Have you ever noticed those blogs that seem to automatically generate content? Typically they are done in good taste, maybe linking to a small portion of one of your posts and providing a link to the source. There are a few ways to accomplish this with WordPress, with one method being the free WP-o-Matic WordPress plugin.

This WordPress plugin allows you to add/import your feeds and sort them into campaigns and categories for easy management. You can then automatically generate posts from the feeds of your choice. Additional features include the ability to relink specific words as well as rewriting words within posts.

WP-o-Matic is actually a pretty well done plugin, but has the potential for abuse in the wrong hands. I recommend people that download this plugin use it responsibly and always only post excerpts of others works and provide a link to the source.

Kyle Eslick is WordPress enthusiast who took his passion for WordPress to the next level in 2007 by launching WPHacks.com as a place to share hacks, tutorials, etc. Connect with Kyle on Twitter or Google+!

  1. Satheesh says:

    Dear friend,
    I too have made a similar but better plugin called YAAB-Autoblogger. Yaab has all features of wp-o-matic and in addition it can create automatic blog carnivals in your site. Also it supports SMS blogging and Youtube cloning. Ebay product syndication and automated content rewriting are upcoming features. After all I myself is a doctor ( not a programmer ). I started making this plugin for my personal use, but when I doveloped it, it was highly impressing and I have planned to release it for public. Kindly download it from http://www.psypo.com/yaab , try it and if possible please review it in your valuable blog
    Thank You

  2. Muscle cars says:

    Auto-posts your WordPress or Typepad blog on twitter,Additionally you can create a prefix for my auto-generated blog tweets, Just pull this wordpress auto generated content plugin into your plugin folder then press activate button and you are set to go.

  3. shyam says:

    wow! great plugin i will try it on my blog

  4. Gregg says:

    Im a lazy sod , so its great :-)

  5. MasEDI says:

    Nice plugin, is it available for Amazon too?

  6. laskar nusakambangan says:

    is it like wp robot or to be something different?

  7. mcphat says:

    It’s different from WP Robot. But it’s a good same as WP Robot.

  8. PB Sumpter says:

    Anyone tried this plugin? Does it work? Will I get penalized by Google?

  9. Kamal Patel says:

    ITs great plugin

    but some times it works weird ….i had setup 2-3 times…somehow my CACHE folder is removed…and i cant find it on my server….dont know what’s the reason behind that…..and when i install it again …it shows error like “XYZ File is not writable!”

    Afterall its great plugin.

  10. thank you much for your time, looking for this function cho website

    my pham ohui

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