Akismet has long been accepted as the most popular spam fighting WordPress plugin, closely followed by both Bad Behavior (which can be used along with Akismet) and of course Spam Karma 2.   However, one interesting WordPress plugin I recently came across is the AntiSpam Bee plugin, which was designed by the author specifically to be a competitor with Akismet.

The interesting thing is that this WordPress plugin actually replaces the comments field completely, making it so spammers can’t find it.   Some other listed features:

  • Quick & Dirty: activate, done!
  • Spam may be marked or deleted immediately
  • Saves no data in the database, accordingly no connection
  • WordPress 2.7 ready: Design and as well as technical
  • Very, very fast execution
  • No need to adjust any templates
  • Clean up after uninstall the plugin
  • Anonymous and independent

Has anyone tried this WordPress plugin yet?   I’d love to some first-hand experiences from people using it.

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  1. Atniz says:

    I’m thankful to Akismet for its free service and saving me a lot of time filtering spam mails. I’m not going to change to any other spam detection for this blog. If for new blog, then yes, I might give it a try.

  2. I use AntispamBee on my Blog an I am 100% spamfree.

  3. Not A Niche says:

    I installed it on 6 websites so far. Spam? None! Before that I had just a few spams with Akismet, but I always had to go through hundreds of spam comments to find some comments which were not spam. It was annoying. Love the plugin, so easy but genius!

  4. i would LOVE to know how this works and if it’s working well for people. does it work with intense debate?

  5. ovidiu says:

    Looks like a very interesting plugin but you shouldn’t compare it to Akismet which is an external solution and works on a completely other basis as hiding and changing comment fields or SpamKarma2 which is a local solution and also works differently.

    Btw, I am currently beta testing another external solution called trollguard, available here: http://trollguard.com

  6. Mike says:

    Looks nice. Looks.

    Wish I read German so I could make a determination on whether or not is sounds nice.

  7. Hope says:

    I was checking it out. The Website in the information section of the WP plugin’s page points to what looks to be a powerful SEO package Plugin, where as the Bee-Plugin site is entirely in German it seems.

    I can read some, but I’m not that good at reading German. I’ve been in the process of tweeking my own site so I’ll give it a try once I go fully live.


  8. Will it work next to Askimet?

  9. CriticalTodd says:

    I’m also curious to know (see comment #4): does it work with Intense Debate?

  10. HoodgrownTV, you can try mine. Firstdayblack.

  11. HoodgrownTV says:

    Can someone point us to a site actually running this plugin? Promoise I won’t leave spam remarks.. lol

  12. Not A Niche says:

    @John and Critical Todd, I contacted the author and he said he will test it, but I’m sure, if not he will figure it out how it will working with intense debate.

    @ovidiu, why shouldn’t you compare it with Akismet, you are right, both are going a complete different way, but both trying to keep spam away from your blog.

    @Mike, nice to know German sounds nice ;) , even though you really don’t need any German, just install, activate and done!

    @Hope, indeed it is a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress http://wordpress.org

    @Berrie, yes it will

  13. HoodgrownTV says:


  14. I’ve just tried the plug-in on my blog if you guys want to “play around” with it :)
    No more math questions for my readers (for now, at least)

    Have also made a post about AntiSpam Bee plug-in just now

  15. i use Akismet in my blog , but don’t get any spam because all filtered but “Not A Niche” say that there is some comments are not spam but filtered , so i should review this comments in Akismet spam filter !

  16. gunawan says:

    I’m using AntiSpam Bee. Simple and Very Powerfull. :)

  17. Hody says:

    What about intensedebate, if it is used, are there other plugins like Askismet or Antispam Bee neccassary or will intense debate do all the show…

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