a tweet via TweetDeck. But this seems to be promising. I will definitely checkout and tweet about my experience :)